I Auditioned For BigHit and it did NOT GO WELL (this was before they accepted only male trainees)
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I Auditioned For BigHit and it did NOT GO WELL (this was before they accepted only male trainees)

So, what do Bts, Big Bang, Twice, and SNSD all have in common? If your answer was that they’re all K-pop idols, you’re right, but I wanna say you’re wrong because that wasn’t the answer I was looking for. The answer I was looking for was that one day, they were all trainees, whether it was 10 years ago, whether it was 15 years ago, they were all trainees. Every K-pop fan knows that in order to be an idol, you have to be first a trainee, and before you’re a trainee, you have to audition. So, every single year, tens of thousands of K-pop fans go to the K-pop auditions for their chance to become the next G-dragon ( no one can replace my baby jiyong omg) Was I one of those people? Honestly speaking, no *cue chammys adorable laugh* But hey, I did it anyways, so here’s the story of my Bighit audition. So, I feel like some backstory should be given just so that you don’t make the same mistakes that I made if you’re going to audition. First off, it’s a ton of work, because, the thing is a lot of the companies have monthly auditions, with the exception of SM, who has weekly auditions. But the thing is like, usually the instructions are extremely vague, and they’re usually written in korean, so I recommend that if you’re going to audition, you either meet someone who knows Korean, or you learn Korean yourself. I personally recommend just learning basic conversation of Korean, and learning how to read hangul, just because it makes it so much easier in the long run, especially if you want to be a K-pop idol and you’re serious about it, I would totally just learn Korean. So basically, I had this friend. He was from Japan, and he really wanted to be a K-pop idol. So, I was like, you know what? I’ll just go with you because you’re not super good at Korean, but I am pretty decent, so I will help you translate. He was like, “okay,” so we went. This was during the time that Dope came out just for like time frame references So here comes mistake number 1. So, the BigHit auditions started at 12, and us being idiots, we set off at 11:30, because we were like, “you know what? there’s not going to be too many people there.” We expected like 20 or 30 people to show up, because we’re both freaking idiots, and…what do you know…there were like 400 people… But, whatever. We go to the audition place, we get lost like five times And then we get there at 12:15 And there’s a HUGE line of people We’re both like, “what the hell is this line for?” So we asked some people And they tell us that it’s the line to get an audition number So this time, we had lost like 45 minutes Like including all the times we got lost So we were like, Valuable time should not be wasted (you already wasted time though chammy) So we waited Before they give you your audition number, they make you fill out this form And it’s in both Korean and English But like, again, I do recommend learning Korean, it’s just so much easier in the long run Anyways, the form asks you for basic information So you know, like Date of birth, name, contact information phone number, email, weight, height, stuff like that So then we fill out the form We give them to the lady, and she gives us these sticky notes with numbers on it And I want to say it was 420, just because that would’ve been so perfect But no, it was actually like four hundred and sixty something or something like that Here comes mistake number 2, kids; we waited. So how it works was that, they kind of just called up numbers 1-10 they went to the room, they auditioned, and then they came back out So we were like, “you know what? let’s just wait,” because it can’t take that long It took that long. To give you some perspective of how long it took, we got there at around 12:30ish, let’s say we got our numbers at like 1:00ish just to be safe with the time We auditioned at like 8:30. See, every single time we were like, “let’s leave,” It was more like, “we’re already halfway there, let’s just wait a little bit more.” And we kept making that same mistake And then we ended up waiting like 7 hours And the entire time we were waiting in that line, there are these people practicing like, in the road, so they’re like, in the parking lot, and they’re singing and you can hear the echos of the singing and it’s like really good, so you like have a drop in self confidence (me 24/7) because you’re like, holy shit, this is real oh, this is my favorite part of the story. So I’ve been waiting for something like 3 hours So I’m like dead on the inside at this point So, I’m just like staring off into the distance And, I guess this girl was in like my line of sight So she thought I was looking at her, but instead of saying like, “can i help you?” she goes, she looks me up and down this is the best part of the story She goes, *looks up and down* “the fuck are you looking at?” And in my head, I’m just like *having an existential crisis* *back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up* *talking to herself* look, i love you, and i trust you so much, so i know you’re not going to beat the shit out of this girl you look really pretty today! don’t beat the shit out of this girl, plEASE Anyways, after 7 hours of waiting, we finally get our turn And at this point, I’m just like…I’m not even there I’m just like…there in spirit… So, they bring us into the basement training room, where the dance practice for 쩔어 (Dope) was filmed and like, all of the…you know those ones with like the BigHit sign like, right here they lead us into that room. It’s really nice actually. It’s like super roomy, there’s mirrors around, it’s like really pretty. So, at this point, it’s like so late that they’re like, “please don’t introduce yourself, just audition, and then leave.” “we’ll be in contact with you if we like you.” and all that crap So there’s a camera that we’re supposed to look at, and that’s in front of the judges and it’s like I’m looking at the judges, I’m supposed to be charismatic or whatever in front of the camera And I have like, 3 grams of charm inside my body so I muster up every single ounce I can get and I failed terribly, I looked at the camera like dead-eyed, and I’m just like *me when my teachers give me homework on the first day of school* I just look at the camera like I hate my fucking life and the judges look at me like (??? girly r u dead inside) As for my friend, he totally chokes. He coughs for like half of the audition because he was so nervous, which I feel really bad about We were in and out of that room in like a span of 5 minutes Which was like, so annoying I was literally like, “so we just waited 7 hours to like just stare at a camera for 30 seconds?” And he was like, “…yeah.” So he feels bad for me, he buys me dinner, and then we just go our separate ways I get home at like, 11 pm, he gets home at like 1 am And shortly afterwards, BigHit changed their audition policies to guys only So…guess who’s fault that was… No, but all jokes aside, like, they have not contacted me Which I do not blame them for, because I literally looked at the camera like I wanted to die I hope you learned something from my sad little story So, maybe next time, you won’t make the same mistakes that I did Get there on time, make sure you know how to act in front of a camera, know your lyrics and your song by heart, so that you don’t choke from the nervousness Have a strong mentality because there are so many talented people who go there, and there are a lot of bitches too, so just keep your anger in check. Honestly though, do I regret waiting for 7 hours for a 30 second audition? No. I do think that because we’re young for only so long, that if you really want to try something, you should seriously just go for it. So if you want to become a K-pop idol, don’t let anyone limit you, just go to your audition and have fun with it 🙂 If you enjoyed this video, if you would leave a subscribe and/or a like, it would make me so very x4 happy But then again, thank you for just making it this far into the video Even if you didn’t enjoy it, or even if you did, and I hope you have a great , great day :’)))


