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How We Determine a Domain’s Value | GoDaddy

Welcome to “How is a domain’s value determined?” Did you know that your domain is not only
your website’s unique internet address but also an asset with intrinsic value? That’s right. Just like all the other things you own, your
domain could be worth a lot, a little, or somewhere in between. In general, the most valuable domains are
short, easy to spell names that end in .com. They’re valuable because they are easy for
people to find, remember and type. In other words, they are more likely to drive
potential customers to websites. Even if you have no plans to sell your domain,
it can be worthwhile to know its market value. If it turns out to be valuable, you may want
to be sure it’s on auto-renew to protect if from expiring by mistake. GoDaddy has a free tool called Domain Appraisal
that estimates a domain’s value using proprietary machine learning algorithms based on millions
of past sales. Meaning… it compares the domain name to
similar ones that have sold in the past and predicts the most likely price a buyer and
seller will agree upon. It’s similar to having a sampling of real
estate agents give you a market value for your house. Of course, sellers may ask any price they
want for their domain. Interested in learning the estimated value
oaf your domain name? It’s easy to find out on


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