How to Start a Website: Simple 6 Step Process
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How to Start a Website: Simple 6 Step Process

– Just getting started
is always the hard part. Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake of helping you create
something awesome today. So today we’re gonna talk more about personal branding and I think that a great foundation for building your personal brand is to start a website. In an age where we all have different social media outlets and great platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube, a lot of people still underestimate the power that a website has for your personal brand and for your online business. If you are still building
your personal brand, even if you don’t have a product to sell, even if you haven’t
considered an e-mail list, it’s still important to have a website so when people perform a Google search, they can find you specifically. You also wanna have a
platform that you own and that you control. When YouTube or Facebook or Twitter change the rules, or if something should
happen to your account, you want a place to call home. You want a place where
you’re still in charge and where your people can still find you. So I’m gonna give you my six-step process for starting your own website. You’re gonna be able to build
this thing from scratch, and we’re gonna talk
about some other things that having your own website is gonna allow you to do. The first part of starting your website is gonna be to have what
they call a domain name. This is the .com, .net or .org where people are gonna type this into their web browser and they’re gonna be able to find you. In my case, many, many years ago, maybe a decade ago, I started because I’d done other websites before, but I wanted something specific so when people searched
for me professionally they could find me, and it could host my portfolio, it would help me with jobs
that I was trying to get. In fact, it’s actually how I got my job at an ad agency was through people being able to find a graphic designer like me through my website since that’s what I was doing in my career at the time. Over time I’ve used this now to help me get speaking engagements and also clients for
my consulting business. So it’s actually been
very beneficial for me, and it’s also given people
who wanna interview me for podcasts or for articles a place where they can find
some background information. So, having your own website has a lot of benefits, especially when it’s time for people to just find out more
information about you. So, no matter what, I would still get a
website with your name. Even if your name is common and it’s taken, consider adding something
to your website name that particularly makes you stand out. Like if your name was John Smith, maybe instead of, which is definitely for sure taken, maybe it’s johnmsmith. Or maybe it’s johnsmithphotography, or By adding some context to the domain name, even if it makes it a little longer, it’s usually worth it, can help you stand out, and can make people identify you and what you specifically have to offer. I went with my name, my complete name, cause one, it’s long enough, and two, my personal brand has grown and evolved and I’ve changed my career path from being a freelancer, designer, art director, to being a creative entrepreneur that has a lot of things that they do under their business umbrella. So, I didn’t wanna paint
myself into a corner, and that’s why I went ahead and just used my full name. Having this domain name is also gonna let you set up a professional e-mail address. I recommend that you use either your first name or your first initial, your last name, something like that. Or, you also can consider setting up some defaults like [email protected], or [email protected], [email protected], just whatever you want and whatever is allowed with the web-hosting company you’re with. Which is gonna bring
us to step number two. In addition to a domain name, you need a web-hosting company. Usually, domains and web-hosting go hand-in-hand. I recommend Bluehost, and you can go to They’re not a sponsor of today’s video, but they are a friend of the channel and they are an affiliate link that supports the channel, so if you wanna start your website, you wanna sign up a domain and get hosting, I would definitely recommend them. One of the reasons I do recommend them is if you’re not a very technical person. This is gonna be an easy process for you and an easy website to use. And, when you speak to
someone customer service-wise, it’s usually someone based
right here in the U.S. if you are here in the U.S. If you’re somebody abroad, they typically are speaking English. So, maybe that’s helpful to you and your business. If your domain name is your address, then your web-hosting is your actual house or apartment, and you’re renting this. You actually can put
anything you want here, just like you could
put your own furniture, your files, your images, your content, this is where it lives. This is where you’re housing that, and so I think that’s a
really good analogy for this because your personal brand is about how much of the online
real estate you’re gonna get. Social media places are a borrowed space. This is something of your own that you have a lot more control over. You’re using their venue, their platform. It’d be like renting out an event hall, or something like that. This is yours, this is a place for you to call home. Typically, with a
low-level hosting account, you can host usually two or three websites
without any real problem, especially if you’re only getting thousands of people or tens of thousands of people in terms of traffic every month. So, I wouldn’t worry about getting the highest
priced web-hosting out there. I just don’t think you need it, especially for you just getting started. You have a couple options here. If you’re tech-savvy like me, and you know HTML and web-design coding, you can completely build this yourself. But if not, with step three I recommend
that you do one of two things. Either use a website builder, which they have, and you can use that and it’s image-based. Or, use WordPress. WordPress is a blogging system. It’s what’s called a
content management system and it’s pretty easy since they have a one-click install, and then you can pick themes, you can lay it out, you can design it, or you can hire a web-designer and someone who can put
that together for you. I have some links in the description below for websites where you can find people you can hire for this. My recommendation when it comes to hiring a web-designer is if you can afford it, work directly with a web-designer and find somebody that a friend or an associate of yours has used in the past for their website, and work with that person, because they’re already in your network. But if not, and you need to hire a freelancer, then, again you can use some of the recommendations in the description below. You can go to places like Upwork, you can go to places like 99designs, and you can try your luck there, and it should work out just fine. Just make sure that
