Howto setup website dns nameservers 1and1, cpanel
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Howto setup website dns nameservers 1and1, cpanel

Im going to show you how to setup dns for
your website which is your first step after buying your domain name. I use 1and1, because
i find it very reliable and well supported. Ive actually logged in to my 1and1 account.
The first thing i need to do is direct the dns for my website to a hosted control panel.
Now there are two ways of doing this. Im going to click the domain center for 1and1 each
dns zone with whoever you use is very similar you can see here it should list my domain
and im just going to tick this box here, put the domain settings and i can edit those dns
settings. Now the 1st way to do it is, i can either use a nameserver so i can login to
my hostgator package and i can either use there name servers which are here or i could
select an ip address to host it. and i can use that ip address there. Now all cpanels
are slightly diffferent but the big thing for me here is i have only bought a basic
domain package with no email facility on it althought they give you a free forwarding
service. But if iuse the actual nameserver here and pop in this line here just copy that
and paste and im going to put in a secondary there and copy that there so thats the two
nameservers paste that there and then save that information and agree with that yes now
i will have to wait for that dns to appear with hostgators dns service and this can take
for upto 24 hours but this is your very first step after buying a domain name and maybe
buying a buying a control panel hosting with somebody and thats how you setup your dns
for your website im actually then going to go and create the domain on hostgator while
im here and all i need to do be a little bit lazy is im judt going to copy that and paste
that into there and it is just auto creating and im just going to create a password and
repeat that
and just add the domain and thats my 1st step in creating the website now im just going
to show you something which is quite handy as well and it works with windows apple mac
and linux now ive got a linux sytems here but you can google how to do this its the
same file on every operating system if i just open a terminal which can be a command prompt
or in notepad etc im just going to open up this file here i just type in my password
and just drag that in there hasnt opened up bare with me a second just got this a little
bit wrong sorry i know what im doing wrong sorry bare with me
ok what you can actually do here is speed
up the dns so you can actually view your website straight away and what im going to do here
is again just if i just get the ip address form the lets load that up lets get rid of
these things right the ipp address here im going to paste that into there actually ive
already got it there so i dont need to do that i will just use that and then just put
a couple of spaces in there copy that again and if i just paste that and exit that would
then actually allow me to view that website straight away becuase my local computer dns
now knows the ip address of that website so you can actually begin work a lot quicker
than if you was waiting for the 24 hours for the domain names nameservers to update so
thats your beginning of setting up your 1st website ok stay tuned im going to do some
more videos on setting up wordpress etc for blogging and some plugins so just keep watching
and hopefully you can learn how to keep starting your website


  • Mai Tran

    Hi, I have my 1and1 domain and my website hosted at HOSTGATOR address
    In 1and1 DNS settings, I followed your instruction to add nameserver1 and 2, then what should I proceed to have point to the specific location on HOSTGATOR. Thank you.

  • Prateek Tripathi

    Thanks a ton Tudor!!
    I was willing to buy a new domain from 1&1, and this is exactly what I needed!
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Suzauddaula Bappy

    Be sure to read 1and1 review on my blog before you buy. Please go to carlreviews. com/1and1-review/ Thanks, kfj Abby.

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