I have a Christian Website. Should I Choose a Christian Web Host?
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I have a Christian Website. Should I Choose a Christian Web Host?

Thank you for watching website hosting video
tips from OurChurch.Com. In this video we’ll discuss whether you should choose a Christian
web host if you have a Christian website. Hi I’m Paul Steinbrueck of OurChurch.com.
In this series of videos I am answering common web hosting questions. One of the questions
that we are asked from time-to-time is “I have a Christian Website. Should I Choose
a Christian Web Host?” There are thousands and thousands of web hosting
companies out there for you to choose from, so why a Christian web host company?
It’s because we understand what it means to be Christian ministry; we share your values
and ultimately we share the same goals that you do. We want to see the gospel Jesus Christ
proclaimed around the world and we want to see his kingdom advanced. So when you choose
OurChurch.Com, you don’t just get a vendor or just a web host provider but you get a
partner in ministry. That’s genuinely how we view ourselves.
When you call us on the phone or send us an email, it’s not about how quickly can we get
your problem resolved and move onto something else. We want to see you succeed and so we
go the extra mile so that we can do that. Also, all of us here at OurChurch.Com are
Christ followers ourselves, so we share your passion for the Lord. We share your passion
for ministry. We’re all part of churches and serving in different ministries. We’ve been
on staff on churches. We have spouses who are teachers in schools and we’ve served on
boards for schools, churches, ministries and so forth.
So we understand where you are coming from, some of the challenges that you’re going through
and often times we understand the solutions that really can help you that other organizations,
other secular companies might not understand. So, there are some great advantages to going
with a Christian web hosting company. That’s why if you lead a Christian church,
school, ministry or business, we hope you’ll consider OurChurch.Com for your web hosting.
Thank you.


  • Jeff Bone

    I used to argue this point with a Christian school administrator. Technically, being a Christian is an act of faith limited to a person not an object. Of course, I understand what you are implying by using the term as an adjective to describe a Christian-faith-friendly organization. I believe that an organization that is friendly and appreciative to the goals and objectives of a faith-based organization is a bonus to an organization that is looking for a vendor as I'm sure Paul and his team at OurChurch.com are.

  • Shawn Franklin

    Thanks for this Paul.  Our current host is our telecommunications provided, But I will definitely cruise over to your website and check out your services.

  • Red Boating

    Interesting topic.. but what about larger organizations like Godaddy for hosting? Do you just look at whether your customer service officer is Christian, or at the whole philosophy of the company?

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