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How To Use A Domain for Forwarding To Another Website | GoDaddy Help

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn how to forward your domain name to an existing website. [typing] Did you know the domain name you registered can be used to send visitors anywhere on the web? So if you’ve already built a website, or
have a great social media profile you can use your domain name to send
visitors to this site. The same is true if you registered the
.com, .org, and .net version of your domain name, but you want visitors to always see the .org site, regardless of what they enter. When you use your domain name to send
visitors to an existing website, it’s called domain forwarding. In the past, forwarding a domain
required some technical expertise; however, GoDaddy has simplified the
process with a quick connect tool. Just enter a few pieces of information
about your existing website, and the tool handles the technical
details behind the scenes. Let’s see how it works … First, in your GoDaddy account, click Manage to the right of Domains. Choose the domain name you want to forward, or connect to; and click Use My Domain. Now, Connect To An Existing Site. The connect screen includes several popular websites, social sites, online stores, and media sites that you can forward your GoDaddy domain name to. If you don’t see the site you’re looking for, click Show More in any of the categories. You can also enter the web address for an existing site in the Somewhere Else field. Just type the web address [typing] for the site you want people to see when they enter your domain name, and click Next. This screen explains how the forwarded domain will function. In this case, when a user types in: www.mollysbarkandwine.COM, they will be redirected or forwarded to the existing website at www.mollysbarkandwine.ORG. If you’re happy with the functionality described here, click Finish. GoDaddy takes over at this point and does some technical stuff behind the scene to finished the process. Give the changes a couple of hours to take effect. To verify your domain is being forwarded to the correct site, [typing] enter the forwarded domain name in your web browser. Do you already have a great website or social medial profile? What about a domain name that needs to be put to work? Why not connect the two by forwarding your domain name? It’s the best of both worlds!


  • Kelly Beck

    This no longer works, I can not find the connect thing. I don't understand why something as easy as putting in My website and having it redirect to a different website address is so hard. It's like anything that you think would take 2 seconds when it comes to doing something to your website ends up taking hours to figure out.

  • Andres Altuve

    This doesn't WORK, you've change THE WHOLE INTERFACE!! I've been trying to freaking forward a domain for 3 days in a row with no luck!! Update your documentation / tutorials!

  • Rockin Atheist

    Once you've added security to your domain name, there is no way you can reach the forwarding area. So make sure you've achieved your masking before paying for security.

  • Fathi Alwosaibi

    perfect video, but in reality, i couldn't find it in ur web site. i am finding godaddy getting harder and harder to use, endless hours trying to get a simple thing done. not just this video is incorrect, but many of your products are outdated (Intrusion detection for example), when other providers offer intrusion prevention for free.

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