  • Skyla Lee

    The reason why they don't have girl trainees is because bighit used to have a girl group called GLAM but one of the members blackmailed someone and went to jail and then the decided to split up and I think the reason why bighit doesn't want girl trainees is because he probably doesn't want it to happen again

  • ᔕᗩᖇᗩᕼ ᗩ

    I want to learn Korean. I’m part Chinese but only speak English rip lol. Any videos or apps that will help?

  • Nicholas Young

    I think u they want male only and most likely they want qualifications , like in dance vocal piano all those need study at university maybe?

  • K-pop Shiteu

    I think it’s really sad that they won’t debut a girl group or accept girl trainees, I would love to be in big hit since BTS seems to be taken cared of really good and they seem to be able to do a little as they want, too. But since they don’t accept girl trainees I think I would audition for YG (if I ever get to online audition I live in Sweden), I just hope I can make it this is my dream.. :((

  • priya savitala

    i had this fanfic idea where a girl would to audition for bighit but they don't accept her at first because of their male-trainee only policy but then they finally accept her after a lot of convincing but then I saw the description to your video saying that they didn't have the male trainee only policy in 2015 and the girl in my fan fic would audition at the end of 2014 and start training in 2015 so I guess I finally have that doubt cleared up and I can change that part of the storyline 🥰

  • KyoKonKyoChin

    This girl has no chance at making any entertainment company. Maybe in America shes considered “cute” but not here in Korea.

