How To Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging with WordPress – 2019
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How To Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging with WordPress – 2019

Hi guys, it’s Greg and I am so excited to show you how to make a blog with WordPress and start blogging in 2019 because I finally found a WordPress theme cool enough to be used in our 2019 video Plus this tutorial comes with a contest to enter All you need to do is like the video subscribe if you subscribed already. That’s no problem. You’re already in on that one and Comment the answer to our mystery question, which will be asked after we install this theme right here and by the way The creators of the theme will let us install a number of different themes If you don’t like this look now I’m gonna show you guys where to get this superhot theme after we set up our domain name and hosting in this tutorial we’re gonna do that step first because I believe it’s so important that you make that commitment to yourself and to your blogging to get your domain name and hosting Out of the way, it puts you on a path success and it opens so many doors for you but I will tell you that I like this theme because it’s free and Because it just looks like other blogs if you check out the blond abroad my favorite travel blog ever You’ll see that the styles are very similar for example on our blog we have the logo at the top Social media icons huge image with a call to action right here Blonde abroad we have the logo up top social media icons huge image or video in this case So maybe we’ll see how to do that later and then call to action if you scroll down You just see an offset image and an About section and down here. There’s an offset image and an About section lots of images lots of buttons Featured images here along with a three step process and this could be anything Of course about your blog or whatever process you want to take people through like fitness or financier Something like that and then going down you see these cool dropdowns For your expertise and then I’m blonde abroad she has these cool drop-down switches places She’s traveled. If you go to the smart passive income blog my favorite blog about building an income online. You see the huge image call-to-action just like our blog huge image call-to-action as featured on section and then scrolling down featured images Recent posts if you go to our blog you’ll see we have featured images recent posts and even though of course these vlogs have been around for years and years and Have tons of content you’ll have some of that content up and then you can add to your content Mostly with WordPress plugins and achieve other things that you want. We are gonna make the blog with the Software it’s the same software that all the major brands use. You can click showcase and there you’ll find cool sites like Obama TechCrunch uses even Facebook uses them celebrities like Alanis Morisette Snoop Dogg LL Cool J Hussein bold Chuck Yeager Beyonce, the Tim Ferriss show uses wordpress. Ariana grande made her website with drupal That’s interesting. But pretty much everyone you can think of on the planet uses wordpress So if you want to have success make a living blogging get a lot of traffic from google Then you want to use wordpress to actually make a wordpress blog You need a domain name and you need hosting and we can get both of those things from hostgator who I consider to be the Google of web hosting a domain name is like the address of your home or your apartment and The web hosting is like the plot of land where your apartment or your home is built on you want them both to be really clean and memorable looking and be located in a good neighborhood and Hostgator in the internet world is a really good neighborhood If your heart set on a different web host then open the description beneath the video where I’ve found you discounts at several other web hosts that maybe your friend recommended to you and you just want to use and While you’re down there in the video description, make sure and click on that bitly link for hostgator Which will take us to our discount page today so you can get a really cheap price see how it says 275 per month Right here Well when we go to the discount and link and continue Then you’re going to get that price even lower So you can click on that bitly link below but what I’m gonna do is just enter in the link manually which is just WWE Hostgator comm slash Gregg hit enter and that’ll get us the discount So as you can see your price went from 275 to 264 per month to install WordPress super cool that is my affiliate link and this is my custom page at Hostgator as you can see with my logo up here if you use that link and go through my page I might Earn a small Commission at no cost to you for signing up Thanks so much but most importantly that secures you at the best possible price to install WordPress because I know if you’re just starting out money could be Tight. Okay. So obviously these are the same hosting plans that were on the previous page This is the quickest and cheapest way to install WordPress And as of today guys, you can get a free one-year domain registration on select hosting plans in terms So, of course we’re gonna take advantage of that new offer Alright, so let’s take a look below So we’re gonna want either the hatchling or the baby plan today Business plan is just too much for us at the moment. Unless you’re on a huge corporate budget or something like that The reason we like hatchling a baby is cuz they’re dirt cheap You get one click wordpress install so you don’t need to know any coding unmetered bandwidth and a free SSL certificate Which means you get that little padlock icon in the upper left corner of your site if you want I could show you how to set that up and the main difference between the hatchling and baby Is that hatchling lets you run one domain name? Like your website comm your business or whatever you want and the baby planet lets you run multiple Domain names so you can power your blog Maybe another website or a different business you’re on or you can start to make websites for people as a web designer So if that sounds like you grabbed a baby plan, but for us I want to go the cheaper start possible That’s what we’re gonna do hatchling plan. So now we can just click buy now Ok now I’ll walk you through the hostgator order form step 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 And then we can check out and move on and install your own copy of WordPress So in step 1 we’re gonna have register a new domain name selected But if you already have a domain name that you want to use that’s fine. Just click here write in your domain name proceed and get the hosting and after as I’ll show you how to connect your domain to your hosting and Make it all work So if you already own one pop it in here go ahead the hosting and then we’ll connect everything But in our case we want to get that free domain and I’m just gonna register what we’re gonna become today Which is a self hosted WordPress Blogger and then if you hit period it’ll take you over here to the little drop-down or you can just leave the words as is and get the dot-com and Then it’ll bring up your price. All right, so we only want to get one domain name today Definitely want to stay on our budget, but you can see the different prices for the different options Of course the dot-com here is the cheapest because it’s free things Hostgator for that awesome deal But of course they also offer those other really cool new and