I forced 200 Minecraft Players to turn an island into Starbucks
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I forced 200 Minecraft Players to turn an island into Starbucks

ah guys you made like a picnic basket for everyone you’re not gonna die is brutally that’s very sweet they’ll still die but that’s it’s the thought that counts welcome that is beautiful untouched Island to spite the Grand Canal separating it we’re going to decorate this entire island with Starbucks coffee shops so this way guys just come with me all that is deceptive Go Go real slow I’m not responsible if you break your legs this early into the trip you just got to go past the spiders now and into the sea again oh trying to kill know what they are trying to kill people so again the theme is Starbucks that’s what we’re aiming for we need as many coffee shops as possible on this island you can use things on the island to your advantage to Prince’s I seem to be a small family of alpacas that’s how you’ll get the milk for the coffee Oh God yeah this is a big Starbucks to like occupy the central space how these people like collaborate on this so quickly like no no if you want to make a help sign you do it on the island you don’t do it here we have one row the island is your life now all you need is the Starbucks well see you going to like stay hydrated rather than Starbucks licensed brand bottled water only four pound a bottle that’s all you need your regular water doesn’t have the premium quality that Starbucks ensures looks like there’s no other coffee corporations in the world it’s literally just Starbucks Tim Hortons is a mish fabricated by the Canadians doesn’t actually exist I’m actually surprised how nice the central building looks so far there’s actually like a semblance of structure which is something we don’t often see hey how’s it going guys so okay so – space air perfect no help required just welcome to Starbucks oh god damn it guys does no one know how to spell hello anymore okay that looks questionable but I think he’s trying to do yeah cuz that’s Karen I think he’s just trying to do the Starbucks logo okay you you’ll want to think about the blocks you place for his skirt this actually looks quite nice the you guys are gonna get the rare permit to actually not have your house torn down Starbucks Correctional Facility some people who ask for help here is what happens when you they get your order wrong but yet like anyone like this like feed the children of Africa feed them help feed the children we’re dying we crave chicken you gotta have a permit Starbucks is not affiliated with feeding the children we’re gonna need to tear down this I think cuz it’s just in the way of the logo why does this say nestle someone’s confused as to what bit of capitalism are representing tonight I know Nestle owns like the other half of the world and like 5000 viewed food corporations like we’re Starbucks tonight we’re not Nestle no it’s not Kosta hang on a moment we have to represent the right coffee chain that’s how you get sued hello there help us make the best cup here to fly aside read caps hello help us okay the menu is the dual core fry a melon spice latte brown coffee an empty bottle with memes and water or wood dirt and melt reviews oh my god this is like it this is also done up [Music] there’s actually so much space in here oh my god dialogues ready best coffee shop on the island it’s the only coffee shop in the island we destroyed costume slave chamber town here hang on employees only gripped hello welcome to Starbucks don’t forget to spell the name huh huh don’t forget good customers surfacy dumbfucks there’s actually so much detail in here like good job guys fish tank accepts would I have any water it’s just a bunch of drawn fish and signs let’s say fish oh that’s the saddest thing I’ve seen a lot of these aren’t actual Starbucks orders I’m just saying they don’t serve what is the meaning of life Regina bore for slave reviews and hey char let’s go all the way up look how many floors oh this is the HQ building what’s going on and oh no there’s just a door okay that guy just jumped what’s going on with this tower I thought this was a coffee cup before oh hi is this man gun hey buddy he’s making like a Starbucks lighthouse Starbucks sign there no that’s a Starbucks right now that’s not right there’s a frickin Starbucks flag Starbucks have formed like a country here now looks really lovely in here are from this massive explosion apparently took place Capital is free since 2018 iron-hard industry Starbucks and he percent less slaves and the rest of the island that still means there’s some slaves we coffee regular coffee big boy coffee just a cup of caffeine actually oh no dark market tea perfect five out of seven by Sean B himself no this is not like the perfect I love this bit of the island like that looks so self-contained [Music] this bit does like oh we flew wait what is this up here sky-blue coffee for frequent fliers okay that makes more sense this one is