How To Start A Successful Blog Step By Step 2019 | EASY
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How To Start A Successful Blog Step By Step 2019 | EASY

hey this is Giorgio and have you ever wondered how do I start my own blog if so you’re in the right place because I’m going to guide you in this video I’m going to show you how to start a blog from scratch as a beginner step-by-step and I really try to make it simple for you guys so you have your own blog within 20 to 30 minutes I also wrote a detailed blog post on this topic so if you’re interested just check out the link in the description and guys if you’re ready to start a blog hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel all right guys let’s get started so this is an overview of all the steps of today the first thing we’re going to do is get a domain name and web hosting I have a link with which it can provide you with sixty percent discount on your web hosting it is in a description below after that we’re going to install WordPress next we’re going to install the free team and customize the blog so you can start today alright let’s start with getting a domain name and web hosting first I already mentioned I have a link that will give you 60 percent discount on web hosting so if you want to benefit from it go to the description and click on the discount link you will get redirected to siteground the discount is already applied siteground is in my opinion the best web hosting provider at the moment the websites load amazingly fast because they are optimized for speed which is very important in addition to that the support team is very skillful and helps you with any problems you come across lots of people consider siteground as a reliable hosting company and are more than satisfied the even ranked at number one in several Facebook groups and Twitter posts that’s why I recommend you to host your website at siteground let’s press on and sign up so there are three plans you can choose from if you are a beginner and want to create your first blog you can start with the first plan 3.95 dollars or Euros per month you will get one website 10 gigabyte web space 10,000 visits monthly and all the essential features if you think that this is not enough you can upgrade to grow big you get web hosting for $6.45 and can have multiple websites added to your web hosting for that fixed price once your website started get much more visitors you can upgrade to the go geek plan finally you also get priority support at the grow big and go geek plan this one is quite important while Siteground support on all of their plans is pretty good the priority support is awesome because it ensures that you almost never have to wait for help and if you really are a beginner I would go for the startup plan now you can choose a domain name if you already have one click on this enter your domain name in this case I want to register a new one make sure that your domain name is unique and doesn’t already exist let’s take Google for example proceed well it says error but if I enter an unique one for example it says congratulations next you fill in your details like your email address and password make sure to use a legit email address and remember your password or write it down somewhere client information country well mine is the Netherlands first-name lastname company if you have one your city and your VAT number if you have a company all right payment information your credit card number purchase information you as a beginner you want to start with a startup plan but for this example I’m going to use grow big hosting plan the data center well pick one where you think your audience will be located if your website is mainly focused on the english-speaking part of the world I suggest you pick Chicago period is 12 months which is fine if you’re really serious about blogging and consider it as a long term project of business then you could click on 24 or 36 months because you will save more money but for now 12 months is fine domain registration is already ticked domain privacy is optional it will hide the personal information of the domain owner and I don’t need the site scanner next you tick the box if you get web hosting at siteground through my link I get a commission so thank you for that it supports my channel and helps me to create more content you won’t pay extra though so it’s a win-win situation click on Pay Now and after you press on the button you see thank you for purchasing Siteground hosting services your transaction was completed successfully now we have to go to our email so this is the email that we have received thank you for becoming a siteground customer the username and the password the one you chose during the signup process well I’m going to copy it and I’m going to paste it over here and I’m gonna enter my password so that was step number one now we’re going to install WordPress siteground wants to help you but we don’t need their help because I’m going to show you everything you need this pops up the software will press on WordPress next up we need to choose our WordPress login details enter your admin email create a username a password retype your password confirm enhance your account well I don’t want this I don’t want this either confirm I confirm that I’ve read an agree the sideground Terms of Service and Privacy Policy processing your setup you have to wait a couple of minutes your hosting account is ready to use we press on proceed to customer area what we want to do now we press on my accounts so we see the domain name pending verification what we do next is we go to our email and check out your spam folder verification required in order to ensure your domain name remains active you must now click the following link and follow the instructions provided so we press on this link verify information thank you the following contact data has been verified so that’s done next we go back now we’re back at the siteground control center we see this link over here and we see this button over here if we press on this link you go to the front end of your website which is public and everybody who enters this domain it’s able to see my website so this is my website right now it’s already live and this button over here is for the back end and only we have access to it press on it so now we are already logged in but if you log out and want to log in at a later moment you need to enter your username and password you wrote down an amazing feature of siteground is that the website is online immediately I have some experience with other web hosting companies and it took them like 30 minutes to an hour and in some cases even 24 hours to get your site online but all right the first thing we need to do is change our permalinks it is necessary that you fix this as soon as possible otherwise it will be a hassle to change all your URLs of your blog post and you take the risk that those URLs don’t work properly we go to settings permalinks and choose the right one post name Save Changes they’re updated I don’t want to keep this video too long so I’m going to show you just two basic elements how to create a beautiful website with a couple of clicks and how to write your first blog post so first you go to appearance themes add new team checkout popular for example there are lots of themes to choose from or use feature filter and check out for blog apply filter and here you have plenty of custom themes let’s get back to popular click on for example let’s see color mag we press on preview and this is how it would look like but you can customize it a lot this is not everything you can customize it however some teams are more customizable than others Astra ocean WP Hestia and generate press for example have much more options but allright let’s install colomag and activate it for demo purposes we press on install activate press on this side and this is how your website looks like right now and you can customize it a bit of course back how do you customize it you go to customize under appearance next you have a lot of options so here you can play around with it and tweak it until you have created your dream blog colors other options just play around with it and tweak it the way you want and if you’re done press on publish for now we’re going back and lastly I’m going to show you how to create blog posts so we go to posts add new enter a title welcome for example add some text hello this is my first blog post and you can add some images if you want it’s empty right now but you can add some and when you’re done you press on save draft or you publish it so it’s visible to the entire world these are the basics on how to start a blog from scratch as a beginner I already mentioned that I don’t want to make a long tutorial on how to start a wordpress blog so I’ve created a completely free 5-day mo course for tips on how to beautifully design your blog attract visitors to it and of course how to monetize it and to make passive income every single month this free email course allows me to the deeper into more specific areas of blogging well check out the link below in the description to the course it is free and I hope to help you guys out so that’s it guys I showed you step-by-step how to start a blog from scratch as a beginner and guys if you like this video just hit the thumbs up button and subscribe for more if you’re interested in blogging digital marketing and entrepreneurship guys I see you in the next video


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