popular extensions Some tips to pick the best of my name or keep it simple and short so I guess I violated that rule if you can Go with two words. They can be related like TripAdvisor Home Depot Etc, or they can be unrelated like YouTube Netflix so on and so forth and you might think of something clever if you can’t get your Perfect. Domain then go ahead and get your first name last name that’s good for almost any type of branding and If you ever become a famous person or an influencer, you really have to control where your name com goes So someone doesn’t mess with you Alright so scrolling down we’re gonna uncheck add domain privacy to because I generally trust people but if you want to do that Go ahead. It’s just a little extra cost and Now we are in step two. So step two is really easy choose a hosting plan So we know we want hatchling boom billing cycle we got to do at least twelve months to get that free domain name But we can see we get a discount through my Hostgator Greg link for all of them. So it’s really up to you whatever you think is the right term period for your new blog but as you can see you get a little bit better value if You register more months of hosting upfront meaning the price goes down from 548 to 448 358 to 264 in my case. I’ve had my wordpress blog for almost ten years now So this stuff would have been a good idea to get 36 months but to stay on our budget We’re gonna grab 12 today again up to you. Let me know any questions if you’re on the fence at all about that So now we need a username and we can just pop in whatever you normally use online and a 42 security pin That’s super easy and we can move down to billing info So for billing info just enter in your usual billing info like you would wherever you shop online Amazon eBay Apple Wherever you do your shopping And I’m just gonna cover this up and pop in my info so that no one can steal my credit card You can pay with credit card or if it’s easier you can go with PayPal Alright, and if you have a tax exemption ID, go ahead and pop that in but most of us don’t so that’s fine And now we’re on step four. All right, so we’re gonna uncheck additional services and we are done here You can always add these later on through the nice live chat feature. Really nice people at Hostgator anytime Alright, and now here we are in step 5 This part is really tough for most people because they have to think up a coupon code that works But in our case, we don’t we already have the best coupon code entered which is big bonus It’s not case-sensitive and that will get you up to 62 percent off or in our case for one year It’s gonna be 50 percent off that is the best discount available at Hostgator right now and we can offer it to you guys for such a huge discount because so many people Sign up to WordPress through our tutorials. So they continue to keep offering us that awesome discount. So all I can really say is Thanks to you thanks to everyone who’s come before you and it is a limited time discount So if it works go for it. Alright, so we have step six now is our final step We’re gonna review our order details and then proceed and install your copy of WordPress you can see we get 24/7 365 full and laptop email support for free instead account activation for free money back guarantee for 45 days If you’re not happy for whatever reason domain registration of our shiny new domain For one year is free that is just for one year so you will have to pay for that in the second third fourth year Is pretty standard all of us pretty much pay for a domain name you just get that nice bonus of getting it for free in The first year hatchling plan for 12 months discounted at 50 percent off to 53 70 s so, that’s all we pay You don’t even really need to worry about these numbers right here because this total in green is the amount due at the bottom super cool I think it’s really awesome that for under five dollars a month about the cost of a trip to Starbucks You can get your own amazing WordPress website and be on the same level playing field as the huge brands that we saw in the introduction to the video I think that is just so cool And I can’t wait to show you how to use WordPress and enter into the world of WordPress blogging So that’s all I’ll say for now. I’m super excited to get started I hope you are too Go ahead and just check this box at the bottom and now we can proceed and install your copy of WordPress So let’s do it together and click checkout now Great job welcome officially to your Hostgator control panel. And as you can see Hostgator is already ready to build your website You’ll also get these emails from Hostgator and if you get logged out of Hostgator You can open your account info and click on this link at the top to log back in you can also use the first name server and Second name server to connect your domain name to your hosting and I’ll leave you a video on how to do that in the notes All right. Now we can move on on this very important screen here to get WordPress installed We want to just click on the hosting tab Now from the hosting tab we want to bring her mouse down to see panel and click on cPanel Alright folks welcome to your cPanel aka your control panel here at Hostgator This is where you can take advantage of all the features Hostgator offers when you sign up Like the free $100 credit for google adwords for example or bing If someone tells you to access your WordPress files, you can use file manager You can also create an email address with email accounts So yeah, very cool Obviously too much here for the moment to cover Because we just want to install your copy of WordPress and we can accomplish that in the software section So if you don’t see this it might be closed for some reason. This is where though, you install all of your different options if you want to do Joomla if you want to do Weebly or something doesn’t look like Drupal is here. So, thank you next and to install WordPress we can click click install if you don’t have quick install for some reason like they change cPanel you can also use Build a new WordPress site or this button to you, which will get you to the right place as well But I just like using quick install because we’ve been used a quick install for years and years and years. So click quick install Now you could do the cool Hostgator website builder which is drag-and-drop or you could do more 1-click installs Which has tools like other than WordPress which you can see hovering in the background here But of course we want to go with just WordPress. So click on this tab Great job. Alright, so it will show you the latest version of WordPress right here usual Probably be more updated than mine And you could also call a wordpress expert if you want, but we have each other and we know how to do it So we’re just gonna select our domain for installation right here Click on the drop down and choose your domain name. So I have a few here, but you might just have one just go ahead and Select it Leave the directory box right here completely blank don’t write anything in here And then we’re gonna click Next and we’re not gonna fall for this down here Alright now we just need some install settings. So that’s just gonna be your blog title So this can be really whatever you want Find super generic and you can change blog title later on You cannot change it min user later on very easily though unless you like delete yourself So in my case, I’m just gonna make it something I always use and it’s pretty professional when you write a wordpress blog post in the future. It’ll say by this person So just make