How to turn your Minecraft Server IP into a Domain / Custom IP
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How to turn your Minecraft Server IP into a Domain / Custom IP

hey guys it’s primescore and today I’m
gonna show you how to redirect your domain name to your minecraft server for
example you have this minecraft server with an IP of like that’s mine for example that’s
hard to remember so you want your friends to connect to your server with
something more memorable like um or whatever you want it to
be so after purchasing your domain name which is the letters like you are able to redirect that to your minecraft server so after opening
up your server panel to set it off to the side and go to your domain website
provider we like to use Namecheap they’re easy to use and that’s what
this tutorial is gonna be based around so first under Namecheap you want to go
to account and click dashboard then you want to find your domain list right here
I have one that’s mine and you want to click manage on that
after clicking manage you want to go in this top bar right here and click
advanced to DNS this will bring up a list you might not have anything in here
in the beginning except for this of your current redirections so since we’re
creating a new one we want to click add a new record after doing that select a
record and under this host section right here you want to type in the prefix you
want to for players to type in for your domain name for example this host right
here that connects to find faction server is factions and so this will
appeal for the people that are going to take this in it’ll be factions dot your
domain name so people will type in factions dot and then (
and then it’ll be redirected to this IP which is my server so you want to type
whatever you want in here mine’s gonna be tutorial then you go over to IP
address so we’re gonna go back to your server panel you want to highlight your
IP address do not highlight server address that’s something
print and then you’re gonna paste the IP address
I make sure this is set to automatic okay then you’re gonna click the
checkmark and everything should be set up now you want to go back to your
minecraft server and you want to look at your port if it’s 25565
you can skip this step entirely but if it’s not then you’re gonna have to
include that when typing in your domain name so if we go to minecraft okay so
once you get into your minecraft what you’re gonna type under server address
if you do not have the 25565 port is your prefix you specified
mine was tutorial then your domain name mines and then you
want to do :25573 or whatever your port is right if it’s
not 25565 if you do not specify a port minecraft already uses
25565 as the default port therefore if you have a 25565 port
that is why you do not need to enter this in now if you do have a different
port than 25565 and you fail to make sure they specify a port
under their server address then it’s going to redirect them to the server
that has the 25565 port under that IP so that is very important if you’re having
issues with people connecting to your server
otherwise everything should work and thank you for watching

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