How to Stay Healthy while Traveling | 10 HABITS
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How to Stay Healthy while Traveling | 10 HABITS


  • Leo Howard

    In the west no-ones cares what anyone's doing and apparently in some parts of the east it's the same I must say if I saw you working out in a park in Canada I'd probably look you're quite an adorable women, of course you probably knew that already <g>. And I'd probably if I managed to muster up the courage come over to talk with you in this Me too world is it safe for a man o talk women without clearance these days. <g>

  • Leo Howard

    I went to a hotel recently in my home country and the Wi-Fi was irregular I said to my dad you couldn't be a digital nomad here.


    Good Ideas for staying in shape en route- While there – heading back.
    Airports stress me out the most so I will try some of these for sure. Especially if the only choice was the middle seat : (
    Thank You.

  • Portable Professional

    👉What's ONE habit you do every day, whether you are traveling or at home? 👌
    ✅ Download the full checklist of healthy travel habits here :

  • Elizabeth Borkland

    These are super good tips. The packing and unpacking left like 10 minutes or so and then laying out your things for the next day before you go to sleep or things I do in my normal life. And I think doing them on vacation makes me feel more normal and less anxious. Also doing the good things: I do 1 2 3: I do 1 good thing 2 people 3 times a day. 💜💜💜. I agree with the practice daily gratitude I thought it was malarkey to but it really changed my outlook on life!

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