How to Track Engagement with Snail Mail?
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How to Track Engagement with Snail Mail?

– Hey everyone, Brian
Freeman, with BuildIt Media. Hey, today I wanted to talk to you about how you can track engagement
that you’re getting on a Snail Mail newsletter
that you send out to any maybe of your past clients, you’re trying to stay top of mind so that they’re gonna do
business with you again. So, how do you actually track and find out if that’s working? So one cool and very simple
way that you can do that is in that newsletter, if you are to give that past client of yours a
reason to go to your website, in order to get something of value that you’re referencing, an article, or you’re referencing maybe a lead magnet they can download, you would
register a specific URL or website address that
they would type in, and go to, and you can have that forward to the landing page that
you want them to go to. So when they do that, we can track that on the back end of Google Analytics, and see how many of the people that we actually sent this newsletter to are going to that specific
landing page through that URL. We can also see the amount of people that actually went there, what percentage of them are actually downloading the lead
magnet or taking the action that we want them to take on the website. So kind of cool that we can do that. So this is an example
here, of what we’ve done. This is a lead magnet for
some popular ADU floor plans, and we have registered the
domain So anybody that goes to that URL, we’re gonna be able to see that on the back end of Google Analytics. And track all those numbers
that we just talked about. So, very cool, and it’s
a good way to track and make sure that your
marketing is working, and if it’s not, you can fix it. So we’re always wanting
to track and make sure that we’re not wasting dollars. That’s how you can track the engagement on a Snail Mail newsletter. So I hope that makes sense. I hope it helps you save
some money on your marketing and that you find out what is working. So thank you again for watching, have a great week and we
will talk to you soon.

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