Huis Ten Bosch – Kingdom of Light (Most romantic place in Nagasaki Japan!)
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Huis Ten Bosch – Kingdom of Light (Most romantic place in Nagasaki Japan!)

[music] Hi guys, I’m Ais and welcome to my food and travel vlog So yesterday we explored Nagasaki area, and
today we travelled around two hours to arrive here at Huis Ten Bosch, which is on the far
end of Nagasaki prefecture. This is a theme park, but with a European
theme, so it’s different from the usual Japan we know Come explore with me! [music] This is Lerwin Tan. On your left, buildings. On your right, buildings. Nice buildings though What are you up to? [laughs] [music] I got the machine gun with one hundred thirty
pellets Tada! [music] No, we didn’t win
Oh, it’s Sharto! Is it me? Sharto, you win! Congrats! Is this a museum? No, it’s a horror area [sings] How does this work? This looks scary
I’ll just close my eyes What is this for? VR use it for oil control Were you scared? oh, ok, yeah [music] oh my god are there ghosts here? Do I even want to take a video? Hurry up! [screams] Hurry! Tell me if there’s anything, I’ll just close my eyes [screams] Don’t scare us! Is it done yet? She was scaring the scarers Yeah, that was my strategy It was my first time to do this, I usually hate it I’ll post a separate video of our whole experience Actually we were just screaming the whole
time even though there were no scarers yet, but it was fun, very exhilarating [music] At this point, we’ve scoured the area and
just waiting for one of the top attractions here when the gardens and buildings light
up By the way, if you haven’t subscribed yet,
please click on the red button below so I can share more updates with you [music] We tried a handful of rides today like the
sniper game. It was a quick game but we waited for around
fifteen minutes. The line will even be longer when there are
people using quick pass – it’s like a priority pass which you can buy at a higher price,
but I don’t think you’ll need it since the place isn’t as packed. Some tips I’d like to share with you
In our case, it rained in the morning, so check the weather first before you come here I brought a raincoat because I think that’s more convenient than an umbrella Number two, if you’re like us, who travelled from Nagasaki along with our luggages, there are luggage lockers here which cost around nine hundred yen, good for the whole day Tip number three, restaurant food inside can be pricey, so I would suggest if you’re on
a tight budget, perhaps you can bring snacks or drinks to help lessen your expenses Tip number four, check your objectives. What’s your reason for coming here? Do you want to explore the whole day or do
you just want to see the light show at night? The ticket prices differ depending on your
entry time. It’s seven thousand yen for the whole day,
but cheaper after three pm. So you’d have to take that into consideration
as well. That’s it for today’s vlog. Thank you guys for sharing this experience
with me. Tomorrow we’ll be off to Kumamoto so don’t
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