it something you like or you know, first name is also really good. Let’s do first name today so then we have our first name again and last name and then admin email what you’re gonna get your blog details like your WordPress login email – All right, that’s it for install settings. Let’s just check this box below and now it’s time to do all the hard cody stuff You’re gonna have to know Ajax JavaScript PHP Python syntax CSS and all that in the next step just kidding Hostgator is gonna do all that for us when we click install and that means We don’t need to be a tech guru to install WordPress So now I’ll show you how hostgator has made it super easy to get the job done. Let’s just click install together All right, pretty good only took a few seconds to install WordPress If you get the green checkmark, it means you did everything perfectly here If you got like a red X or something, then it might mean there’s something in your WordPress installation like that You don’t want in there maybe from a previous project That you or like your evil twin did if that’s the case and you don’t get the green checkmark I have a video on how to fix that. I’ll leave it for you in the notes below Hopefully everyone’s on the same page here though. And now what we can do is just leave this screen open here You actually don’t want to click login because it’ll take you away from the screen Okay, guys So now it’s actually a good time to take a 15 to 30 minute break because WordPress Takes a little bit of time to get all your files settled in place So I’m gonna go for a quick jog and maybe grab a snack and then I’ll catch you in about 30 minutes So what we want to do next is open up a new tab And then we’re gonna learn how to log in to your new WordPress site. So just type out your site Dot-com net whatever and then hit enter And what you should see is the website coming soon page. This is just a default coming soon page that Hostgator made for us But if you don’t see this screen and instead you see an air page like can’t find your web page as long as you follow The steps in the tutorial you’ll be just fine What you might need to do is connect your domain name to your hosting if you got your domain name Somewhere other than Hostgator like a GoDaddy. So again, I do have a video on how to do that in the notes below but if you got your domain name at Hostgator and your hosting at Hostgator And you still don’t see this page. You probably didn’t do anything wrong it just means it’s time to take like a 15 to 30 minute break go get a snack go for a run because your WordPress files are settling into place In our case, this site is working right now. So we’re gonna proceed and login to WordPress So to log into WordPress just come up to the after or whatever Yours is right a slash and then write WP – a dmin and hit enter. That’s how everyone does it Alright, and now we’re gonna pop in our WordPress login credentials Which are on this screen if you did close the screen for some reason that happens they’ll also be emailed to you so we need a password and Use your name we can remember And let’s login I’m also gonna hit remember me and I’m gonna bookmark this link to save time in the future and login Beautiful so welcome to WordPress. This is your new dashboard And the first thing I like doing is just kind of playing whack-a-mole and just getting rid of the notifications. So Exhale exhale exhale all this stuff and then I also like getting rid of the coming soon page Which was that sort of neon green and black page. We just saw and to do that We can click here and that makes sure that when you ask your friend to check out your site and they’re in like a different Town that they’ll actually see the site you’re working on and they won’t see some default coming student page blocking everything All right, very cool so this is your new WordPress dashboard Super fun you can drag and drop the different tabs although I don’t really use these little quick areas that much I just use the tabs on the top and On the Left which we’ll cover in detail as we go throughout the tutorial Okay. So the first thing you probably want to do is see what you say. It looks like what does it look like? to check out our site we can just click on your site title in the upper left, which is also a button and That basically flips the site to the front end. So this is what the whole world sees. This is like the default WordPress 20:19 theme So it’s made by the WordPress team. Thanks a lot guys, and then if you want to get back to your dashboard Just click on the site title again and it flips back So that button was confusing to me at first. I don’t know But now I hope you understand it That’s just like how it works goes to the front-end with the world sees and to the backend and of course the world When they look at your blogger website won’t see this black bar at the top Because you want to see this when you are logged in Alright super cool let’s go back to the dashboard and let’s learn how to change the look of your site because This version of the site is super common, like almost everyone who uses this tutorial is going to start out with this exact site it’s a lot of white space doesn’t look like much other than the default blog doesn’t really look like a and Like hundreds of thousands of others websites that just pop up also use it. So well, it’s good We want you upset to look great. Let’s learn how to change the theme So click back to the dashboard and you can also just click Dashboard right here same thing And now we’re just going to hover on appearance and you’ll get the option for themes and click themes All right, so these are the themes aka the templates aka the outfits that your website can wear we are wearing the 2019 theme it’s active you could also try out the 2017 theme or you could just open them up and Click delete if you want to save space All right, but in our case we just want to click this blue plus to add a new theme and Now you’ll see all of the free and amazing WordPress themes that you get So this is one of the most amazing Benefits of joining you really get the keys to the castle here? You can see what’s popular with people these days is what people are having success with Making really cool profitable websites and blogs so we have a tutorial on a lot of these if you Want to go with the different theme that we use today just ask I can hopefully send you a useful link But in our case, we already have a theme picked out. It’s pretty much the hottest theme of 2019 so we’re just gonna do a search for Astra and Once you find Astra just hover on it and click install and I’ll show you why this team is so popular in just a second just need to activate it and then once you do, so I Hold websites gonna look different from this end in the dashboard and also on the home page It’s gonna look a lot more organized and cool Ok, so now we can actually start using Astra. Let’s go back to your dashboard and Let’s go ahead and come down to where it says. Thank you for below blah Did you know Astra comes with dozens of readyyou starter site templates? And that’s why we like using Astra because it comes with these pre-made drag-and-drop awesome professional website Looks it’ll make people who visit your website like your boss or your friends Whatever be like you made that and you’ll be like why yes, I did So to use these starter site templates just click gets too And Now we can actually talk in Detail about how Astra works So the first thing you need to do is choose a page builder Page builders are drag-and-drop tools that let you move stuff around with