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How to Use a Personal Domain | GoDaddy

Welcome to “How to use a personal domain”. Have you ever done a domain search on your
name, or a variation of your name, and discovered it’s available to own? You may be thinking, “Why would I want a
domain for my name?” The answer is that it gives you a unique web
address that helps you take control of your online identity. And that doesn’t mean creating a website,
although if you should ever decide you want a website, you’ll already have a great domain
for it. But until then, a personal domain has a number
of uses. You can point it to your Facebook page, Twitter
account, and other social media. It acts as a shortcut for you, your friends
and your followers. And if you happen to be in the job market,
you can point your personal domain to your LinkedIn profile and include it on your resume. It’s a great way to show recruiters you’re
web savvy and understand the importance of a personal brand. Are you among the ranks of people selling
stuff on Etsy, Ebay and similar sites – or thinking about it? If so, you can use your personal domain to
point directly to your pages, eliminating steps for your customers. The easier it is for shoppers to find you
– and keep coming back – the better your odds of making sales. In a world of billions of people, there’s
a good chance others share your name. But there’s only one you. A personal domain can help you own your unique
identity and stand out in the online crowd.


  • William Elkins

    This is a Terrible Title for the video. I was not looking for a sales pitch as to why I should get a personal domain, I was actually looking for (as the title states) How to use a Personal Domain. For example, I want to point my domain to my personal hosting location, how might I accomplish that?

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