  • CC Yang

    I'm disappointed that bighit won't let any girls audition 😭😭😭😭, btw how did you contact an entertainment? I wanna know 😭😭 I wanna try to audition..

  • Potatocore Master

    There are all those Koreaboos but then you have me over here actually wanting to start a career in Kpop which in any company is fine for me

  • Little ashy loves kookie

    I'm gonna wait until bighit allows girls to audition again who's gonna wait with meh??? Just me? Okay

  • 하뜌하뜌

    When did bighit made the decision to accept male trainees only? Does anyone know the exact date, or maybe just the year?

  • 지민이파버

    bruh i really dislike it when people say “when non asians want to audition it makes me cringe so much like” bro yeah it is when the person wants to date their “oppa” but if they have a really deep passion for it and work hard for it, then they shouldn’t have to be judged for it

  • დ一人ぼっち

    2019? no? ok

    so whenever bighit allows girls again im minding to audition online so, i wanted to know do they allow non-asians (if we count turkey as asian country? i would be half turkish, im not full turkish) i would be thankful if you answer even if 2 years passed

  • Kai Qv

    So hit man bang now decided to audition and have a girl group I’m probably not gonna even be close he probs won’t see my video and this is my only chance I’m probs gonna crush my eyes out

  • Mariana Zapata

    You forgot that even if western people have a bigger music industry, it is very different from the k-industry. Like in the U.S even if you have the resources and want to make music because that's what you want, what about the people who want to dance, sing, and act all at the same time. You could say that they should be on theater, not music, but like it's about what they live to do and HOW they want to Express it. In theatre you don't get to do your own music, unless you actually write the play. The point is, if you wanted to do what IDOLS do, but in the western side, people would just say you're copying K-pop and that if you wanted that, then go and do it in its place. But you're forgetting the people who actually want to do this things, and they do not exist in their country. K-pop is unique and it's unfair that non-Asian people are excluded from the opportunity to actually do something they want to do. I personally do know how many things happen behind IDOLS, I know they have so many sacrifices and they are even close to being "slaves"(not really but yk), but even then I still really wish I could do k-pop, not because it's cool, or your famous, but because I really do love everything that comes with it. Yes it would be hard, yes I wouldn't have a private life, yes i wouldn't even be able to make my own decisions, but it's what I'm willing to take for being able to do music, to dance all the time(ik how much they train it is exhausting), but like I dance too, and I live to dance, it's something I've done since I was small, and i live to sing and share . I've always been someone who likes to be in some things controlled. It honestly all depends o the person.

  • Mariana Zapata

    And plus, I get that people say the reality is that it's no fun, but there are many people that know what they're getting into, and yk, it's so freaking unfair that western people can't make it to k-pop because of were they were born, like k-pop is made specifically for Koreans, I get it. But don't you see that we didn't choose to be born where we were born, we didn't choose our face or body or voice or anything, and like, just as there are Koreans who truly know what they're getting into and do it, there are people all around the world. Because people all think differently, it's not about just viewing it from outside, it's for what YOU want to do with your life. Asian ir not, you are a human and if you want to do something with your life, you should be able to. Who said that only K-IDOLS loved music and doing it and everything, what if I have the exact same dreams and passion and talent as one of them, but just because I am not Asian I can't. Non-Asian doesn't mean that you can't think the same way and want the same things, life is life wherever it is, and the world is just one.

