I Only Ate Chrissy Teigen’s Recipes For A Week
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I Only Ate Chrissy Teigen’s Recipes For A Week

hey guys it’s Lindsay and for the next five days I’m only going to be making recipes from the Chrissy Teigen cookbook the second one so here’s the deal I don’t cook ever like ever Lindsay goes out to eat almost all the time it’s a literal hit or miss when it comes to Lindsay cooking so hearing her say that she’s gonna be cooking Chrissy Tian’s recipes for the whole week kind of makes me nervous so I live alone and I feel like when I do cook I always have so many leftovers and I never finished them so that’s annoying also I don’t have a dishwasher and I hate washing dishes like with a raging fashion so cooking means dishes so I find myself literally coming home from work post meeting everything I eat sometimes even breakfast I wouldn’t say I’m a bad cook I don’t think she’s gonna be bad at it I think that heard chick-fil-a budget is a lot higher than her grocery budget lindsay has had mishaps with chicken she has gotten food poisoning from her own chicken I’m really serious be careful about Lindsay’s chicken literally I’ve gotten food poisoning maybe like twice in the last year debatable if that’s because a mere because the place I got it from was like sketch but I was probably mean it’s probably she’s not gonna be handling raw meat or anything like that right or like most of the meat is gonna be fine I think so so I love Chrissy Teigen she has two cookbooks I didn’t get the first one but I got the second one I kind of just got it because the pictures look so good I’ve had the cookbook career and I’ve made a total of zero I’m definitely at the point in my life where I feel like I want to be able to have a bank of recipes that I’m really good at making and like if I go to like a dinner party or a potluck like I’m like yes I can make these things I am worried for a lot of things though I don’t know if I have enough equipment for the cooking’s I really I think I have only one frying pan this could be an issue here we go my least favorite part about this entire grocery shopping so much oh my god this is like seven pages of ingredients so I’m just gonna grab some no hungry right now like I just want to post me something to the grocery store really tired there’s a lot of cheese and a lot of dairy my body doesn’t react to it very well you know what I mean so I usually try to stay away got sour cream we got cheese we got milk whipping cream there’s Manny’s ie Manny’s so much three years later and we’re done you know going back now I have everything in my car I have full cabbages this is who I am now this week I hope chrissy teigen is proud all right welcome to my first morning first day of cooking with Lindsay from the Chrissy Teigen cookbook that’s years ago oh no my battery’s low a better way to start the week then to cook not just for myself you know the first time you doing this but for my friends come in come say hi here they are you guys look so nice no no so what’s on the menu guys ready oh my god the breakfast hash and then we have french toast with whipped honey ricotta topping sorry I’m not sure what to use should I use this knife for this we’ll just use the big one because why not you know [Music] yeah yeah Chrissy Teigen I apologize all right I put on this glasses go about the day’s a giant again I don’t know what this is supposed to predict it does I think what do you wear something Scoob like I said cool boomers it’s in the air it’s in the air come on you should probably don’t not look a child it’s so sad you onion so while the potatoes are just like simmering for 15 minutes I’m making this the French toast and so this is like the topping that goes on it it’s like cream cheesy oh it smells so good it’s like cinnamon cream cheese yeah so I’m just gonna make the French toast [Music] put too much cinnamon and then cold for nothing I didn’t have that leg so I decided to put cinnamon and then I put a lot it’s Anna – and I ended up sitting I’m just trying to get it out I’m just trying to get some out I just don’t want it to cinnamony I’m like giving up this place in like an hour and I was like really hungry my friends are hungry or I’m already kind of messing up the potatoes just in the texture of it because she said not to like stir it a lot because it’s clearly becoming mashed well it looks good right [Music] really good oh yeah better than not this is so good over the potatoes he makes so much better than we expected regardless of the texture all right the French toast is what I really am curious about am I wrong can tastes like cheesecake that’s so good hello this is my day one nighttime check-in I was gonna cook dinner but I was so full up until literally now but I have all these leftovers from breakfast it looks kind of nasty honestly but it’s