How to Upload the Newsletter to Self Hosted Email Apps like Acelle and MailWizz
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How to Upload the Newsletter to Self Hosted Email Apps like Acelle and MailWizz

In this video, I will show you how to upload
an email generated by the Postcards App to Self Hosted Email Apps like Acelle, MailWizz, or others. I will use Acelle App as ab example but you
can use other Email Marketing Software because all of these services have the same functionality. We’ll use the same newsletter design from
previous tutorials. Links to all of the aforementioned mail apps
are in the description of this video. Ok, let’s move forward and start to build
our campaign in Acelle. I’ll create a campaign and choose the test
email list, created for this video tutorial. Type the name of the campaign, subject and
other details, depending on your application. Click next and here we should select our newsletter
template, for this, I will upload the zip file of our newsletter. Ok, type the name of template newsletter and
select zip archive file from your computer. Click upload button and your email will be
uploaded to the templates list, let’s preview it here, looks good, close the preview and
continue. Open the campaign and refresh the template
list, here is my template, choose it. Here we see information about the unsubscribe
tag that is required in any application but is different by application so we should copy
and paste it again. So, I will copy it and paste to my newsletter
Unsubscribe link. You can paste it directly into your index.html
file or you can use the online code editor provided by your application. I will paste the tag here directly in the
code editor provided by my application, and save my template. Click next, choose the date and time and click
next and on the next page you can verify all the settings and click the send button. My campaign is queued and I will wait to finish
the campaign sending. Refresh the browser to see that the campaign
is sent. Let’s check our email to verify the newsletter
in my email client, here is it, I think it looks very good. I will not check it in different browsers
and email clients again, because I did this in my previous tutorial so you can check the
previous tutorial for this. So, I have finished this tutorial, I hope
it was useful, and I’ll see you for future tutorials.

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