  • Mariana Zapata

    And then it is discriminating that you can't to do something because you weren't born in that place I mean, that's ridiculous and stupid, especially in a world that is globalized, and it keeps changing every day. It's like saying you can't study because you are of black color(in the past). Placss are only relative, for what we choose the name to identify out differences with, which is ridiculous. We are ALL HUMAN BEINGS. This arguing and discrimination is like going to the past and forgetting what we're being thought. We all say love yourself, or you are not the skin, but the soul. A body is nothing more than a tool to communicate and share everything that goes on inside our head, it is only yours because you say it is, but you choose how you think, you feel based on your standards of each feeling, depending on your life experiences. So the body is nothing, what's important is what is truly yours, your thoughts, your dreams, your LiFe. The same goes for countries, it's not about how people look somewhere, ir what language they speak, it's about the actual person.a Person is an InDIVidUal, with it's own thoughts, wants, needs, dreams, perspectives, regardless of where they were born. So being open minded is important, to understand the world we live in today. That's why Asian culture is so stereotyped, and considered cringy to want from some westerns, but that's because we don't want to open our eyes and see that there is a world out there and there are different thoughts and opinions, different lifestyles, different cultures. So if asians stereotype and are stereotyped, I think they made themselves that way. But if big hit, as an example, that is giving an open- minded message to love yourself and accept yourself, with BTS to the world, including non-Asian people who also listen to it, would be hypocrites by not accepting an international thinker and person, a non-Asian or non-Korean. It is personally very disappointing for me to know that even with all the self-love and acceptance messages they share, they don't do that themselves. If they dont apply what they share or teach, then how can we believe it. If they want a change, as they said in the UNICEF, they should give example and show by being inclusive and accepting what they say, using it in their own life. They shouldn't try to spread a message and share to the world when tHEy aren't even willing to use it with themselves.

  • Mariana Zapata

    And what I mean is not BTS, but Korea, because they are in some way representing their country and culture. They give themselves that stereotype. Btw I love BTS, I'm just writing my philosophy on what K-pop is giving to the world, but not using in it's own. I'm in no way trying to say that BTS are lying to us and to themselves, I'm saying that not only BTS, but Korea needs to hear their own messages, because if IDOLS are like the face and five messages, we want to see them applied. Then non of it would be true if they dint accept it themselves. I just used BTS as an example because it is a very clear example of what I mean. If I disrespected someone in any way just know that I didn't mean to be so harsh, but I'm just trying to prove my point with some information that everyone can actually understand and know about. It's with clear ideas so that there are no misunderstandings of what I mean, thank you.

  • Mariana Zapata

    @sample text 
    Westerns dont have it easy either, and thay dont have the opportunity to do exactly what IDOLS do in their countries. Acting is normally done in most countries and music is too, but the problem is that the music genre K-pop is only done there, and if done somewhere else it would be taken as a copy, so what can a non-Asian do if they dont have any other option but to give up their dream of becoming IDOLS, just because the opportunity for koreans is small in other countries, but it is also small for other countries. They see it as a way to grow their country, but what about people who actually want k-pop as their life moto, it's just all MESSED UPPPP!!!

  • pixiecouture731

    I can't believe the stuff fans made up about bighit not accepting female trainees because of GLAM disbanding. You all literally make no sense, they took seven years to debut txt, and now are holding public auditions for female trainees. Private auditions and scouting exists. They just go slow.

  • hoseok’s wifey uwu

    imagine bighit debuting a girl group and sasaengs start to attack because the girls are gonna steal their oppars, but then find out the members in the girl group are little kids and teens 🤭🤭

  • rabby bunny

    I actually want to be a kpop idol but my parents don't support me so I was thinking to give up but then I thought to myself that I shouldn't give up!

  • Sabrina Mame

    Hey pretty girl can you answer me that can I audition with my sibling for this entertainment (big hit). Plz answer my question :'''(

  • iNfiReS mAn!!! yea

    Yes i am late to watching this but may i ask how you auditioned as in did you dance, sing, rap, look fab like you always are infront of a camera because there is an audition in my country

  • Kalpa Bhardwaj

    Im here after knowing about the Global Auditions for the tips

    Anyone else ?

    Even after knowing the fact that my parents would never allow me to audition (a passionate girl screaming for help)
    * sigh *

  • Creastila Playz

    Never mind just go to other audition and you must never give up if you wanna be a kpop idol👌
    Thanks for your experience story👍

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