IBM and Sesame Street: Transforming Education with Cognitive Computing
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IBM and Sesame Street: Transforming Education with Cognitive Computing

The moment at which a kids educational curiosity
gets unlocked is the day that a kids life opens up. And for every kid its different.
Sesame Street and IBM are working together to bring personalized learning to children
around the world. Really the whole child is developing at such a rapid pace from zero
through five so the extent that we can get to kids where they’re at and level the playing
field, we give more kids a chance to be successful. We think about what a good teacher would do
with young children, we think about what parents do with children and then we also think about
science. And then we bring all that together. The central effort is about building deeply
engaging learning experiences that are meant to assist the teacher or the care giver. When
we talk about personalization, its easy to say and very hard to do. But what Watson does
differently … its actually starting with a fundamental architecture that really can
understand individuality and help develop each individual to their fullest potential.
What is so exciting about Watson and the whole idea of cognitive computing is that as opposed
to traditional technology we have to program, Watson you teach. We are able to look at what
a child knows and how they learn best, and adapt all of our learning content to match
that skill level and learning style. Watson makes a customized prescriptive path for each
person using it. Its not limited to what an expert has seen before, it can try out completely
new combinations and see what works and what doesn’t. For the first time Watson uses
innovation to celebrate the jagged, messy, noisy nature of learning and development in
children. This partnership helps show what cognitive computing is in a very real way,
when applied to something that matters so deeply to each of us. If we can unlock the
gates of education for each and every kid then we can change the world.

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