ease that’s what you want instead of like the old fashioned way of building WordPress pages where you just look at a Bunch of blank input boxes. That’s also a good way, but this is way more fun So the page builder we want to use today is Elementor Just make sure you select that and click Next Alright, and now we get all of their asked your starter sites which are basically like themes within a theme as You can see a lot of them are free and a lot of them are agency So the agency tab means you have to go and pay a little bit for them But if there’s no agency tab, you can just grab it today Now if you want an agency one, just let me know. I should be able to have a coupon for you on that Ok, so tons of themes to use and I gotta be asked guys It’s really important that you get your theme and your website looking good before you launch So now is the time to really play around and you know, ask a couple friends, you know which three themes they like best or something and then get it squared away because When you launch your website to the world, you don’t want to change your theme Imagine if like your favorite TV show changed their introduction or change the time of day that they were on Like every day it just wouldn’t be helpful and and bloggers get stuck thinking that the grass is greener on the other side Constantly changing their look That really can crush a new blog success because people just want to see a good look what you keep and then read your content So put in the work now to pick a good look and fortunately I’ve already picked one up for you Which I know you’ll absolutely dominate with and it’s a little bit hard to find it on this screen here So I’m gonna hit command or control F and type in fashion and Our if she is, all right, so we’re you’re gonna grab the fashion lifestyle blog Everyone’s got a sense of fashion and everyone wants to lead a good lifestyle So I really think it’s gonna be a catch-all theme that works for so many different audiences So once you select it, you can see that there we are. We’ve finally found our look and now you know Just a little reward for putting in that commitment and getting the domain name and hosting upfront. So congrats on making it here Next we just want to click import site and we can see I left these four boxes checked Alright guys and gals so I just click that blue View site button and now we’re ready Your theme is installed and your site should look like this if you followed all the directions so far, of course You might have picked a different starter site template. That’s totally fine But more importantly it’s time now for our mystery question which is What kind of blog or web site would you make if you could make any blog and you can think outside the box or pick? A blog that already exists or just something we’ve never heard of or something like really practical. It’s up to you And why would you do it? so let us know in the comments and of course make sure to subscribe and hit the like button and you’ll be all set and Entered in our giveaway. We’re gonna award three people with an Amazon gift card so that should be done by the end of the month depending on how many signups we get and As per usual I’ll leave you all the necessary information on the giveaway in the notes below the video and how to get in on Another giveaway, we’re running last giveaway. It was super fun. We awarded people real money on Amazon And so I hope you can get involved too So that said now that you have your domain name and hosting and now that you’re entered into the giveaway? Let’s go ahead and learn how to restyle this whole website Starting with this big hero image at the top just like a web designer would okay So first you need to make sure you’re logged in like we are here and just click Edit with elementary Elementary is our drag-and-drop page builder. So all of our web pages on the blog will be built with Elementor so how Elementor works is you have this column on the left with your different elements you can drag in if you want and you just need to kind of drag and put them in the right position and then let go and You’ll get an image or whatever you bring in But to get back to your elements if you lose the elements on the left You can just click on these nine boxes and I’ll show you the list again But because our starter site template already has elements. We really just need to click on top of them and change them up To change our background image. For example, we can click on these six dots here, which means edit Alright you can also right-click on that for more options got it now We just need to click on style and we’ll see this background image living right here So we’re gonna say bye to Kara but nice knowing her so we’re just gonna click on that image to change it now what I recommend doing is putting your images that you get from Facebook or Google or your phone or whatever into a Separate folder on your desktop that way you can keep them all organized and we can just go ahead and add them in from the folder So we see I have about you know 10 or 15 images right here that are gonna go up and make our blog come to life So to get those images from the folder on your computer into WordPress You just want to be in upload files here and click select files alright, and then we’re gonna click on the desktop here and We’re gonna have our blog folder you to have done a lot of building before with other folders Next you’ll just select the photo you want to use. I’m gonna go with view and click open WordPress will upload that photo from your desktop to your WordPress Perfect The attachment details on the right just allow you to put it in some alt text which could describe the image like view from Coco head Then you have a title which will show up if someone hovers on the image a caption if you want We don’t want that description and then a link to the image So go ahead and play with these settings if you’d like and now let’s click insert media and see how it works Alright, so there we go It fit our image in nicely if your image doesn’t fit that might be because you need to change the position So we can see we can orient the image to different parts of the image Alright, but this looks pretty good, or you might need to change the size from cover to contain or something like that Although that would repeat the image cover is off and best Next we can change where the text goes because while the image looks good We really want the text to be in the open area on the right where there’s the nice view and that way the people in The image are looking at the text and that’s just one web designer trick that gets people to read your message when you put people In a photo and they’re looking one way or just one person is looking one way and then they’re looking at the headline you want People to read so we can just change our text orientation by clicking on top of one of these headings And then just pop the alignment over to the right. Let’s do the same with our own style with Kara All right, and we can see the text is only going right up to a certain point in the page So that would be because this column which contains our text So this page is broken into columns, which are inside sections these big blue things You’ll get the hang of it with a little bit of practice This column though. It just has a little bit of spacing on the right which is moving it over So if we click on this little button that looks like a white book with a black background we can edit that Just make sure you go from layout to advance and then get rid of the padding on the right make it