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How to Transfer a Domain to GoDaddy | GoDaddy

Welcome to “How to transfer a domain to
GoDaddy” Transferring a domain name isn’t difficult,
but it does take some time and involves several steps. Keep in mind that you can’t transfer a domain
for 60 days if you recently registered or transferred the domain, updated the Registrant
contact’s organization, or updated the Registrant contact’s first or last name when no organization
is listed. The transfer process covered in this video
is specific to moving your domain from another registrar to GoDaddy, and it applies to many
common domain extensions, including .com, .org, and .net., and others. For other types of transfers and more details
about transferring domains, GoDaddy Help has a full set of articles you can read. Just go to Help and type “transfer domain”
in the Search field. There are multiple steps in the domain name
transfer process. You start with your current registrar. Unlock the domain name you are going to transfer. Then get an authorization code from your current
registrar. Some registrars call this code an EPP or transfer
key. Verify that the Administrative contact’s
email address is correct for the domain. All communications about the transfer will
be sent to that email – except in Australia, where it is sent to the Registrant contact’s
email address. If your domain has Protected or Private registration,
you’ll need to cancel it. Now, on the GoDaddy website, purchase a domain
name transfer. You’ll receive a prompt asking you to unlock
the domain – ignore it if you’ve already unlocked it. The same prompt includes a field to enter
the authorization code you obtained from the original registrar. Enter the code and follow the prompts to check
out. Next, the Administrative contact, which may
be you, will receive an email from GoDaddy asking for approval to make the transfer. Clicking Approve in the email completes the
process. It can take 7 to 10 days for the transfer
to be finalized. That’s it.


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  • Bradley Shimels

    Go to Bido waiting 60 days is a joke! We should start fining Go Daddy for this 60 day wait B'S. They must lose a lot of business to their competitors that way making people wait two months! Hopefully GoDaddy will lessen the wait time!God bless .

  • Michael De Santa

    If I initiate the transfer a day before it expires with the previous registrar, will my emails stop working until the transfer completes?

  • ACandioti

    I have a .COM domain name that expired in March; in order to renew it, I had to pay a redemption fee to the current registrar; now the domain is renewed for one year as if it had never expired. Nothing has been changed. I did this redemption/renewal yesterday. Does the 60-day wait period to transfer this domain to GoDaddy apply in this case? In other words, the fact that the domain expired and was redeemed constitute an event that triggers the 60-day wait period? I would like to transfer the domain to GoDaddy today.

  • Learn to Earn

    hi. nice video. their is a problem with epizy com free domain. they have a limit of 10mb. when i try to download the backup it halts after 10mb of download. how can i transfer the webpage from epizy??

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