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Hybrid Sites Cloud Web Hosting

My name’s Luke and I’m going to tell you how
Hybrid Sites cloud web hosting keeps your websites online and makes them scale. So when a web server breaks or a data centre
goes offline, your website can be down for hours, or even days. Your hosting company
may not be able to restore from backups, and even when they can, restoring can take a frustratingly
long time. With Hybrid Sites, all your websites, databases,
email, and all the changes that get made, are constantly being backed up: replicated
to another server in another data centre in our global cloud. With Hybrid Sites, when a web server breaks
or a data centre goes offline, your website stays online. And, with our revolutionary Point-in-Time
Restore technology, if someone accidentally deletes an important web page, database or
email, or if you get hacked, you can log in and roll back to just before disaster struck,
restoring your site immediately. It’s like a “time machine” for your websites,
databases and email. Our innovative cloud servers are much smarter
than normal servers. As soon as they detect an increase in traffic to your site, they
seamlessly live-migrate websites between servers in our cloud, to give you your own dedicated
high-performance machines, keeping your website fast all the time. And you can try this all for free, so if you
want reliable, scalable cloud web hosting that’s always fast and always available, sign
up now for a free trial at hybrid-sites.com.

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