• Sunny Lenarduzzi

    Thanks for watching, Boss! What's your favorite podcast for entrepreneurs? If you have your own podcast, comment with your podcast name below! And please subscribe, rate and review The Sunny Show Podcast on ITUNES here: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/itunes It'll mean the world to me! THANK YOU! 🙂

  • Danye Phillips

    I’m so excited! Thank you Sunny and Pat! I started my podcast (The Fitness Empowerment Podcast) on Anchor and Soundcloud a few months ago and have struggled figuring out how to get it on iTunes so I’m really looking forward to the 3 day mini course!

  • Tawny Fritz

    Ok I get that you're trying to show us an example of messed up audio but it startled me and shot my anxiety through the roof. Yikes.

  • The Angry Prepper (Outdoors)

    My new podcast show is the Angry Prepper. I just started but the video helped out a lot by mentioning one thing.

  • Dr. Shannon

    Thank you, Sunny and Pat!! Great info!! Congrats on your new YouTube Show (Pat) and podcast (Sunny.) Can't wait to check them out! I recently launched my podcast, WOMEN SIPPING ON LIFE (with doctor shannon) and just released my 173rd episode in 173 days!! I'm having a blast!! Thanks again for sharing, and for all that you do!! Keep Sipping On Life, dear souls!! xo  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/women-sipping-on-life-doctor-shannon-stop-drowning/id1274333433?mt=2

  • Lokman

    subbed done
    subbed me back no cheating
    no cheating

  • Ptony

    Oh this is fantastic! A friend and I have been wanting to start a podcast: he's agnostic, I'm Catholic, and that seems like an opportunity for great disagreements and dialogue. We haven't started yet because we haven't had time to figure out technical logistics. This video will help us so much! Thank you, thank you!!

  • Rich's Comedy Podcast

    Thanks for the tips and good job with the video. Like everything else it's a challenge at first trying to build a following. I just recently started my Podcast called Rich's Comedy Podcast. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/richs-comedy-podcast/id1336075595 Good luck with your Podcast.

  • Mart Ramirez

    Ahhhh I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for years! Thank you so much, Sunny! Much appreciated ! I’m so excited you now have your own podcast!! Heading on over now! ????

  • Gloria Buckman Yankson

    This is awesome! I have just started my own podcast [https://soundcloud.com/musingsoc] and found this super useful. Thank you, Sunny & Pat!

  • Carly Kneidinger

    Welp… I almost threw my drink across the office when he made it all distorted. Thanks for the heart attack! Point received, though. Haha o.o

  • Bonnie RzM

    Sunny you always have great information!
    Big fan!
    My primary platform is Instagram (which I hope one day we can collaborate there) @bonnierzm
    You inspired my youtube, and now I want to try the podcast. Big big hugs

  • Charlene Stepney

    Hey Sunny,
    My podcast is The Prettypreneur Show. Not many episodes but I’m up and running!!! Yay!!

  • The DhawalGiri Show

    Thank you so much for such a great content. I am in process of creating content for my YouTube channel and a podcast playlist, your tips and tricks are very helpful. The level of details you have in your videos is very amazing.

  • Don Pettinger

    Followed your link to Pat Flynn's mini course, only day 1 worked. Never received a link for day 2 or 3 I almost signed up for his paid course glad I waited. No links, hard to follow page. He has some great information but who knows.

  • San Antonio Realty Pros

    Just started my very own podcast called San Antonio Realty Pros where I give lots of tips and information about the real estate market! https://anchor.fm/sanantoniorealtypros/episodes/Ultimate-Guide-To-Downsizing-Your-Home-e2kamc/a-a6jth0 Thanks so much for this great video I'm deff a fan!!

  • Heather Parady

    Love Pat Flynn! He is one of my favorites in this space- super authentic. My show is The Weekly Parady where we study unconventional leaders

  • RedZone Baseball TV

    Great video! I have started to podcast and have used Pat Flynn’s videos to get my podcast launched. If you are interested in checking it out, it is on iTunes at: Criminal Court Insider.

  • Starnes Family

    “The cream will rise to the top.” I love that! So far I am seeing faster growth with my podcast than I ever had on YouTube. I’m just waiting for iTunes to start ranking my podcast, so people don’t have to dig so deep to find it. Somehow, in spite of not ranking yet, around 200 random people who don’t know me are finding my show and coming back again and again. I’m using a lav mic with an iPhone so far, but I might eventually be interested in the mic you recommend. I didn’t know Audacity was a free app. Thanks for the tips! By the way, my podcast is called “Clean With Me” in case anyone wants to look it up on iTunes, Stitcher, Google, etc 😉

  • Nathanael Tyre

    Many Blessings Podcast ! Thanks so much to Pat Flynn, I've been listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast for months now ! I'm excited to start this journey.

  • Dana Mitchell

    Awesome Information Pat! I so much enjoy your teaching moments – I've been a fan for years. I started a new podcast Master Essential Oils. – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/master-essential-oils-podcast/id1438169479?mt=2

  • Jacki Semerau Tait

    Love this video!! Just launched a podcast called Experience Flagstaff…how to live, work, and play in Arizona's favorite Mountain town! I would NEVER been able to figure it out on my own. I took Pat's Power Up Podcasting course. He walks you through the process step by step. Highly recommend!

