How to use Bluehost cPanel and Dashboard [2017]
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How to use Bluehost cPanel and Dashboard [2017]

Hi guys, Harsh here from ShoutmeLoud and in
this video, I’ll give you the demo of Bluehost cPanel, so if you have yet not purchased Bluehost
hosting, I have added the link in description which shows you how you can buy webhosting
from Bluehost, the link which is in the description that is the special link which will also get
you the discount, so I assume you have already purchased the hosting and now let’s go ahead
and see how you can use the cPanel. So first, go to, click on the
login link at the top and now in the hosting login, write down the domain name that you
used to buy the web hosting, maybe you have bought a new domain which is a free domain
you get with the Bluehost or if you have used your own domain, just use the domain name,
enter the password and click on submit, so this will take you to the Bluehost cPanel
and you might get like some kind of marketing messages like this and I would recommend just
click on “no, thanks I am not interested”. All right, so this is what the home of Bluehost
looks like, here you can do everything, so just to give you an idea, you can go to email
and create your free email which Bluehost offers, if you want to install WordPress,
you can simply click on install WordPress and it will take you to page where you can
install WordPress with like two clicks, I’ll also do a video for the same after this video. Now, this is most important, like the file
manager in the FTP accounts, so if you want to create a new FTP account, you can create
that, this is good especially if you are giving an access of your website to a web developer
and you want him to make changes, so this will keep a track, so instead of giving your
main FTP account, create another FTP account, Bluehost lets you create unlimited FTP account
and this is where ,domain manager is where you will see the detail of the domain, you
can add new domain over here, if you have not used the free domain here , you can also
buy, you can add a free domain right now from here. So yes, apart from that, you can also click
on the links at the top, cPanel will take you to the typical cPanel that you see on
different hosting which is the standard, so they have a bit of, they customize the look
and feel of the cPanel but by the end of the day, it’s the same cPanel that you see on
uninstall the shared hosting or on the standard hosting, similarly you can click on FTP databases
and check out the databases that you have created, domains will take you to the domain
manager where you can buy a new domain and see what all domains do you have, so these
are the quick links, anyhow like you can access everything from the homepage or you can directly
click there, so here you can click on register and start register a new domain name. Well,
as I said, you already have one free domain that you can buy from Bluehost, if you have
not used it while purchasing the hosting, you can use them right away, and you can use
them anytime in your hosting period. If you have any question regarding Bluehost
cPanel, how to do any particular thing, you can simply drop a comment and I will do a
video tutorial for you.


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