Howto Setup FTP – CPanel with FileZilla – SkyView WordPress hosting 2018
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Howto Setup FTP – CPanel with FileZilla – SkyView WordPress hosting 2018

hi guys Mal Tonge here from sky view horse
calm today’s video will be concentrating on setting up FTP and client access
using FileZilla and to do this once you’ve already purchased your hosting
from Sky View host comm you will go to log in and from here you click services
click the active button that Sarah now you’ll click login to cPanel once
you can see panel is a search bar at the top here just type FTP and then from
there you go to FTP accounts now here just choose a username for this I’ll
just click my name simple and then picking you password make sure you use a
strong password for this okay once the passwords done now here we need to
change this to public HTML there you go on so I’ll read today now
we can choose a quilter on this but for this test I’ll just leave it as
unlimited now we’ll click create account and that’s it our account has been
created there for FTP now what we need to do is we’ll just copy this and then
go over to FileZilla I’ll leave a link in the description for you to download
FileZilla but once you have FileZilla and it’s all installed open it up and
then come here in the con is a little button there this site manager will open
that up click new sites now just paste the username in there take the beginning
parts of it and just put FC P dots so on this one it’s FTP dots
hobby dabber comm the port we can leave alone or not anonymous we change up to
normal now we paste that in there that’s how I use the name and then we put
password okay once your passwords in then we will click connect click OK if
that does pop up okay once that’s done that’s you inside your server now
anything that you put in here if we put our index let me just create a new file
index that’s because to you and and now the inside if I edit that as you can see
there’s nothing in there but I’ll just put our old world don’t need no style on
it so save that yes on there now if we go to the website copy double calm there
you can see our world ok then guys that’s it for today on how
to set up your FTP access with their FileZilla using WordPress hosting
packages Skyview host comp until next time I wish you all a good day you

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