really good it took me a long time to make two meals at once that sucked but the food tasted good didn’t make anyone sick so we got four days left to go though so there’s still time for that alright so day two making dinner oka nut chicken tenders there’s not only the chicken that you need to marinate but then the sauce and then you fry and bread the chicken I have never made homemade chicken tenders in my life I’m gonna make baby carrots for the side which seems how do you really mess up carrot hmm I don’t know then I’m going to make mango sorbet for dessert alright so there’s a part that really stumped me it says grated zest and juice of one lime well I have the lime I’ve never stood a lion before I know that you take a little grater thing and do it I don’t have a grater okay let’s just see okay I’m scared okay so this is the marinade the chickens in it smells a little odd looks a little odd but it’s just the marinade so I’m trusting the process I’m hungry chickens been marinating for a while started baby carrot recipe which is literally just chopping the carrots and putting it and steaming them so this is the part I’m scared of because I put a tub oil on the pan is that 1/4 inch think I did that and now I’m gonna start breading it it’s gonna pop out oil at me and this is what freaks me out I’m going to like probably get burned right so flour and egg hey man the coconut that was really good yeah right okay this is kind of fun this is really fun one and a half minutes per side drain on paper towels and season with the terrified okay it’s what am I so nervous wow that looks so good so probably still tastes good right all of this is we didn’t even we have how we’re going on the ship if the chicken is done they’ll be crispy [Music] when we were frying it that I’ll say kind of burn before the inside was cooked so we kind of had to dissect them so they look really discombobulated there’s everything hopefully I don’t get to see sick move the crust is really good it’s very company’s good all right so now we’re making the mango sorbet I already basically put together with a mixture the kitchen still dirty I’ll get to it later maybe you don’t right that mean comment about I have to do this for these mangoes in here and then you put the mixture which is like honey and coconut milk we’ll be back after this short commercial break we just put the sorbet in the freezer because it was a little too wet so we’re waiting all right it’s not perfect but we don’t want to wait any longer so this is the consistency mango smoothie I think I didn’t see how it’d be better when I was like it’s more cold I just finished cleaning the kitchen I’ve been cooking eating cleaning it took three oh man I just feel how I feel yesterday I feel the cons outweigh the pros here Justin’s all good the food is you really like to chicken it was very good but you also didn’t make it you just sat here and watch you for you I’m getting my chicken fingers for lunch as leftovers and Ryan I gave one to Ryan oh my you little real shoes you’re like oh you made chicken fingers no like I I like from scratch I made chicken she’s touching me like you just like I had someone you no no this is like real all right so tonight on the menu is mushroom nachos also it’s one Direction’s birthday 9 years baby it seems easy enough just a lot of ingredients oh oh is that how I cut them I don’t even know home yeah that’s yeah that’s slice like do it is it like onions that long oh hey onions okay already put the mixture it’s gonna smell so good [Music] Oh God it was like a party I like this I was expecting me to be bees or something yeah yeah with mushrooms like seasoned well yeah I think I would actually make this again was it easy tonight this was pretty good this was probably the easiest that I’ve made thus far good morning it is day four and cannot believe the week is almost over it blows my mind I can’t believe I’ve survived this long not once I’m realizing have I thought about post mating something and I don’t know if it’s because I’m just very determined to make this work or if because every time I open my fridge I’m like reminded with how much food I have to eat be honest I think this is gonna be the easiest recipe it really is just four eggs which I mean I could probably go where I explained myself and then bacon and then you just add some like seasoning and garlic and all the things that she normally adds to things but yeah I’m gonna eat it I mean make it I’m really tired I missed the recipe it does say that there’s one shallot which I don’t really understand what a shallot is but I do have it it looks like an onion I think it might be an onion alternative I have no idea okay added a little too much bacon but I don’t think that’s a bad thing [Music] [Applause] mmm Wow that’s good it’s not too light but it’s also not too heavy I’m gonna finish this