How to Use FileZilla (FTP Tutorial)
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How to Use FileZilla (FTP Tutorial)

Hello folks, Welcome to another video tutorial by In today’s tutorial I’m going to show you
how to download, install and configure FileZilla. Step1
Go to your web browser and search for filezilla. Click on the first search result. Click on Download FileZilla client button. This will take you to a screen where you can
select the version that you want to download. I will select the Windows 64bit version. Save the file to your desktop or somewhere
that will be easy to locate. Step2 Locate your save file and double click to start the installation of FileZilla.. You will be presented with your standard terms
and conditions. Read it if you want and click agree
Then click next. You may be presented with an optional offer
for some product, I usually do not accept it. Click next. You will then be present a few more options. I don’t think
I need to go over everything in detail. Just follow the prompts until it is installed. Step3
Click on File and then select Site Manager. Then go ahead and click on the New Site button
and enter a name for your site. It can be anything. In the General tab, next to the Host field,
go ahead and enter your domain name or server IP address. In the Port field enter the port suggested
by your host. You can get this information from them. In the protocol field select the protocal
you want to use. I will be using FTP so I will select FTP-File
Transfer Protocol For incryption I will use plain-FTP
For the logon type, I will use Normal Now you can go ahead and enter your cpanel
username and password. Next, go ahead and click on the Transfer Settings
tab. Put a checkmark in the Limit number of simultanious
connections and set the limit to 8 Click the connect button and you should now
be connected to your server and ready to transfer files. Now that your have FileZilla intstalled, lets go over how to use it. FileZilla can look intimidating and complex at first, but it is actually very easy to use. The left two sections show files that are on your desktop and the right two sections show the files on your web host service. If we click on a file on the top left section, we can see that the panel directly below it shows the content of the directory that we clicked on. The same is true if we click on a file on the top right section, we can see that the panel directly below it shows the content of the directory that we clicked on. So transferring a file from your computer to your server is as simple as locating the file that you want to transfer on the left side of FileZilla and dragging that file to the directory of your choice on the right side of FileZilla. Step4 lets test to make sure it works. Here we have an empty website. I will create a simple text file called index.html
that will display “MY FTP IS ROCKIN” If we have configured this client correctly I will now refresh my FTP files and upload
the index.html file to the appropriate folder. Lets go back to our blank website and refresh. success, FTP is working. Well thank you for watching my tutorial I hope you found it useful. If you did, don’t forget to subscribe to my
YouTube Channel and visit for other great tutorials. bye now.

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