  • SaltyCures

    Starting my podcast soon, hopefully by the beginning of 2019! Tentatively will be called The SaltyCures Podcast, but am open to input from any creative minds out there! Will be tackling all kinds of fitness related topics in a more holistic approach than just how to work out and eat right, and with a Hawai’i twist!

  • Daniel Geddes

    Thanks for the great tips. I am excited to get podcasting. I am set up with Libsyn, and am editing my first show. My podcast is called Beyond Fame Podcast. I am interviewing talented entertainers to share their stories to inspire people to cultivate their talents and share them with the world.

  • Planning In The Deep

    Thank you Sunny and Pat for all this wonderful information. I’ve been researching this for a while now and this video gave me everything I needed to know❤️

  • ImNotTheWolf

    I just thumbs down your video for that stupid stunt @ 9:41

    Why on earth would you think that this would be constructive, in any way?

  • Loretta McNary Show

    Thank you so much for this video! Great information! I am launching my entrepreneurial lifestyle podcast, Loretta McNary Live in 2 weeks! I will definitely subscribing to your channels, Sunny and Pat!

  • Portia Hines

    I can’t believe I’m just finding out that you have a podcast! I live your content it’s always practical. I’ve just started my own podcast too “It’s A Journey” it’s all about actionable steps to stay motivated on a healthy and wellness journey. I will be binging all week ?

  • Miguel Feliciano

    Thank you Sunny and Pat… this helped identify a few things I need to implement into my podcast.

    I keep working on improving by rewatching videos like this, so this is greatly appreciated. It's content like this that have helped me come a long way in the 2.5 months I've been podcasting.


    Any further advice or criticism is greatly appreciated.

  • Amber Conwell-Sykes

    Very informative I am starting a podcast for literally people from all walks of life can relate to ALL INTO IT PODCAST ?

  • It's Real Wrestling Podcast

    Pat was an inspiration for us to start our own show. He has this play by play video on equipment, audio editing and marketing techniques that has helped spread the reach of our audio podcast.

    Nice collaboration video. Thank you for sharing, Boss.

  • waltherchemnitz

    Stopped video and thumbed it down because of the distortion demonstration. You don’t do that even to demonstrate. With the speakers on a lot of devices being so small and more fragile than they are you’re going to wind up tearing up someone’s speakers.

  • Rap Radio Africa

    An educating & beautifully rendered piece. Ours is called THE BIONIC SHOW PODCAST. It's mostly all about Africa's most creative & dopest rap scene & all its intricacies. Special thanks to you Sunny! We've bee following your videos. Big-up, Pat!

  • Kathy Rushing

    Thanks so much—great overview. I’m launching “Committed: Couples navigating the (sometimes) crazy entrepreneurial journey” by March 2019.

  • Darryl Johnson II

    Soo much great info! I hope to launch my true crime podcast soon. The name it is Urban Horrors. I will be exploring the life and crimes of African American serial killers

  • Ryan M. Esquivel

    Great Video on podcasting , Sunny! My podcast is The #ESQUIVELIO Show! https://www.ryanmichaelesquivel.com/podcast-1

  • Jimmy Allen

    My podcast is called Crazy Juicy Love. I am Love and Relationship. It's available on anchor and I am having trouble getting it on itunes and spotify.

  • jvs on the chair

    Thank you Sunny. You are going great. "Grace and Faith" a podcast about being loved unconditionally regardless of who we are. realisations, Verses from Bible and a guidance … A Bridge. Kindly check out stories to know more @jvs on the chair Instagram .. Godbless and this video really was amazing. And yes the distortion example was great but loud I heard it on my speaker I can imagine to what it did to headphone listeners. Your emails are interesting regarding your topics. Cheers.

  • The Cave Talk Show

    Amazing advance it has help me alot to start my own podcast for men please feel free to listen in anytime and advice is always welcome.

  • Ad Lib Music

    I just launched the Worship Fertilizer podcast!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/worship-fertilizer-from-ad-lib-music/id1453552872?mt=2

  • kimbanyc

    Any thoughts on producing on Anchor app? Seems easy to have a guest on. I think the iTunes part is still best loaded separately. Any thoughts?

  • Rashtravardhan Kataria

    new podcast my friends and I started today called Baked & bored where we talk about the most random things ever. We uploaded them on different platforms like iTunes and Spotify, so check it out after the next 48 hours

  • Fit Lifestyle Brand

    Hello! I am so thankful to you and this community! I just posted my first episode to my social media sites and my company website www.FitLifestyleBrand.com yesterday. The title of my Podcast is Start-By-Starting. I am now working on getting my materials on iTunes and building more content. This video was very helpful! Is there a good video that talks about the iTunes guidelines for content (i.e. min/max length of video , sound quality – left/right audio, or other requirements)

  • Ryan Holtz

    Thanks Sunny for having Pat on! Because of him, I started my podcast which has been a success! I am also hased in Alberta and BC. Great seeing you do amazing things Sunny!

  • Darvanalee Designs Studio With Nicole Reed

    I love how the universe works…l was only just talking about this the other Day…starting a pod cast…and l didn't really know where to start…thanks so much for the tips and info….l am so looking forward to this journey ❤ subscribed to podcast Sunny and also to Pats channel ??

  • Rashley's BorderQue

    I just started a podcast called "RGV Model Rocketry Podcast". I'm still working on audio quality and content development but the hard part (getting started) is done. Thanks for the show.

  • Mike Angelo

    God bless your ear drums at 9:42 but he did prove his point. My podcast is www.theUSApodcast.com!! We all about the kids!!

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