How to use filezilla ftp to upload files to web server | Filezilla Tutorial
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How to use filezilla ftp to upload files to web server | Filezilla Tutorial

How to use filezilla ftp to upload files to web server. Hello Everyone! Once again welcome to My YouTube Channel. And Today I am going to show You How You can Upload file/How You can transfer files from PC to the Web Server of Your Website Using FileZilla Software. This is the link for Filezilla. If you want to download this, I am going to leave this link in the Description of this Video. And here You have to download this one “FileZilla” Client. Download this, install this & when You will open it, You will get an interface like this. This is FileZilla software. Here You have to click on this icon just below File Menu. Click on this, You will get Site Manager Window like this. Here You have to click on “New Site” You Will get Option to name this(Site Name). Name it what so ever You want to.
Press Enter Key. Here You have to enter “Host Name” (Make sure You have selected this “Site”) You can create multiple Sites here. So select this. Click here & enter the Domain Name to which You want to have a connection. Like this. You can also enter ftp account here. Then You have to select File Transfer Protocol inside this Protocol Option. Encryption You have to select “Only Use Plain FTP” . You can also leave it as it is. But I am going to show You in a while that How You have to use this options. So stay with me. Till the end of this Video. Logon Type – You have to select “Normal” Select only use Plain FTP. And here You have to enter Username & Password. So if You are using Your “Domain Name” here. Your Website’s Domain Name here. Then you can use cPanel’s Usename & Password. Both of these information is provided by Web Hosting Service Provider. So make sure You get these credentials. And then Enter these here like this. And then You have to click on “Ok” .
So that all these settings get save inside this Demo Site. So click Ok. Now when You will click on this “Small Arrow Icon” Then FileZilla is going to list all the Sites You have saved inside this Software. So We have created just only one site here. So click on this. And FileZilla will try to connect. And lets see that whether we connect or not. Here You can see directory listing successful. And if You will see then on the Right hand side Under Remote site then You can see all these Directories on my Web server. When You will click any of these then You will be able to see inside of these Directories under this. Like this…
Go to Public_html Where we use to upload our Website Files which are available publicly. This is the folder Public_html Here You can see all these files. Just below it .
Ok… And on the left hand side, this is our computer’s directory. Desktop And if You want to “My Computer” then here it is. So let me show You. How You have to upload? Now basically what You have to do. First of all You have to choose the File which you want to upload Like I want to upload an Image file from Desktop And here it is. Image file – Capture.png And I want to upload inside a new Directory. So How can I create a new directory? Just simply Right click any where inside this box “Create Directory” Choose this. Now name it what so ever You want to name it. “Demo Folder” Click ok. Here You can see this is created. After creating these directories If you can’t see these.
You can also click here This is going to refresh all these folders. So I want to put this Image file inside this Directory. So Double Click on it. So that You can get inside this directory. And simply click & Drag to Remote Site. Ok.. This way You can transfer files & here just at the end You can see Successful Transfers, Failed Transfers & Queue Files. Ok! You can also select multiple files. You can Click & Drag. And all these files are going to be uploaded to Your Web Server. So this way You can transfer files. Now lets say You want to change the permissions of any of given file or any of the folder. Then You have to Right click on that particular folder then you have to choose “File Permissions” And You can easily change Permissions of any File available on Web Server. Lets say You want to Delete this File You can select by clicking on it & You can Press Delete on Keyboard Or You can right click & select Delete. And if you want to also delete the “Parent Folder” “Parent Directory” Then select it from here It’s in Public_html/Demo Folder And then Delete. So this is the way You can Transfer Files, You can Delete Files, You can Update Files & Let me show You “How You can Update Files” Like this is a text file, Right click on this and
click on “View & Edit” When You will choose this option then FileZilla is going to provide you option like this Basically You will also have to choose the
“Default Editor”. And then You will get this Option. I am not using this for the first time But when You will use FileZilla first time & You will try to edit any file then this is going to confirm whether You want to use Default Text editor or Not. Here You can Edit what so ever You want to & then You can click on Save And this is going to save on
Your web Server. Ok!
You can also download files from Web Server using FileZilla. Simply Click & Drag to this Side. So this way You can use this Software FileZilla Now Many Times, You May get an Error like 20 Seconds of in activity You are disconnected due to 20 seconds of inactivity. In that case, What You have to do. Click on Edit Go to Settings And Under this tab “Connection” on the Right hand side You have to increase this value Timeout in seconds You will get 20 here by Default. So enter 100 or Bigger Number
And click on ok to save this. If still you get error then choose the site by clicking on the Site Manager Icon. Click Site which is giving you error. And here on the Right Hand Side. Go to Transfer Settings- Choose “Passive” Come back here. Click on Connect. If it gets connected Open Site once again And Go to Transfer Settings “Choose Passive”
Click on Ok to save these Settings. And if still FileZilla doesn’t allow You to connect Then Come back to General & You have to choose Between these options”Encryption – Try each one by one”. And try to find out that which option works for You Ok! So this way You can connect to the Web Server Using FileZilla. Thanks for watching this video. Please like, Share & Comment If You get any FileZilla Connection Error. See You in Next Video.


  • Tabitha Lopez

    Thank you! for taking the time to explain how it's done . Now i have a better understanding. If there is more to learn keep posting i will keep watching this channel.

  • Arthur Klisiewicz

    Upgrades not working, registration fails, not responsive, spaming my mailbox with automated messages.
    Worst of all – they ask me to upgrade, while even download link is not working. Those people are the worst software people I've been dealing with in my 40 years of IT work.
    Although program itself is not terribly bad, people behind it as just a nightmare 🙁

  • Rimantas Danilevicius

    If i will open file and will make some changes on the right side of ftp (not my computer) does it mean that I will make those changes to production project? To work with files I need to download to computer or I can make some kind other back up project file and work from filezilla? Do yo know what I mean?

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