literally for people who would like just defy gravity like on creative mode if only the mods will be able to come up here like I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface on the island there’s actually so much to see it’s like this stuff in this coffee cup birds are real we all die a greenhouse will kill us all the Sun will die I don’t even know why that’s here the mug with good thoughts to flawless architecture here this one beam is carrying a lot of weight for the headquarters like there is stuff like everywhere down here here’s like a hidden underground coffee shop like I would have never found this that’s the entrance way welcome to mole bucks Starbucks ARF remove it just look at the amount of layers theories to everything now you can go inside like so much of the art look at this tower like I haven’t even seen this the Starbucks tower reception desk get your cheap tourist mug now just a hundred dollars I think out of all the Starbucks that we’ve seen this is like the first one have a regular menu and like regular price is the first real Starbucks on an island only filled with Starbucks the guys have been working hard on this the entire story like fair fuckin play that looks so good the original high-class Starbucks sponsored by RT fully organic you have the venue done up now and they have credits as well Artie is merciful Artie is powerful he blessed us to build offshore shrine to Artie I’ll highlight you spared us here on this land that’s our decision less unto them the Cuffy flight but I really do think everyone who just like disappeared to this small island probably come up with some like the coolest creations just in the entire thing welcome to Starbucks open not a regular Starbucks wait no the bagels too cheap sorry Alice on it’s not real it’s not realistic as a fellow of a risk to try to drove my day off for working at Starbucks I sit down to watch your story with a package Starbucks again for fuck’s sake no caseless oh this is the Starbucks from before this is what all decked out now welcome to Starbucks Breeden 500 bucks remember god can’t hear you down here don’t like you why is there mine access in this Starbucks I don’t understand they could see home oh you can’t oh is that stair fucks oh close yet so far away oh that’s just magical look at the star bunker the reserved Starbucks we’re prepared for the apocalypse oh wow yeah this one just has like reinforced walls prequel bucks then you like sponsored by prequel beams always even got the Frick Adobe one skin feel free to add for me it’s over Anakin the high ground you can just take it all it I think this is like my favorite build so far like it actually just looks so good it’s still like a couple of straightness I think we should iron out like a towers not doing anything you know good is relative oh you think this looks lovely I’m really happy about how this turned out all of these offerings will be used in the construction of furtive Starbucks establishments okay okay at all god no everyone’s chucking the blocks that’s lagging the server oh we made a cult okay everyone pick it up everyone needs to pick up the stuff oh my god we didn’t think this true a lot of people have been asking how to take part in these minecraft sessions so I saw it slip in a little extra notice just how to get involved in this for those who didn’t know literally everything you see on my youtube channel is edit stream highlights taken from my twitch channel I stream 4 times a week on Tuesday Thursday Saturday and Sunday 7 p.m. UTC for Tuesday and Thursday and tree p.m. UTC for Saturday and Sunday not always streaming minecraft as I’m a variety guy just like to play whatever takes my mood but minecraft is definitely in there we make the server information available at the time of the stream so if you want to take part in the streams head on over the Twitch and if you want to know when the streams are happening best things to do is honestly just follow the Twitter and join my discord group baking the note for the server is ace twitch subscriber only the reason we do that is there’s simply too many people otherwise you can find all the links you need in the description below and I hope that just clears up how to actually take part in these sessions there’s more of them planned and there’s more sessions with other games too on top of that I’m of course stream of my usual things like City skylines and that on the twitch channel so just basically basically just head on over there if you want to take part in this kind of stuff and again Twitter and disk or just for streaming notifications would recommend I’m gonna be doing a giveaway on both of those soon too cuz I reckon a lot of people don’t even know that the videos on this channel our edited highlights just to spread word out so I guess this is like just the precursor to that but yeah just a little heads up because people have been asking that a lot lately I hope that helps [Music]


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