How to use WAF to protect your web applications with Azure Front Door | Azure Tips and Tricks
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How to use WAF to protect your web applications with Azure Front Door | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to use Web
Application Firewall to protect your applications with Azure Front Door in this episode
of Azure Tips and Tricks. When you run an
application on the web, it is going to be attacked. You can protect your
applications from attacks with Web Application Firewall
for Azure Front Door. Azure Front Door is a service
that you put in front of your application to make it
more performant and available. You can learn how to use it in another Azure tip that you can
find in the description below. This is a simple ASP.NET
core application. I can attack it with this URL. See nothing happens, but if my app put handle this
script in the URL as a parameter and maybe show it to user or even save
it in a database, this would be very bad. Let’s protect ourself against this. The application runs behind an Azure Front Door,
which is this one. We can put a Web Application Firewall or WAF in front of Azure Front Door, here it is, and let’s create it. Here we go. First, I need
to select a Resource group, and next I’ll give the
WAF policy a name. Next setting. Here I can indicate what happens when
a request is blocked. I’ll only change the
mode to prevention. This blocks attacks rather than
only detecting and logging them. Okay, next, here are all the security rules that
the WAF protects us against. This is very comprehensive. For instance, the
cross-site scripting rules there are a lot of them and there are more rule
sets out of the box like this one that
protects us against bots. Cool, right? Okay, next. Here I can configure custom rules. These can be things like IP filters, filters on geographic location, filters on the size and
type of request and more. Let’s leave this for now. Next. This is where I associate
the WAF with my Azure Front Door. That’s it. Now select
my Azure Front Door. Okay, now this WAF will
protect my Azure Front Door. Okay, let’s create it. This can take awhile, so I’ll
skip ahead to when it is done. All right. The web application
firewall is running. So let’s try this again. Now when I try this URL
the request is blocked. That’s great, and see here the
title of the page changed. This request isn’t
reaching my application, it is blocked at the edge of Azure by the WAF before it can do any harm. So there you have it, you should protect
your web applications with Web Application Firewall. Go and check it out.

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