How will quantum computing change the world? | The Economist
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How will quantum computing change the world? | The Economist

It’s predicted to solve some of the world’s most fundamental problems… …from inventing new drugs, to making brand new materials… …and creating more precise climate models It could solve some problems in seconds… …that would take current supercomputers thousands of years The technology is in its early stages… …but the effort is quickly gaining momentum So how will quantum computing change the world?A standard computer might have billions of bits……each one can be a one or a zero……and they’re all completely separate from each otherQuantum bits, or qubits, work differently for a couple of reasons……that come from quantum mechanicsThanks Jason, but let’s not go down that rabbit hole… …all you need to know is thisThe theory shows that certain kinds of problems……not all, just some particularly thorny ones……are made much easier when you’ve got quantum computersOne of those problems is in encryption……the kinds of codes that protect your credit-card details online……or your messages in Whatsapp or SignalWhat got people really interested in making quantum computers……was the realisation that they could break encryption……that was supposed to be too hard to crack……because regular computers couldn’t crack themThat’s the kind of thing that gets the attention of national governments……the ability to crack other countries’ encrypted networksAs in the case of artificial intelligence……China says it intends to lead the world in quantum science……and has announced plans to open its own national quantum laboratory……to open in 2020America is getting involved too……it intends to create a national quantum initiativeThat’s because the prize that quantum computing offers……the potential strategic or commercial advantage is hugeImagine if you could make minute-to-minute, real-time stock predictions……based on data from every trade ever made……or if you could simply compute the formula for a new fuel……or a drug that beats a horrible diseaseThat’s the kind of promise that quantum computing may offerThere are already quantum computers out there……but it’s a bit like the situation with regular computers in the 1950s……big basement-sized things that required a pile of PhDs to operate……and they still weren’t very powerful–A typewriter-like keyboard is the master control……sending out data and instructions on a punched tape……which in turn feeds the electronic computerThere’s a huge effort to make more powerful quantum computersThis used to be the stuff of university physics departments……but you can see the potential when you see who’s in the business nowIt’s big names like Google……Microsoft……IBMBut it’s not just about when one day one company or one lab……invents this one computerIt’s going to be a bunch of small advances……towards the kind that’s commercially available……reliable and can really solve some of these big problems–Problems that once took the human mind seven years to solveHere’s the thing……when we talk about quantum computing……people tend to think of all-singing, all-powerful machines that……can run any kind of program……what’s called a universal computerThat’s still a distant prospect……but in the meantime there will be smaller machines……more specific-purpose, less general-purposeThese things are incredibly hard to run……they’re held at temperatures lower than that of deep space……in very, very controlled laboratory environmentsEven if you could just pick one up off the shelf, you wouldn’t……yes, they’re incredibly powerful for some kinds of problems……but they’re not going to replace the kind of computer on your desk……or in your phoneYou don’t need quantum powers to edit photos or send emailsIn fact what will probably happen is that a few companies……have the best computers……and you can use them on a kind of time-share basis, in the cloud……or you send off your gnarly quantum problem……and just get an answer backBut the kinds of problems that we’ll be able to pose……the kinds of answers we’ll be able to get……are absolutely unthinkable nowThat’s what has governments, industry giants……and plucky startups in on the race


  • Jess Stuart

    I find it mildly annoying how so many media stories about quantum computers focus only on the potential applications, and not the real-world challenges (decoherence and noise) involved with designing and constructing a large (number of qbits) quantum computer.

  • Walrave

    Imagine a world where the government doesn't need back doors to access data from anyone in the world. Fck. Big Brother lvl up.

  • AdarGavriel

    Your plans to merge AI and humans will FAIL in the blood of YAHUSHUA HAMACHIAC. 👑👑🦁🦁🦁🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊 HE IS THE ONE AND ONLY KING AND WE WILL REIGN OVER YOUR MARK OF THE BEAST. You will not succeed in transporting the Heirs to MARS binary system and your plans will collapse in a matter of minutes. Everyone will know the agenda that you have been working for thousands of years to fulfill with the truth and there will be nothing you can do to come against the triumph of ADANOI AND YAHUSHUA HAMACHIAC. BOW DOWN TO THE ONE TRUE KING. We know you are planning to use the quantum computing to implement the mark… again. You will FAIL. Repent now before it’s too late. Judgement is NIGH. It is here. And no worries, we will ENSURE our Gold is retrieved.

  • Agrigator

    Quantum computing can also cause problems with the space-time continuum. There are many cases of the Mandela Effect occuring where quantum computers are in active use.

  • Rookie Man

    "Google, Microsoft, IBM" And where the hell is apple?

    Oh wait, they are still figuring out how to 'fit' the headphone jack

  • mac berry

    Quantum computers and graphene seem like whimsical technologies that have very little chance of doing anything amazing outside the lab

  • jeff mcarthur

    Let me get this right you can’t figure out what the great pyramid is but you can build a computer that outsmarts other computers .. besides after watching this I’m not sure what benefit this thing offers other than a faster way to destroy humans . Why don’t you build a spaceship that is un maned send to other planets with a robot inside with cameras and crap and put this technology to some real use .

  • Jazz E

    We need to pray for a breakthrough. It will be a miracle if quantum computers end up in our pockets in 50 years. Complete miracle.

  • K. Cantrell

    It's laughable when China claims they're going to be #1 at anything other than population. Anyone who has used products made in China knows how inferior they are. Is it cheap? Yes. Is it of high quality? No, it's garbage.

  • SunRoad

    If nature has operated itself giving every bit of its existence opposite values – false and true, right and left, up and down, hot and cold, etc – simultaneously, the universe would have never come to light, including Life!

