Hyori’s real face was unveiled while hosting a show with her husband! [Happy Together / 2017.07.13]
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Hyori’s real face was unveiled while hosting a show with her husband! [Happy Together / 2017.07.13]

We never know when we’ll see Hyori here again. That’s true. Since I’m going back. She’s going back to Jeju-do. But it was fun working on TV after a long break. I used to be worried about looking pretty and showing my wrinkles on TV back then. But now that I’m older, I feel more relaxed. You’re still pretty. You look prettier now. This is just temporary. Just for a few months. It feels like a business trip. A traveling celebrity? Did your husband Sangsun come with you today? He’s watching our dogs at home. I saw that he’s very considerate of you. He’s kind. You treat him like your butler. Butler… – Like a husband. / – Oh, a husband… (He’s my husband) It’s true. Not all women need a husband though. My husband studied in Amsterdam a long time. He enjoys doing the laundry and cooking. He loves the feeling of adding fabric softener. Adding fabric softener… And he gets so happy from buying a new frying pan. We have different personalities. He’s such a kind guy. They shot at your home. And you two had a big fight for the first time. I felt a lot of pressure since I hadn’t been on TV a while. I felt I had to make some interesting footage. So I tried to start fights with him… For footage. That could really hurt him. There needs to be an emotional scene. Those cameras always draw up conflict. I’d throw a pillow at his head and he’d go, “Hey…” Where’s the conflict? “Hey, that hurt.” – That’s what he’s like. / – Yes. That’s how it went so I talked to him at night. I told him that on TV you need things to be a little more interesting. So we went surfing in the ocean. I kept trying to make good footage. Then he said, “Your problem is that you keep trying to do stuff.” He said that and I suddenly felt really hurt. I was like, “I’m trying my hardest here. Do you even get why I’m trying this hard? I’m releasing an album and you’re not!” And that should’ve got things started. (She wanted things to escalate) “I’m Lee Hyori!” I had to make a comeback. So then what did he say? He said, “That’s your problem. You make things harder on yourself.” That you shouldn’t be pressured. “Just take it easy. Don’t make life harder on yourself.” “Yes, honey.” That’s what I should’ve said! (But!) But what? “You can live comfortably because I work so hard!” That’s what I said. (Hyori’s temper flared up) That’s Hyori… “Do you know how hard I worked to support my family when I was young?” All of that came out. I bet you cried. I was dripping tears and snot… I was getting everything off my chest as we were fighting and I started to think, “Now people will think I’m a scumbag.” (She can’t control her temper with yoga) I couldn’t calm myself down with yoga… Scumbag. Haven’t heard that in a while. I felt that I couldn’t hide my true self. Hyori, back in the day you were so influential that anything you wore became a trend. But these days you dress very comfortably. I was shocked. So now I guess they’ll copy my comfortable look. (She’s still a trend-setter!) Since you’re Hyori. When shooting the reality show at my house… I usually wear shorts and a tank top at home. But I wanted to give the viewers a bit more. The things the girls want to see. So I kept wearing a gown… Yes, you should wear at least that. Robes are trendy these days. I kept wearing that and my husband was perplexed. “Where’d you get all these gowns?” He pointed out that I wasn’t acting like myself. Sangsun is like a sponge. He accepts everything. But he doesn’t know TV. (Whimper) When you get a call from a guest you should say, “Oh, looks like a guest is here.” You have to say it for the viewers. He was like, “Why do you keep talking to yourself?” (A variety show noob) He doesn’t play along with you. What would you say? “Oh, a guest.” – “Oh, guests? How many?” / – That’s the way. He was like, “Why do you keep talking to yourself?” So embarrassing… If I ate breakfast alone… I’m so happy to meet you guys! You totally get how I feel! The two of you have been living there for 4 years. Doesn’t it get a bit boring? But as you know, I’m different all the time. – Your mood changes? / – Yeah. It’s weird. My husband would look over while doing the dishes and I’d be laughing and dancing. Then he’d look again while watching TV and I’d be crying. So he says he’s never bored with me. You’re constantly changing. Your mood changes? Not so much mood changes… I have 1,000 faces. 1,000 faces. Why would you call it that? For real. I really have 1,000 sides of myself. Sometimes you’re so satisfied with your beautiful home in Jeju-do… But then, “Why’s the mart so far from home?” Then I’d be see idols on TV and be like, “That’s what I should be doing.” Then you see the sunset… “Honey, the sunset is so beautiful. I can’t believe I live here!” “Your snoring is annoying. Sleep on the couch.” Then in the morning, “I love you, honey!” That’s really her. She’s really like that. It’s like living with several different women. Sangsun is like a saint. He accepts all that. He isn’t a saint. For him… – He’s having a blast… / – Such variety. Sangsun and Hyori seem like a great fit. You took around 4 years off. How do you pay living expenses? (Gosh) You’re worried about my living expenses? I’m just curious. Give me some tips. Her life is on a whole different level. I’m Lee Hyori! Do you pull out from your account? Where do you get the money to buy food? I’ve never been asked that by anyone. Thank you so much, Suyong. He’s actually curious. I’ve never seen Suyong get that flustered. You’re worried about my living expenses? Hyori made a ton of money and is very successful. But some people may wonder how you get by after taking all those years off. Do you own some building? No building. I was terrible at saving money. Didn’t your dad manage your money? Then I started to again and I lost so much. How did you lose so much? Everything I bought dropped in price. Stocks. Not stocks. If I bought a home it