How to Upload and Install a WordPress Theme
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How to Upload and Install a WordPress Theme

– Hey guys, James here
again with Mtek Digital, I’m here to show you
something very simple today, it’s all about installing
a template or a theme. (soft music) (clicking noise) (deep swiping sound) So last week I took you to Theme Forest, I showed you around Theme Forest, I showed you how to find a great theme, low cost, popular, something
that’s gonna be really great, and now you’re pumped, you
wanna get going on that theme, you wanna build up yourself a website and it’s gonna look awesome. But the problem is,
once you buy that theme, you now have this file that you download, and, what do you do with it? It’s nothing to be intimidated
by, it’s just a matter of knowing where to go, where
to put it, where they belong, what the files are for, what’s
included in those files– Nothing to it. Let’s get rolling. (soft music) So what you’re going to be
uploading and installing in WordPress is actually a zip file. And, in this case, I have this file here that looks like it’s what I would upload, but what I warn you, is
sometimes you to open that zip file first, because
there might be things inside that you’re supposed to
upload, not this one file. So, I would unpack this, it’s
now gonna unzip this folder, which I can look inside,
and you’re gonna see, sure enough, there are
files within the file, and this is the file that
I actually want to install. When you buy a theme on a
website like Theme Forest, there might be several
things packaged into it, including the license
information, some source files, like Photoshop files that were used to develop graphics or layout items, and so you wanna look inside, because if I were to
upload this full zip file that I originally had,
it’s gonna error on me, it’s not gonna work, so I go inside, I make sure that there
isn’t a zip file inside that’s the actual installation file. And in this case, that’s
exactly what is happening, and this is the one I wanna install. So when I go into WordPress,
I wanna upload that. Alright, so here we are, we’re inside our WordPress website once
again, and what we’re gonna do is go into our appearance
tab on the side, pick themes, and that’s gonna bring
us to our theme settings, and here you’ll see the themes
that are currently installed, and none of these are the
ones that we like or want, we want a bring something
new into WordPress. So you notice down here,
there’s an Add New Theme button; there’s also an Add New tab right here; so whichever you select
is fine, you select this, it’s gonna bring you to a
place where you can go through all the themes that
are inside of WordPress that are made for quick installation. And some of these aren’t that bad, some of them are actually pretty good, but what I did is I went
outside of WordPress, and I bought a theme that I wanna upload. And you notice right here is, there is an upload theme button. I wanna click that,
I’m gonna find my file; here’s my zip file, here’s
the file I unzipped, I’m gonna open that up,
I’m gonna find this file, which is the one I wanna
upload, I’m gonna hit open, it’s now gonna bring me to here
where I can hit Install Now. So now you can see it’s going through the process of installing, and it says it unpacked
it, it installed the theme, and it’s now successfully installed, and I can choose to activate it right now, but what I’m gonna do
is go back to my themes, and I’m gonna look at the
ones that are installed, and you can see there’s the
ones that were there previously, but now I have the option
of installing this, and I can go through the
process of previewing it, to see if I am sure that’s what I want, but of course that’s what I want, so what I can do at this
point is I can choose to activate it, and
that’s what I’m gonna do. So, before I do that,
I wanna visit the site; I just wanna show you the difference. (soft music) So here we open it up in a tab once again, here is my demo site,
my very ugly website, which I look at and I think
no, this is not what I want, I want this beautiful new
theme that I purchased, so now I’m gonna hit Activate. So what happens is that
once I installed it, it takes me to this new page, which, if you look on my left menu, there’s now a new item on the left, and this is the theme
that I bought called The7, and The7 is my template, it has all the items associated with it here, there’s some theme options
that now appear here. And I’m gonna go through all
this in a future episode, but I would now begin
the process of setting up and optimizing this template
for my website and my wishes, and if I go back to my
demo, and I refresh this, it’s gonna look totally different now. (soft music) There you go, and it looks very simple and ugly all over again, but
now that’s the beauty of this. When I bought my template,
I had looked at it, I had scouted out what it
looks like in demo form, what can I do with this
template, and the idea is, I’m gonna work with this,
I’m gonna customize it, I’m gonna add my own feature graphics, and it’s gonna look awesome when I’m done. So, what I wanna do is
really, I wanna take you through the whole the process
of building this site. I’m gonna build it with
you, I’m gonna show you how to build all the things into it, and it’s not that you need
to buy this particular theme, but it’s just gonna show you,
look, this is what happens when you buy a theme,
and you now are going through the process of customizing it for your needs; it turns out pretty cool. Thanks so much for watching, and good luck with your installation. (soft music) (electronic music)

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