zero And perfect for those buttons on the bottom. You actually just want to click and drag them So you can move a button just by clicking on the dotted line as I just did and dragging it So now that we know how to move our watch video link on the right Which we’re going to change into a real video button. We just need to move our read more button as well So just click on top of the read more button and alignment to the right and perfect Okay. Now we’re going to change up the first heading which says let’s create your – Welcome to my dot and you can just write that in in the title column on the left or you can write it in right on top of The screen just by clicking and deleting and writing now we can update and let’s see what we made So to see what you made just click on this hamburger icon and upper left and then click view page Great job guys So next we want to actually make the read more button go to our blog and then we want the watch video button to go To a video so to setup your buttons like that. Just go back to edit with Elementor And now what I’m gonna do is actually open this site in a new tab so we can look at it live and in edit mode So that’s something that I recommend doing a lot of the time really helps and now I’m just gonna right click on this link for blog which WordPress gave us so copy link address and come back to elementary and then click on the button itself for read more and Then right where it says this little hashtag sign just get rid of that And right in there a link or just paste it in perfect So that will go to the blog and I’m also gonna remove this index dot PHP We don’t want that in there alright So there is your link super simple your domain forward slash blog is how it should look and I’m gonna keep all the other settings the same because I think they look good and Update so if we go back to our home page, and we click on another link like contact Or blog we can see that actually all the links right now have that index dot PHP in there? that’s actually really bad for Google SEO and It’s obviously confusing for someone to remember if they type this in manually to get to your page Or to get to your blog post. So let’s remove that to remove the index dot PHP we’re gonna click to the dashboard and We are gonna reset your permalinks the word permalink, by the way. It just refers to the link structure of your blog It’s how your links look so we’re gonna hover on settings and click permalinks to change that up Now, all you got to do is just choose post name and you’re gonna get the most simple most google friendly version Which will just have keywords after the slash. That’s all you want and scroll down and save changes All done. Let’s go back to the home page and Now that button for read more will take us to our blog Alright, not bad at all guys. So now that that links working. Let’s get the Watch video linked go into a video and now is a perfect time to show you what plugins can do in WordPress because we want to make it so when someone clicks on watch video a video actually pops up in front on top of the screen and someone can Just watch it right there so let’s go back to dashboard and let’s take a look at the plugins you have and I’ll show you how to delete them and What that really even means? So click on plugins Alright, and then you’re gonna see a bunch of nonsense here like from jetpack and a kismet we’re gonna get rid of that just scroll down to where you see this list right here of all the plug-in titles and Then the buttons where it says settings or deactivate now perhaps most importantly a good rule of thumb in WordPress is if you’re not using a plug-in you should delete it because it’s gonna take Up space on your site and it’s gonna make it run slower So I’m gonna show you what each of these plugins does and we’re delete most of them All right So let’s start at the top and there’s no negative effect of deleting a plug-in as long as we’re not using it Most plugins in WordPress like these ones here are free and you can just re add them for free Right through the add new button at the top if you want them back later on. So no harm deleting them So let’s take a look. Alright, the first plug-in Akismet is an anti spam protector it’s created by automatic the company who made WordPress, so we’re gonna keep it because it’s obviously Because we obviously don’t want spam next up We have asked for a starter sites, which we installed on our own what I was going to keep that Astro widgets we’re gonna keep that because we’re using the Astro theme Elementary we’re going to keep that because it’s our page builder. But now we run into a plugin we get we can actually deactivate Which is Google Analytics by monster insights. I personally like setting up Google Analytics manually on your site. So we’re gonna deactivate this one Alright give them a reason submit and deactivate it This is sort of just like a shortcut that might help you with analytics But really you should set it up manually and that way you’ll know how it actually works How analytics actually works So once you deactivate a plug-in you’ll have the option to delete it Just click the delete button and then click OK and it will be zapped Same goes for Hello Dolly. Delete. Ok, and or save in space Alright jetpack is a tool that lets you connect to We don’t have any features on a blog we want to use so we’re going to deactivate that too. Alright and delete it Just hit an enter Mojo marketplace is a place to get more themes, but we already have a theme so deactivate Delete you get the picture Optinmonster is a tool I use to collect email subscriptions on dear bloggers It’s a pop up feature work is really great, but we don’t have an email newsletter yet. So delete ultimate add-ons for Gutenberg We’re gonna keep because our blog posts are made with Gutenberg and then Devi farms light. We’re gonna zap. All right, cool I do like to IP farms like for setting up an email newsletter form and connecting it with constant contact and Of course, we have a video on that. I’ll link you in the notes for now I just recommend having about five different plugins if you have more or if you have a question about a specific one Just let me know in the comments and I’ll help you vet that plug-in Okay, we can click to our home page and see that nothing broke Everything is still a ok. We just need a plugin that helps us open this video when someone clicks on it So, let’s see how to do that. And I know a plugin off the top of my head that helps us do this It’s just called wonder plug-in Lightbox, you can pop it into Google next click on this link for responsive WordPress lightbox gallery plugin And we’re gonna download a plug-in the old-fashioned way, which is just downloading it from the plugin website itself. We click this green download button Save it to your computer This plug-in is of course safe otherwise we wouldn’t download it and I say this is the old-fashioned way of doing it because of course you can be in WordPress on your dashboard and you can get plugins right from within your WordPress dashboard library by going to plugins add new and You see all these cool plugins that WordPress comes with that WordPress offers you or you can search for one over here like social media and You’ll get all the plugins that match those keywords There are so many cool plugins to choose from but in our case old-fashioned way is just to click upload choose file and Then we’re gonna grab the wonder plug-in lightbox free I downloaded it twice so we’ll get the one without the one and click open Alright guys. So once your plugin is up and