wouldn’t sell. For celebrities, as you know, if you make $1,000, you should set $400 aside for taxes. Right, we pay taxes. You have to set that aside or you can’t pay the taxes. I made plenty so I don’t have to worry about that. I’m a celebrity too! You may have done more commercials but… Stop acting so prideful for a host. (It’s true though) If I lived in Jeju-do, I’d probably dive for seafood. – It suits you. / – To support yourself? Like abalone… Hyori, your home… It’s like a tourist attraction. So many people come by your place every day. Like group tours… It’s been crazy since my reality show aired. You get lots of people coming by again? Things were quiet for a while after we moved. Now it’s part of the tour. My husband came home and told me that there was a tour bus and middle-aged men and women holding their waists and playing a game. In front of your house. To take photos? It was so absurd… It must be hard to be Hyori. They shouldn’t ring your doorbell… We changed our doorbell into a silent one. It doesn’t make a sound even if you press it. How is that a doorbell? Friends call when they get to my house. It’s not like I could yell and chase people away. To protect myself I cut off that doorbell. So you don’t know if anyone’s there. I don’t know what’s going on outside. They told me to get a vending machine in front. (For extra income) That would make money. And split the profits? That’s a good idea. I was told to put up a life-sized statue. For people to take photos with. And photos of my house. It’s hard enough with all the tourists. Why would I install a vending machine? Can I go set up a snack bar? I think it needs to be made into an attraction. What if he starts one without telling me? Can I sell udon in front of your house? And coffee. Making a business deal. You should be busy working in TV. I think it would be quite profitable. As a top star, anything you say becomes big news. Does that every pressure you? Sure it does. I was shocked when I got here. Going in to do Happy Together… Why would they take photos for that? Usually around two reporters come. But today there were like 20 of them. I just came right into the building. I had no idea. But I heard all this talking outside. So many reporters were waiting to photograph me. So I went out again. I asked if I had to be photographed there and they said I did. They asked me to flash a heart. And this is the only heart I know how to make. So old-school. This is the old way. – They told me it isn’t this. / – Did you do this? This is dated. That’s so funny! “Flash a heart.” So I tried to make it really big. You really put your heart into it. I didn’t get much of a reaction. They were like, “What was that?” They told me to do this. I was like, “What’s this?” I was shocked too. I thought something happened. I must’ve got here right after Hyori. They were leaving and, “Here comes one more.” One more… I got photographed too. There were around 20 of them. I didn’t appreciate it before but I’m thankful that the reporters showed up. You’ve become more modest. She had to make a really big decision to take herself out of the game when she was on top but thinking back, that’s the easy part. What you experience on the way down is what’s really tough. – Yes, it was. / – You talked about that. It was very difficult. You thought of it as a good thing. I did and I had the feeling that a comeback now wouldn’t be as successful like in the past. I’m older now and I’ve kept my distance… And trends change so quickly. How can I keep up with the trends? But a part of me figured I’d be okay since I’m Hyori. My song “Seoul” was released first. My songs would always stay in 1st for a few days. But Heize was in 1st. And I couldn’t get up there. Honestly, I didn’t even know who Heize was. I was like, “Who is this person I’ve never heard of?” So I had to ask my stylist. She told me how big Heize is. So I heard some of her songs and I could tell why she got 1st. Her songs are so fresh and they’re really cool. So I felt a bit… You said you’d enjoy your descent… – I’m trying to… / – But? It’s not that easy! Why do you always get angry at me? Why do you think I do yoga? I announced that I wouldn’t do commercials. Really? Or performances unless they were really important. I had no way to make money even with my album. Even if your single is 1st for a few days, you don’t make that much. Psy only made $38,000 for “Gangnam Style.” For “Gangnam Style.” It was a huge hit. But I saw the single only made that much. I felt like I wasted my life. In my 20 years as a singer, I never made any money from my songs. I just did commercials for being trendy and pretty. You still crave the spotlight. – She just said. / – Right. It’s not like that. She won’t give up on it. I’m a singer, yet I made no money as a singer and made money with my physical appearance. Now that I’m trying to make money through music it’s not working out. So anyway, the system in the music industry needs to be changed so you can make money with music. All of a sudden… Be the president of the Korea Singers Association. Talk to Kim Heungguk. You’re talking about changing the system… I bet my agency thinks I’m useless. I’m supposed to make money for the agency… But my name alone isn’t enough. What’s the point if I can’t make a profit? I didn’t realize that when I didn’t have an agency. I figured I could spend the money I made. I signed with Kim Hyungsuk’s agency. He was happy at first but he seems to get sadder. And it’s not like I could shoot a cheap music video. A lot was invested in me but this system won’t allow me to make that back. So I felt terrible about it. You’d better shoot some commercials. That’s why it’s not good to speak too soon. Just work hard in the commercial deals you’ll get. I still have no intentions of doing that. For now… But I have a motto in life. “To live a cool life.” So me dressing flashy and becoming a fashionista was because it seemed cool then. And moving to Jeju-do seemed cool at the time. Speaking my mind, caring for others and animals… I do it since it seems cool.


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