I Made My Own Website! (school project)
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I Made My Own Website! (school project)

Hey there, I’m Mohamed! Are you interested
in making videos? Have you tried to edit a video? Then I have the perfect website just
for you! Welcome to Skill-Z! A website with a (to be added) huge list of video editors!
This is the best place to start when thinking of making a great video! My current video
editor list contains editors like Filmora, Adobe, iMovie, and more! I currently have
3 parts to my website: A tab for rookies, where you can try out video editing without
any trouble; A tab for professionals, for people who have done video editing in the
past and wanna test their skills; and finally, a tab full of great tutorials that can help
you on various editing skills depending on the video editors on my website! So go ahead
and check it out, link in the description! Uh actually, ya know what? How about this.
I’ll just show you a quick overview of what my website has to offer! Alright. So, on my
website, here we are on the home page. Uh, it’s quite small, but it’s pretty much just
a bit of information showing you what my website is gonna contain. Uh alright, so let’s move
on to the next part! On the rookie tab, I have the top 5 beginner video editors; uh,
the video editors I have on my website so far. Uh, yeah let’s move on to professional.
Here, it’s the same thing as before, top 5 expert video editors. Oh yeah, this ‘OpenShot’,
I recommend it to everyone if they’re trying to do, like, good video editing for free,
cuz it’s great, it’s fantastic. Uh, here in the tutorials part, we have videos and playlists
that can help you with pretty much all the video editors I have on my website so far.
Uh, so yeah, that’s pretty much it. It’s great… Uh… it’s like, the best thing ever- Ok.
Uh, anyways, uh, so. Pretty much what I’m trying to say is that, ya know, I would really
like it if you guys could, ya know, give some support to my website. Uh, basically, in the
description, there is going to be a quick survey, uh, that shows everything, uh, about
my website. And also has a few questions based on your preferences, and suggestions I can
add to my website, and, if you like my website or not. As I said in the beginning, there’s
a link to the website itself so you can check it out! Uh this is pretty much just a school
project, uh, so it’s not the biggest thing ever, uh, but ya know, it’s something simple
that I learned how to make, uh, so yeah! I hope you enjoy it! You should definitely give
five stars cuz, it’s the best website, and it’s great, and yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah true…
Uh, anyways, goodbye!

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