    Quantum computers are only a reflection on finite, gold-grade, once-only fossil fuels supplies being made traded cheaper than bottled water by the engine of Economics, and how humans remain a primitive specie.

    No matter how smart quantum computers are claimed, "No energy system can produce sum useful energy in excess of the total energy put into constructing it.

    This universal truth applies to all energy systems.

    Energy, like time, only flows from past to future" (The Fifth Law).

  • dark ashes

    we should make Quantum computers in space and get them powered from the sun and use the super cold temperatures of space to get the quantum computer to work way faster

  • Philippe Avril

    The few seconds before Jason’s appeared, I thought “wait, I know that voice..” what a surprise to find you here after listening to the Intelligence podcast!

  • first Impression

    We don´t need a super computer to solve the most important problems of the world: 2 billions people without safe water, endless wars in countries with natural resources, wealth inequality, polution…all these problems can be solved with good old fashion laws…the problem is there is no independent media to show how simple the solutions really are…

  • first Impression

    "Quantum computers can solve all the problems of the world"…"We are afraid they will be used to crack encryption instead"…So glad climate change will kill us all!

  • Cecil Williams

    We've been hearing these stories about how quantum computing is going to change the world since about 1970. YAWN.

  • Dadson worldwide

    Its just one phase of many new ways to come.
    Just think we will be asking qauntom computers to answer the biggest questions to guide or save mankind moving forward . Once the greeks would do this by going to ask a drug indused kidnapped hostage virgin that then a oriest interpreted and decided wars of life and death.
    now like magic we will put the question in and in some other deminision something on tge other side malevelant or benevolent will answer our fate .
    its like straight out of old testment

  • Manuele Mambelli

    After watching this video all I know more about quantum computing is exactly "nothing."

    At 0:48 maybe we should have gone down that rabbit hole.

  • Malik Bux

    The quantum computer is already in use by the military and spy organisations, they know what you think before you even have thought it. Currently there is no consumer item, because the military and spies have not finished testing each and every conceivable use

  • Rick Sanchez

    Back in the day we thought regular computers wouldn't be useful for personal use either cause we didn't know about facebook and youtube, don't be so naive to make the same mistake with the quantum revolution

  • Land Lord

    Mainland China is a big prison. HongKong people don’t want HongKong to be a part of a big prison. Everybody should know why HongKong people are fighting for? Not become prisoners!

  • Donald McCarthy

    Given the best minds believe we will all be extinct by 2026, I don't see how any fancy gadgets will cause the suspension of the ineluctable modalities and the immutable laws of the universe.

  • pafnucek

    There is only one real problem to solve and quantum computer is useless in solving it:
    The problem is the industrial civilization that needs to die ASAP and how to make the entire economy to shrink exponentially? How do we switch of the machine that creates more machines?

  • Ajith S

    Just let the West create Quantum computing ,the communist China government will steal the Intellectual data and make their own Quantum computers

  • Alexandre Moura

    The economist is a bunch of bullshits.
    They have to change the name to The opportunist.
    Study first before criticism about Brazil,country they barely knows where is located.
    Stupid people selling bullshit,kkkk,shame !!!!

  • Aryeh Yehudah Ajzenberg

    Stupid video…..
    Too much bla-bla-bla….
    Too little explanation….
    They sooke, spoke and spoke and in the end said nothing….

  • Beauty & Truth

    This guy does not understand the subject… stick to economics, you prat!… when ypu pretend to have a deep understanding of quantum computers, it is, frankly, not credible…. there are too many 'experts' regurgitating media BS; it is not helpful.

  • Fergus Moffat

    If INtel hits its goals os a 1 million qubit computer by 2028 well have a artificial super inteligence this decade

  • Balaji R

    Pure greed and purest form of greed will consume everything and humans are overflowing with it. Nothing can whether it is quantum or condom computing, do to change it.

  • StephenAndrew777

    I don't want you to tell me what quantum computing is all about, yet I clicked on this video explicitly because its title implied that I would find out if i watched it. Have you been smoking meth? #ISmellSocialism #IllRabbitHoleYou

  • Fc king Sg


  • 394pjo

    The same way the Personal computer changed the world. Longer working hours, less family time, shorter holidays, more alcohol consumption and hours spent watching useless crap on youtube, only faster.

  • Silver Solver

    Seem to be a lot of comments that Quantum is fake or a hoax. Assuming not all are trolls, you should delve a bit more.
    There is a QC currently being sold commercially. There is another available to the general population via the Cloud. Small & specialized of course for now, but it all exists right now, today.

  • Magnar Gundersen Gardum

    Hello. Please have someone that has a good ear for sound edit your videos. The womans voice has to much pronunced S sounds

  • Pavor

    Quantum computing is as probable as the nonsense their computers spit out. Want to know why it has just barely achieve parity? Because the vast majority of all of its processing power has to go towards figuring out if the values it spits out are probable or not.

    It like a loop of forced retardation placed onto a machine.

  • Simon Kirk

    If they can crack quantum it will surely be as big a leap as the industrial revolution was hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately the human race will use this for evil as well as good

  • The Power of Zen

    The effects of quantum mechanics occurs in ordinary conditions in quantum biology without having to be isolated at absolute zero and in a vacuum, once we can understand why, hopefully we will be able to build quantum computers cheaper and more accessible.

  • Rudy Straight

    The ceo of DWave quantum computing admitted stating we are opening a portal for a tsunami of demons…summoning the "old ones"…the fallen angels.

  • cwaddle

    Quantum computing seemed to me that it s good at dealing with matrices. It seems its useful in scientific computing but not generally useufl

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