add them right here click Install Now Make sure you’re installing the DAAD zip file. Otherwise, it won’t work and Then click activate if it worked successfully, which it did. All right, so the plugin is gonna live in the background It’s going to make our wordpress website more powerful just by installing it And now what we need to do is go to Elementor You need to click on the watch video link and you need to find a youtube link to put in right here So I already did one, but we can grab another video from youtube So really whatever showcases your blog or maybe made a travel video or something like that That’s super cool in my case. I’m just gonna go with Roger Federer’s 100 wins because is what could be better than that All right, just grab the youtube link right here and copy it Without anything after the video ID right here Come out to Elementary paste it in alright, and now click on advanced and right in the CSS class of WP Lightbox just like that one word WP lightbox and update it. So Now when we check out our homepage, we can actually click on that button Should work Click on it and there you have it Roger Federer’s 101 balloon wins And it’s gonna take all of my restraint pretty much to not watch through all these wins Because you gotta love the goat but now, you know how to put a video in a wordpress lightbox on a button Okay, so our hero image is perfect right now. We now can move on down to the next section which is our offset image So, let’s take a look at how to edit this image Well, we can just actually go back to elementary and scroll down and there it is so what we’re looking at is basically a Headline here or a heading and then another heading and of course you can change the text by clicking on it just point and click and highlight and remove I love to help people travel because of the travel blog and Because we’re a travel blog because we’re travel bloggers now and all right, then we’re gonna change the upper heading to great Travel in all caps advice for everyone Spell it wrong. Perfect. Okay so what we have here is a column and another column and this is just empty space a Lot of time in elementary they will do that with empty space just because it helps make the website look cool and modern Okay, so now we can go down to our image here. We’re gonna click on top of the image It’ll take us right to where the image lives and even though it’s a school picture of Kara. We’re gonna click it and change it click upload files select files and We’re gonna open up our blog images again on the desktop, so there they are and I’m just gonna grab one of us So the pirate one should be good there she is stealing a drink and captaining a boat or well, I’m about to do that a Boat to do that and Sometimes images take a little while in WordPress if they’re bigger This one is like humongous and as you get more and more into WordPress, you are gonna want to resize your images down So your site is faster But at the moment that’s too much for us to worry about just a heads up and insert media. All right So now we have our own offset image that looks super cute and we can just change out this other text as well So it matches our brand right? We’re gonna change it for maximum because no real site has one rip some on it All right And this read more button is just gonna go to our blog of course because we’re a really simple web site All we are is basically just a home page and a blog and a contact fee and a contact page So click the read more button to change the link and paste the link to your blog over the hashtag sign And update perfectly so that brings me to my next point which is like what is this website? Is it a blog? Is it a website? well It is actually but with because you get this huge home page with a splash image and these featured images All these different options you can actually showcase your whole brand as a website or as a service. Maybe you’re a tour guide maybe you’re just a hub for getting advice on something on the web and Then people have the luxury of clicking to the blog from that page So it’s sort of like a cover slide or a cover image on your essay It’s just a way of showing people that you’re more than a blog. But ultimately you’re actually a whole experience But ultimately what people want from you is your blog and that’s where you’re gonna really hit them with the good stuff. Okay so your website and a blog and next up we have to edit the services for all aged women’s section So it’s really easy to edit these images you can just point on one you want to change like maybe this one in the middle and Then you’ll get to the image box that Astra set up for you and click it Upload files, obviously, we have like all these model photos. So you’re gonna keep them if you think that looks good on your site I don’t blame you, but in our case, I’m just gonna put up a picture of something else All right, so we have a little bit of yoga going on and Intermedia, and there you have it So obviously you might want a vertical image, but now that you know how to change images and text I’m gonna leave that up to you guys So Leroy is gonna just hang out here with the models To change up the text beneath the images Just point and click and interestingly enough the a1 o2 and o3 are images. A lot of the time blogs will do that You’ll think it’s like something they wrote in a cool font, but it’s just an image because it’s easier that way so here’s where you could write like the three steps that someone should follow on your blog and That could be for us like pick your dream destination find our best guides and then Send any Travel review and we’ll feature you That sort of thing when I started my first blog It was a college advise blog and I really wanted people to send in their own advice It took about a year to get going and now I have like more advice than I can even sift through I feel really bad for not responding to people but if that’s your goal to create a blog where people Submit their own content to you, then I can more than help you do that And this is just one way to show people that you want them to do that. Okay going down You now know how to change heading you can do that Boom-boom-boom. This is just an image here. It’s just a testimonial. So it looks cute as a circle These are also just images so you can see cratenbarrel Zara L You know how to change all of those you just click on it and then upload a new image you might want But you probably want to know how to change this drop-down area right here that’s really tough Just kidding. It’s actually really easy. You can just click on top of it and you’re gonna get a heading Beneath that you’re gonna get it toggle and another toggle another toggle So, of course you’d be like pretty hard to create these from scratch But if you want you can actually use these sections on different pages to use any particular section on a different page you just right click on the entire section and then click save as template and then we can save this as like a Little dropdowns and save it and that way when you’re on another page you can open up a template Insert it and you’re good to go Okay. So basically we can just open up one of these toggles like style by clicking it on the left and then you can change up the tags to say like This is where I have Advice on flights or something and instead of style it you could just change that to Airlines So you really just have to get used to clicking on the left or clicking on top of things and changing them? To your heart’s content with elementary. This is probably the easiest Editing format to look at