How to Uninstall WordPress –  Remove WordPress
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How to Uninstall WordPress – Remove WordPress

Maybe you want to remove WordPress from your web host. Maybe you want to do that because your site isn’t running properly or because you want to use something other than WordPress. Whatever the reason there’s a couple things that you need to do in order to remove WordPress. Of the couple things that you need to do you can do one, or both, from within your control panel for your web hosting account. Here we see a Bluehost control panel for web hosts. This account is the cheapest plan available with Bluehost. This is a single-domain shared web hosting plan. From the control panel go ahead and click on file manager. Here we see the Bluehost file manager in the Bluehost control panel for web hosts. Go to your public HTML folder and delete all the files that you find there. Another way to do this would be to connect to your web host using a FTP program such as Filezilla that you see on screen here. And like with the file manager simply go to public HTML and delete the files. Remember to backup your content if you want a copy of your content before you do this. Now with the files deleted we’ll want to go back to the control panel for web host. In the Bluehost control panel click on My SQL databases. Here in the database manager, or the My SQL database manager, in the Bluehost control panel you want to go down and find your database and click delete. This is the database that is behind WordPress. And so now if we refresh the page where our site was we should see nothing …and… there we go – all the files have been removed. All right and at this point you can start from a completely clean canvas. You don’t have WordPress at this point. Actually you don’t have anything on your web hosting account at all so you can reinstall WordPress or install Joomla or set up a static HTML site or you know do whatever it is that you’re going to do from here. Hope this has helped you out. Thanks for watching. And we’ll see you again in the next video.

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