How to use Google Analytics – Cross-domain tracking? How to organize properties for multiple sites

In this video we’re going to
talk about how you might want to organize if you have multiple
sites or or maybe multiple subdomains and they’re all kind
of doing different things but they all work together to
achieve a common result. So in this example you can
actually see what we’re talking about we have like an example
pet store and you’ve got dogs example pet store and in my
example blogsite that might feed into that pet store and they’re
all completely different platforms. Maybe once a wordpress site once
a shopify store is something else. But they’re all there to achieve
our goal of selling pet products. Well if you want to see the
interaction between these. So if you are sending Facebook
traffic to the blog and then blog is sending over to the dog
site then you’re going to want to be able to attribute the
sales that are happening on the dog site to the Facebook traffic
as it’s coming in. That’s something called cross
domain tracking. So in order to set that up when
you very first start your analytics when you go back into
your admin section of Google Analytics you will see under
your property section you’ll see in the tracking info you have a
tracking code this is your U.A. your property ID that will show
up here. This is the number of your
account in Google Analytics thats where you send your
traffic to what you will need to do is this property ID this
tracking ID thats here it needs to be the same for each one of
these. So all three of these actually
need to be sent to that same ID. So theyre in the same bucket of
data so to speak so that you can measure that criss cross. Now there are a few other steps
that are required for customer tracking but that is absolutely
the most important one. Make sure that all the data is
first going into the same bucket of data so all the inputs all
the behaviors that youre measuring in your marketing are
actually going into that same bucket of data. Then you would go forth and set
up the rest of your crostini tracking but at least at that
point from the structural perspective into it analytics
youve got that first step down and everything is pointing to
the same property. Let me know how youre actually
using the content in this video. Go ahead and leave a comment
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