in WordPress and that’s why we chose it and that’s why someone people love it So I’m confident that you can get the hang of it a hundred percent. Alright guys So next we have these images on the right. These are just also images with headings beneath them They’re not any sort of fancy blog widget. It’s just something that aster created from scratch for us So it’s actually really easy just to click on top of one and change the image to one of our own just select files and then we can grab something cool like Krista modeling here iced coffee here And yeah, I am kind of putting these photos up as a joke because like we’re not models, you know, we don’t Model for coffee brands or for Patagonia or something? But I just want to show you how easy it is to create your own blog where you actually are the model All right So that’s how you change up one of those images and at the bottom you can see that it’s just more the same You just have a heading a heading a subheading and a button and you know how to do all of that already So why don’t we update it? And let’s see what we made. All right, we are gonna refresh our homepage and super cool We can see the changes that we made great job. Okay guys, I can’t tell you how much good progress you’re making You’re actually seeing the changes you’re making in WordPress. It’s really an honor to be able to teach you all this cool stuff Which took me years and years to learn and it is such a big honor to Create that giveaway where you can get hosting for free because when I started out hosting I had like probably $80 in my wallet and it was like really tough to spend that money And now the fact that we can provide that experience for people is I just am at a loss for words So I hope you’ve been able to watch this far and take part in everything we’re offering and now it’s just time to change up the other pages on our site like blog and then contact and then we’re gonna Wrap up our header and footer and we’ll be good to go. Okay Cool so, how do we change up the content that’s on our blog? How do we make these posts look different? Well, let’s click Edit Page at the top. Let’s see what’s going on So once you click Edit Page, you’re gonna realize that this is not elementary, this is actually what is this this is Guttenberg So Gutenberg is the new drag-and-drop page editor by WordPress. It’s really cool. We actually haven’t explored it until now and It might take a little bit of practice. So why don’t we jump right in? Well right away You can change up what’s said at the top just by pointing and clicking That’s easy and then you can point and click at the images But that’s not quite as easy or is it so let’s click on top of an image And click on the three dots and it’s asking us if we want to leave the site. So cancel So let’s click on the three dots We can see that this is a block All right. So all it’s basically doing is showing us a blog post Which seems to be one of the more recent blog posts, so we’re gonna leave that alone. We’re gonna come down to Call and post care yourself If we click on this it’s also gonna ask us if we want to leave All right. So this is basically just showcasing our recent posts and it’s not really holding the content right here But what it’s doing as it says on the upper Right is this block fetches the blog post you may have on your website and display some in a carousel layout Okay, so that’s pretty cool. We actually don’t need to touch any of this but what we can do if we want has change up like the text at the bottom that’s obviously something you can change because that’s just a Heading and all that’s a lot like elementary But what you can do is change up the posts where the posts actually live which is in posts. So let’s update this page Now let’s go back to posts and For example, we’re gonna like trash hello world. So now when we look at the blog page, we’re not gonna see hello world All right, very good So that is just one way to change up this page if you wanted to change up this post right here, which is being featured Go back to the dashboard click posts And we can see that Street shopping tips is the most recent posts We’re gonna open its featured image we can see it’s this lady here in the purple holding the bags So that’s this post. All you need to do is basically like change this post information Click on the image and you can replace it with one of your own images All right Like this one on the lake and click select and then you can just click on top of one of these titles like Street shopping and make it like Street travel tips and then update it and then you’ll see those changes reflected If you view post you’ll see the post itself, which is this really cool layout believe me like in the olden days No one could create layouts like this or it’s one column and another and a really cool font So you should keep this I recommend it just replace these images and all with your own content, but more importantly when you click on blog You can see we’ve changed the style of that first post So that’s how I recommend going about your changes because this starter site template is so powerful You can really just change up the content that’s in there and keep the overall structure and you’ll be on your way to success All right, so that’s the blog page in a nutshell and we can move on to contact so the contact page centers around this image with the headline the cool border and then oops Diapey forms ID equals six that means that we had a WP forms form in there so it means I get to show you what happens if you delete a plugin and Then you want to bring it back to life. So let’s see what happens if we go to dashboard Plugins I Had a new U and we get WP forms back do a few forms. There. It is contact for my JP forms Just install it and then activate it and now let’s go back to our dashboard and go to our contact page And because WordPress is so powerful it remembered the form that we had created by default in Astra And now you have a really cool working contact form as you can see like most this tutorial There’s not a ton of work that we need to do You can just make small tweaks and you’ll have really cool blog ready out of the box Like for example, you can change this text image your email I’ll leave you to Toria below on how to create a custom email address and then Editing your phone number and these little buttons is a piece of cake All right, let’s scroll up and let’s just get ourselves a new image right here Let’s look on edit with Elementor All right, and then click on the section settings style image All right, and so if you want to change this image of Keira that’s really easy Just pop in a new image and insert media and there you have it and update it. Alright guys So now, you know how to change up the contact page The rest of it is just point and click like everything we’ve been doing I’m just gonna go ahead and remove these little oh, well, they came to life So I’m not gonna remove these boxes because now they show their actual social icons just gonna update the page Hit the hamburger and view page and we are in business great work guys So last but not least I want to show you how to make a logo up here and Then how to change the navigation menu the social icons and lastly the footer Alright guys, so to make a new logo, even though fashion back here is pretty cool. You can just visit logo maker that’s LG o ma kr without the and You will see the free logo tool with it. We love using in so many videos So the first step is to find logos and graphics Just click in the upper left and you can search for something like palm