I Registered My Domain, Now What?
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I Registered My Domain, Now What?

– So you bought a domain, and you’re probably thinking, what’s next? We’re gonna talk about
that today on The Journey. All right, cool, so I have
this business venture, Coffee and Kickflips, I do have a domain, but I’m also overwhelmed, because I don’t know what to do next. – Getting a domain name,
that’s like our first idea. I know I’ve had many late nights where I just have a random idea and have to go buy a domain name, and I’m like “All right, what’s next?” The next part is really figuring out what you want that domain name to be. Is it for personal use,
is it for business use, is it just to have and
potentially sell later on? So what do you think the first step is after buying a domain? – Social media links, my menu, and then how do I go about that? I was listening to a webinar the other day and they were recommending
don’t do a pdf for your menu. So how do I go about
putting my menu on there, what information, what
photos, how much text? – You got the first step
right, that’s the domain name. That’s the street
address for your website. Second place to really get
all those ideas together, the menu, the information,
the pictures, all that stuff, you need a website. If you you’re not super techy, you need something just
quick, a website builder from many popular providers
is probably the first step. If you are a little bit technical, or you have a little bit
more time on your hands to truly make it exactly what you want, something like WordPress might
be a really great option, and you can literally put
almost whatever you want. You can have a blog on there, you can have your photo galleries,
your menu, don’t use pdf, put it right on the site, make
it easy for your visitors. – Got it, all right. So another thing I was thinking about with Coffee and Kickflips, and this is awesome, we actually just had some merch
made, like hats, t-shirts, ’cause our logo is super
rad, my buddy designed it. Anyways, I was like, “Oh my gosh,” ’cause we were talking about my website, “I should definitely
have the merch on there.” ‘Cause, yeah, I want to
make money off the coffee, and the kids coming in to
rent the ramp in the back, but how can I make more money? (laughing) The merch. But how do I go about that? Also, do I need to worry about security? ‘Cause now I’m thinking
about money and spending, and I know that there
are hackers out there, which terrifies me, they’re going at it. – It’s super scary out there. There’s a lot of things you can do to really protect yourself
and protect your investment. Now, there’s a couple things you can do. If you go with a website
builder from a company, typically they’ll handle
a lot of the security on the back end for you, but if you go with
something like WordPress or something a little bit
more technical or custom, there are some things you want to do too. But the very first thing you
want to add to your website is what’s called and SSL. – What’s SSL? – An SSL, it basically is that https in the top of the address bar. – Oh, okay. – It secures your site. So if you have any log-in
information, any form information, instead of sending that text
information over the internet for literally anyone to
see, like a credit card, super scary, the SSL encrypts it, so if anyone were to
capture it in the middle, it’s just googley glump,
like it doesn’t make sense. – (laughing) Googley
glump, that sounds bad. – Yeah, that’s a technical term for ya. So, the second thing you can do to really beef up the
security of your website, is to add a firewall and malware removal. Again, if you’re using a
website builder with a company, they usually do that for you, but those open source applications
or custom coded sites, you gotta add that firewall. And basically what that is,
is like if I have a house, it basically creates a
moat around the house, so it keeps out the
riff-raff, the in-laws, so no one’s getting in. And then the malware
removal, that’s just like if someone were to break into your house, it goes in and fixes it for
you, cleans up everything, just in case something did happen. Because every 39 seconds,
a website gets hacked, and that’s super scary. And 64% of businesses say they’ve had some sort of malware attack on their site. Super scary! We also want to think about
backups on your website because life happens, right? Sometimes, I know with my own sites, and people that I help out with, they’ll go and make changes
on their site, and like, “Oh, wait, I messed
up, I need to go back!” And if you don’t have a backup, there’s nothing to go back to. So it’s always good to
have just that fail safe. The same way you’d have a
backup for your computer, and your pictures, if
something were to ever happen, you want to have the same
thing with your website. So, at the end of the
day, you’re protected. ‘Cause again, this is your investment. – Now, I’m getting a lot of emails, am I okay with just Gmail, or… – Well, it depends. With Gmail, is it like
[email protected]? – [email protected] – Gotcha, so the next
step with your business is to get a domain-based email. And there’s a lot of really
great, important factors that go into that. Not only is it more secure
to have a domain-based email versus just a free email,
because those companies add those extra layers of security, it’s just more professional. – So I should have, maybe like [email protected]? – Yeah. [email protected] (laughter) Whatever you want to do. – Info… – It should be yours. And then you can set up your employees to have their own email, like
[email protected], and then I have [email protected], it’s just gonna look more professional and make sure that you look
legitimate to your customers. – What about a like click-to-call? I know I like that when I’m
looking at my competition, other coffee shops and restaurants. – Yes, click-to-call is important only if you want people to call you. Don’t put a click-to-call
if you’re not in a position where you want random phone
calls at the end of the night. – Makes sense. – Which reminds me, do you
want to carry two phones? (phones ringing) – Well, I already do, so
now that would be three. – Right, many of us use,
when we start a business, we end up just using
our cell phone, right. Then we get random calls, and we answer, like, “Hey, what’s up?” And it’s a potential client,
and then it looks just– – Not professional. – Not professional. So what
a lot of people are doing is getting a second
number for their phone. There are lots of apps out there, like Google has a second phone, GoDaddy has a second phone option. There’s plenty of others out there. – That’s a really good point. – To where, you don’t have
to go buy a new phone, which is super expensive,
and then buy another plan, which is super expensive. – Super expensive. I only have so many pockets. – Right, and just have that right there, and then now you’ll know,
“Cool, this is for business.” “Hey, this is Coffee and Kick
Flips, how can we help you?” Versus a friend, like, “Hey, what’s up? “How’s it going?” – Although, that is kind of our vibe at Coffee and Kick Flips, keep it chill. – It’s all about what your business is. – I don’t know how different it’s gonna be than when my friends call me. But maybe I should also
reconsider that (laughing). I gotta be honest, this sounds like a lot! Sounds like a lot of work. Is there a way to outsource this, and if so, what do you recommend? I trust your opinion. (laughing) – I’ll build it. No. So, there are, if you don’t
want to do it yourself, you can hire a professional. There are plenty of web
designers and web developers and people out there that
this is their full-time gig. Whether you hire a design
agency, and what I would say when you’re really looking
to see who you’re gonna hire, check out their portfolio,
see if it matches your vision. ‘Cause every designer,
every company, every agency, has their own feel and flow. So you want to make sure
it matches your business, your vision, and most importantly, you want to make sure
you can contact them. Because if they go and build your site, and now they’re gone
MIA, and you need help, you’re kind of stuck,
there’s not much you can do. – Okay, so one other thing,
I have extra domains. – Okay. – And I don’t really need them. So what can I do with them? – What you could do is, you can sell it. – Oh! – So there is actually an after market just for domain names. You’re literally selling
online real estate, but it’s a domain. And things go for thousands of dollars, some as high as millions
of dollars, it’s crazy. But places you can sell your domain name, there’s Afternic, there’s
Sedo, there’s GoDaddy Auctions, there’s a lot of places
you can list your domain, and the more places you list it, the more visibility and exposure you get, to potentially sell your domain. All right, so that’s all we have for you. I really hope this helps
you with your domain name and really building that strong foundation for your business. – Be sure to comment below. We’d love to know your domain name. Also, click Like. And, hey, if you know
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