and figure out what I’m eating later so I did not make lunch today because I was so full from all that breakfast and to be honest I’ve just been making the biggest meals lately and just eating so much more than I normally eat that I’m just like full I’m gonna make the brain peach grilled cheese which is honestly one of the recipes I’m most excited about making I think we’ll be okay I’m just not looking for it eating more dairy but this is so I did it myself it’s all my fault oh that’s sweet sweet smell of butter and white bread I look really terrible in this lighting Oh ooh that sizzle the thing I always get worried about for grilled cheese is just how much the cheese will know under there you know hopefully it all melts before it gets too brown on the outside [Music] this is by far the quickest recipe I’ve made of the week oh my god that’s Smosh oh my lord you guys the flavors are perfect together I will never be able to eat a regular grill cheese again holy Sh this morning I am making breakfast I am making the blueberry cream cheese pancakes this looks easy I like I know baking pretty well and it’s basically baking the only thing that’s different is they go to freeze the cream cheese and put in the freezer Wow I feel like the way I’m talking about recipes now is so much different than how I approach recipes before which was just very like oh I got to do this and this and this like now I’m just like okay like I’ve done this all before let’s do it do I want to make these blueberry cream cheese pancakes right now yes the only thing that sucks is that I don’t have anyone to share it with like when I make things I want to share it with people so all these chunks in here are actually cream cheese and they’re supposed to stay that way chunky I think oh my gosh oh wow this is very chunky [Music] I mean hopefully they’ll taste good all right the moment of truth she said to add some graham crackers on top so I’ve done that hmm yeah Wow I think I will say though I think I like the French toast better than this this just tastes like normal pancakes I thought there’s gonna be a little bit more of a kick to it but they look instagram-worthy that’s for sure tonight is the grand finale we are making something that I get scared of when I look at which is the whole of the barbecued chicken sandwiches with pineapples blah oh I didn’t eat that pineapple I throw away the recipe throw away the pineapple Ahmet I am starving let’s start there so I am aggravated and hungry and angry and we’re gonna go see a lion came tonight so I just want to get this done that’s active time 30 minutes total time an hour and 40 minutes hour and 40 [Music] all right we’re gonna add the chicken and it’s gonna simmer for an entire hour nobody bad bad it was really not that bad it’s just that it takes in there our [Applause] we don’t have a Dutch oven we literally just have my frying pan so we’re gonna solely work so problem we have it has to simmer for an hour I don’t even have a lid for this big pan so we’re just gonna put oil all right making the coleslaw and I’m having Jessica open the mail because I hate mayonnaise with a raging fire passion I’m following the recipe I’m doing it anyway this is our pineapple mixture we got going here I actually put way more pineapple than it said but it’s not even still covering it all cool we are shredding the chicken TBH I don’t know if we burned it a little bit because it’s the camp black and red but it smells good wow this console looks so good I forgive the mayonnaise I forgive you you did your job boobies oh my god what are you who are you are you crazy vegan oh it’s spicy I’m not getting a lot of flavor from the coal so are you not really it’s like good I could have added way more pineapple all right we’re gonna devour our faces bye-bye see you later all right it is the end of the week I somehow managed to make every freakin meal that I ate this week post meats was not post mate except for one time but we’re not gonna go there I just needed a salad overall this week I went through all the emotions I went through a lot of hunger and I was like really hungry I went through a lot of impatient hour and 40 went through a lot of pain oh I got to the point where I just was really used to just making a meal for every meal like the first thing I thought of when I woke up and I was hungry was oh I have eggs in my fridge I have this I have that I can make didn’t kill any of my friends this week I didn’t give them any food poisoning if I can do it you can do it this is now a motivational video but really though if I can do it anyone can do it slowly Chrissy Teigen cookbook is so good and it’s so made with love so Thank You Chrissy for just sharing that with me I love following you on Twitter and now I love following your recipes [Music] you [Music]


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