tree or whatever you want I just for some reason always like palm trees so makes it super easy so then when you find one you like just click on it to Drag it in there and you can click on it to drag it and move it you can click on the T to get some text and if your blog is easy to type out go for it put in our Case self hosted WordPress blog is way too much. So I’m just gonna go with Sh, WB Super fresh and modern and drag it and you can see when you’re dragging your go It will actually tell you like what’s connected to what with these little gridlines So, you know, how big to make everything? So that makes it super easy We just want to pick a color now. That’s appropriate for our blog. So Black could be good But I really do actually like this kind of light pinkish red to figure out what color that is We can just right click on it and hit inspect element And it’ll show us the background color on the lower right, so just click on that once right click copy as you can See you right click is our friend and now go back to the logo maker and click on your text Ok, so we’re on the text and now click over here Double click on the six-digit color hex and then just paste in the red and hit enter and there you have it super easy super fresh super cool Self-hosted wordpress blog we could even put it in like a hash tag here Nailed it we just have to move that over a little bit And you could also change the color at the palm tree if you want to anything Else as you can see every color is available at your disposal So why not pick like a fresh modern green Alright, so there we have it. Once your logo is ready. You can just crop it in the lower, right? All right, and then if it doesn’t get it quite right you can drag in the corners crop again Let’s drag in that a little bit. So we don’t have whitespace around her logo And of course if you wanted to change the font on your logo text You can just click on the text itself and change it from railway to something else. Alright, but I really like railway So let’s crop it up. And then let’s save it All right once we’re all crapped up I’m gonna hit enter and then hit that the floppy disk icon upper right to save it. Click no things download low resolution So we don’t have to pay anything although you do have to give credit to logo makers somewhere on your site and then we’ll just save it as Logo version one and save it Okay, now we’re gonna go back to WordPress and put up our logo We can do that by going to customize for the first time So customize is where like anything that’s not in elementary living and where you can edit things that are outside the realm of elementary For example your header and your footer so once we’re here, we just want to click on layout and then click header and then click site identity and Remove the logo select the logo upload select and there you have it. You can just upload your logo Just got to find it on your computer Double click it and then select it. We’re gonna skip cropping and now we should have a brand new logo awesome You can increase the size by increasing the logo width All right, no need to take up too much space though. Perfect And now let’s just publish it Nailed it. All right, if we go back we can actually see that in this section. We can change the menu, too You just gotta go all the way back to this list of options. Click menus click primary menu and here you can actually drag the order of how things are or you can like open them up and Delete them if you don’t want the blog to show Okay, and if you add new pages then they’ll show up and if you add new pages Then you can click add items and you will get more options for different sorts of pages or categories You have to put in your menu Alright so that’s how to do the menus Let’s now look at those social links and if we can’t find the social links You can actually just click on top of the screen to edit right there and it’ll take you to the header social profiles So we can see here that we have three social profiles. The first one is a Pinterest icon. The second one is a Instagram icon and the third one is a YouTube icon so What we’re gonna do is actually populate the Instagram and the YouTube and then get rid of the Pinterest. So let’s open the Pinschers box and let’s change the icon To we can search for facebook Grab a Facebook icon. And now all you need to do is add in the link. So HTTP Jerry at It’s obviously free to make slash to your blogger It’s obviously free to make your own Facebook page and a really good marketing tool because everyone’s already on Facebook It’s a lot easier to get at them. It’s a lot easier to get your message across to them They’re then having didn’t bringing them back to your blog sometimes. Oh, but I put the link of it on place that got confusing so I’m just gonna Cut this link out and put it in up top paste Beautiful. All right. So our first social profile is done. We’ll close it Now we’re gonna change up the Instagram one This needs a link to HTTPS W dot slash near a guy Alright close up that one and then we need the YouTube one at the end which is just gonna be HTTP des Ww2 comm port slash Neriah again and publish Alright and that’s how to change up your header So we can go back Back and I do apologize for going through these sections kind of quickly I just know that in the past a lot of people have said that they’d rather Explore them on their own with just a little bit of guidance. So people don’t want me to actually go through telling them exactly What to say and write but would rather just, you know, go through a quick overview So that’s what we decided to do today, but I can elaborate on everything in the comments below the video Always available to help so last but not least We just need to change our footer and of course there’s a pencil for that Just click on it and then you can change this to say something like copyright You know Your site title You can put a link in here if you want and the current year site title Short codes will just pull in the current year and the current site title So with that done we can click on the other Pencil icon which is just a menu Thankfully that looks good So we don’t need to change that and we can publish it and now we can accept and let’s see our brand new blog Alright guys, so we’ve got a logo activated we got our menu working. We got our social icon to insert. It’s a super cool hero image offset image featured images Happy clients drop downs and the consultation section. So maybe you can get some clients right through the blog Super excited to make this upset for you guys. Thanks so much for watching because I really enjoyed making this for you I’m sad to go now But I did want to keep this video short and sweet so that you can take your new blog and run with it And go ahead and make the blogosphere a better place Like I said before it will be drawing the winners to our giveaway by the end of July depending on how many people enter it we might go like July 29th or 30th or What have you but I will update you on all that. Just make sure to subscribe and I’ll post a video about the updates and you will hear about it and hopefully you’ll win because three real people are gonna get free hosting for a year and that’s basically just cash in your pocket and you can do whatever you want with it or consider it blog earnings and I really hope it helps you. Alright guys. So enjoy your new blogs. Let me know any questions in the comments. I’m grading Ryan and Happy blogging and good luck starting blogging in 2019. I’ll talk to you soon


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