you’re looking at somebody who has a decent portfolio of work and I don’t anticipate
any major problems there. You also have to at
least know what you want. Which kind of rounds us
out to step number four, the actual design of your website. When you’re designing your website you have to take a few
things into consideration. You may need to go ahead and have your photography in place. You might also have some graphics or logos that represent you, or you may need to have these things built out for you. When I was building my website, I could produce all these things myself because of my background
in graphic design, I had plenty of photos of
me already laying around, and I shot some more, and I made my own custom
graphics for my website. I was able to make it what I want because I have those skills. Like I said, if you don’t, you could always get somebody else. But, don’t underestimate
the power of using a really good template. Templates are a dime a dozen, and yeah everybody has them, and your thing may look
a little cookie cutter. But when you’re just getting started, the important thing is to have something in place that can represent you. You can make it fancy later. When I first started, mine wasn’t anything special, but it did get the job done. So, resist the urge to be
fancy right out the gate. This is gonna be with you for a long time. So, it can grow, it can evolve, it can progress. Step number five is to add your content. Usually, if it’s a website
for your personal brand, the content’s gonna be very minimal. It’s gonna be an about section, it’s gonna be a contact page with your contact info, and it may be some kind of body of work. This might be your portfolio, this might be your demo reel, this might be a list of your
prior speaking engagements, whatever represents your personal brand. You should have this
thought out in advance, and then later you can
add what is called a blog. You can go ahead and write articles and you can post updates to this, and that’s what I like about WordPress. You can do this with other systems or you can do this manually, but I really recommend WordPress because it just makes things simpler, and you don’t have to
learn a lot of technical, complicated stuff to manage it. It is very straight-forward. You don’t need to have every article planned out in advance, but I would think that
if you’re doing a blog, if you’re building a personal brand, there is some content that
you should have in place that can represent you well and show your skills and show what you’re about and what your interests are. So, I would think about
these things in advance. If you don’t have them when you launch the website, that’s perfectly fine. But try to get these things in place as quickly as you can. Make sure you have a plan for the content that
you wanna put out there that’s gonna be shared with the world. Finally, step number six. This one is slightly more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll want to use Google Analytics and set that up on your website. Having a website is great. Being able to get visitors and traffic and people commenting on your blog, or joining your e-mail list, or hiring you for your services, or giving you that job that you want, is amazing. But you know what’s really important? Analytics and tracking data. Knowing how people found you. Knowing where they were looking for you. Knowing what pages they
spent the most time on. Knowing if there’s a website that’s driving referral traffic to you. These things are all important and that’s what Google Analytics is gonna tell you, and it’s really simple. You can copy and paste Google Analytics into your website. You can set it up in WordPress, usually with a plug-in or a click of a button. Or you can very affordably for like tens of dollars get somebody to just set this up for you, and then you can just take the time to try to learn the analytics. There are YouTube videos that cover it, and it will be helpful for you to just kind of understand what’s going on with your website and where your traffic is coming from, and what people want from you. Especially if you’re creating content and blog articles, you’ll wanna know what your most popular topics are. You’ll want to know whether or not this is driving people to a sale or not if you happen to
be selling something. Maybe you wanna know
who’s buying your book or who’s downloading your free guide. Maybe you’ll wanna know
who’s buying your book, or downloading your free guide. I think all of this stuff is important, so having those analytics in place is a critical step six. And again, this is the
basic process for starting and launching a website. Obviously there’s so much
more I could get into, but I wanted to at least
help you understand what this could look like for you and what your basic steps are. So, that’s my six-step process for starting your own website. You can obviously take
this so much further. There are things you can do with your marketing, especially if you’re a
small business owner. There are things that you can set up to help you build an e-mail list. I just didn’t wanna cover
all of that at once, and overwhelm you. I will be covering a lot of those topics in more of these getting started videos, and more of my topics that teach you about personal branding and how you can develop and grow your online presence. If you still have questions about building your first website, then definitely let me know
in the comments section and I’ll try and make videos that can help you out if there’s something
that I didn’t cover here. Remember, I have recommended links for all of the things we discussed in the description below including recommendations
for web-hosting companies. They’re very affordable and reliable that I use
for many of my websites, and I think they’ll help you out too. I’m also gonna include a link for my free ebook, The Seven Points of
Personal Branding miniguide. This might help you get a sense of what your personal brand is and how you can develop it. It’s pretty much the thesis for how I developed and grew and approached my personal brand. How I defined it, how I became more self-aware of what it is that I had to offer all of you. This will probably help many of you if you’re getting started trying to build your online presence. So, that’s my free gift to you when you join the Create
Awesome community newsletter. Links are in the description below and also in the annotation. Like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the other awesome
stuff on the channel. As always you guys, thanks so very much for watching and don’t forget, create something awesome today. Take care. (upbeat music)


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