I made Minecraft Skins based off of Bugs
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I made Minecraft Skins based off of Bugs

[James Charles]: Special shout out to… [James Charles]: Beanie! Her name is Beanie. You’re a real one. [Pewdiepie]: Thank you Beanie. [James Charles]: Thank you Beanie, appreciate
you girl. [Pewdiepie]: Check- Check out Beanie guys! Hello everyone, Beanie here, and today I’m
doing a skin video! Literally, omg, it’s been like… 9 months since I’ve posted a skin video,
and 2 years since I’ve posted a real “speed paint” video. Wow, that’s actually insane. But today isn’t just any old speed paint
video, it’s a full on CHALLENGE! I’m doing this with one of my good friends,
Moondust Bri! Before I start explaining and getting into
the video more, I’m gonna lay out the guidelines for our challenge. Basically, we wanted to create skins based
off of a central theme, and find reference images online for this theme, that we would
both use. We threw around a couple of ideas, and settled
on bugs! With our theme in mind, we picked out some
bugs, and then narrowed our group down to three images; a Black Widow Spider, a Scarab
Beetle, and a really interesting Asymmetrical Butterfly. We didn’t want to just flat out recreate
the bugs themselves, since that would be boring, and not very creative. So we made our skins inspired by these insects,
rather than trying to replicate them. We then went off to create our skins, and
make our own videos about what we did. Once both videos are up, you can compare how
all of these skins differ, and what we came up with when provided with the same vague
reference images! It’s a cool experiment, but not a competition. We aren’t looking for who made which skin
better, we’re just looking at how our styles and creativity differ! Now that you know what our guidelines were,
lets get into me talking about why I made the skins like I did! The first skin I worked on from this project
was the black widow skin. I really wanted to give off some gothic vibes
here, and this skin turned out a little self-portrait-y, with the short red hair. I went with the hair in a braided updo, because
the main focus of this skin was meant to be on the lines of the black and red dress. The twisting of the braids also kind of went
with the gothic feel, and I saw a couple pictures of women wearing their hair like this during
the victorian era. The dress is a longer old style dress, with
a corset and skirt. With Minecraft skins, you can’t make the
skins extend out for skirts, so it ended up looking a little flat, but I did what i could. Ideally, I would have made the skirt flare
out at the bottom, with room for more pieces of red fabric to cross the black under-skirt. I did try to add some small ruffles where
the corset meets the skirt, especially since the back of this skin was looking a little
plain. I finished off the skin by giving her heels
and gloves, and I think I did pretty okay. I was initially really hyped to do this one,
since I love all things gothic and victorian, or even “spooky” in general, but this
skin ended up being my least favorite of the bunch. Not at all what I was expecting, and by no
means do I think this skin is bad, I just like the other two I did a little more. The Scarab, I definitely love how I did on
this skin. Scarab beetles are found all around the world,
but most notably in Egypt, and because of this, I wanted to give the skin a little bit
of an ancient egyptian cleopatra vibe. So I did these really cool gold sandals and
bracelets. Yellow is complementary with blue, so I thought
the jewelry really made an impact in the styling of the skin. Everything on this skin is very symmetrical,
except for the dress folds and bottom line. I didn’t want the whole thing to have perfect
symmetry, if the gradient I planned wasn’t going to. Originally I was going to give this skin a
yellow and blue eye, but the green fit much better with the dress. The dress took me a considerably long time
to do, especially since I did the gradient by hand. I had a little help from the regular paint
brush in paint.net, so I didn’t have to do the entire thing by changing the transparency
of every individual pixel. And i think this gave it a more natural feel,
rather than something more linear. I wanted to make it a sundress, because it
felt like the sort of thing that would go well with gold sandals and the desert life
of scarab beetles. I decided to make it appear to have a wider
skirt, with excess fabric that would make it more flowy. I would say I thought of doing that because
of the wings of the beetle, but I didn’t notice that until writing the script for this
haha. Okie Dokie, the butterfly skin! I had no ideas for this skin AT ALL. I just knew that I didn’t want to do another
dress, but I also wasn’t sure how to make the colors go together. I didn’t know how I would tackle the extreme
asymmetry of this either. So after procrastinating on this project for
a little while, I sat down and just started going. I didn’t make a plan for this skin, even
though I did for the others, and yet, it still turned out great in my opinion! I wanted to go with darker hair and skin,
since the majority of the butterfly is black, and it would make the color accents pop even
more. I knew that the colors didn’t fit together
as well as I’d like, and i decided to make them very muted. This skin has an eyepatch, because I really
wanted it to be asymmetrical, and I had already done hetero-chromatic eyes. I think it worked really well, because it
tied in the white on the shoes, and the pink and blue accents. I got the idea to do an asymmetrical over-the-shoulder
sweater, and that was the best I thought for this reference picture. When looking at the butterfly, the left side
had the pink and blue translucent colors, so I made that arm of the sweater fully on
the skin, to show off those jacket colors more. I took the opportunity to make the shirt golden,
and have the sleeve of the shirt showing on the right arm, to emulate how that’s the
main accent on the right side of the butterfly. Also, I cheated a little. I wasn’t sure how to do the back and left
side of the sweater, so I just made the skin have long hair. Wow life hacks! It really works on this skin though. I slapped on some golden sneakers to match
the shirt, blue jeans, and a pink band around her left thigh. I also went with fishnet tights to add some
detail to the legs, since I thought they would look pretty flat compared to the rest of the
skin. Overall, I’m really proud of how I did on
these skins! They’re all really unique, and I think I
represented our bug references really nicely. You won’t be able to tell these were based
off bugs without context, but that was kind of the goal of the challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this speed
paint and analization of my work, let me know if you’d like to see more videos like this
in the future! I had a really fun time working on this, and
I’m sure Bri did too! Don’t forget to go check out her video,
once it’s out I’ll link it in the description and the little info card thing in the top
right corner! I’ll also make an announcement in my Discord
server when it’s out, so make sure to join! It’s actually really fun in there, and we’re
gonna start doing monthly game nights n’ stuff. Anyway, thanks for watching, and I’ll see
you hotties later! byeeeee! beep boop secret message, you’re cute


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