How to Speed Up Your Website And Increase Your Website’s Revenue
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How to Speed Up Your Website And Increase Your Website’s Revenue

Amazon did a study and they found that every
second delay their website loads, they lose 1% of their revenue. That’s a lot of money. Sure, you’re not as big as Amazon but it’s
roughly the same, for every second your website takes longer to load you’re going to lose
more revenue. Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to teach you how to speed up your website. The first thing you need to do is use Google
PageSpeed. This is a tool by Google and it will show
you what’s causing your website to load slow. You put in your URL, it will analyze it, it
will give you a score. If you have an amazing score then great, you’re
doing a good job. If you have a terrible score it will even
show you what to fix to improve your speed. The second thing you should consider is using
the Google AMP framework. A lot of people are coming to your site on
mobile devices. Mobile devices in many cases will make up
the majority of your traffic, so why not make your website load super fast for mobile users? And the way you can do this by using the Google
AMP framework. The third thing you want to consider is using
a CDN. A CDN is a content delivery network. What that means is, they take your website
and they put it all over the globe. So, let’s say someone is coming into your
website from India, even though your website is hosted in the US, they’ll replicate your
site and put it on a server in India, so that way all the people in India can see your website
right away. They do this but putting your website in all
major regions. They even put your website in all major regions
within the US. One company that offers CDN solutions is Akamai. They’re expensive but they’re really good. Last but not least, you need to cache your
webpages. If you have a WordPress blog this is really
simple. You can use a plugin called W3 Total Cache. If you don’t have a WordPress blog, reach
out to your developer or your server hosting company and they’ll tell you how you can cache
your website. If you do those things, your site is going
to load faster and you’re going to grow your sales, because when people come to your site
they won’t get frustrated anymore, and they’re going to be like, “Ah, site loads fast, I
like it, might as well buy.”


  • Mikey Moran

    Good tips. I have noticed since working on our site speed our conversion rate did increase slightly and customer experience improved. Slow sites suck!

  • Harinderpreet singh

    Sir, my blog load time by thinkwithgoogle is 3-4 seconds but page speed ins score is very bad. I think my blog load faster. should i improve pagespeedins score?

  • Nilanjana Sanyal

    I have done the page speed test for my website and it is showing the score of 67/100 for the mobile version of my website. I am not being able to comprehend the instructions that are provided. Please help.

  • Saad Ali Khan

    My pick from this vid is CDN – Content Delivery Network & W3 Cache Plugin (Cache Knowledge for the better load time of the site)… I was unaware of this before. Thanks, #SIRNeil 🙂

  • latest boutique designes

    Neil hello
    I am advocate waqas from Pakistan. my website ranking down when I change theme of my website I need your advice please if again I change the theme which was previously activated my ranking will progress or not?? if it happened due to other cause please let me know. appreciate your sincerity with people

  • Ashhar Kirmani

    Hey Neil,
    You told about page speed checking, but you didn't tell how to fix them (nor any youtuber in a proper way).
    I and many other, as non-techie faces the most common problem i.e. "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content". And we have no clue what this means.
    Hope you could help.

  • You didn't know?

    Niel, my first affiliate website was a bust, it was all around amazon associate. I am not an affiliate for them anymore. How can I save my site and go in a new direction?

  • Ivana Mitov

    If you are looking for the top service to get website visitors to your web page, i suggest to try seowebsitetraffic. I am using it with an excellent result. Just simply type seowebsitetraffic in the search engines.

  • Best Elliptical Machine Hut

    You didn't teach anything in this video except for barely mentioning the names of the three most obvious tools. (Google Page Speed, CDN, and the AMP ).

  • devi akkineni

    hi Neil, I am a big fan of yours you said about CDN I have big doubt I was affiliating targeting us customer but I stay in India does it mean I won't get any traffic from the USA as I am hosted in India, please help

  • Alpinebear

    A very important question about CDN. As you said that CDN providing companies host our website in countries from where traffic is coming but are their all servers protected against hackers and internet security? Or does their main server like US server is most protected?


    I went to google page speed. Holy smokes I was at 50 % , now I'm on it trying to fit it. Thanks for the video, although I'll return to it to do the other tips after I'm done with the first one.

  • Juan Herrera

    Awesome video as always! Hey Neil, what is your favorite web hosting company? Also, if I have WP does the theme has to do something with the speed?

  • Pak Breed

    hi neil. thanks for the good informaiton. i would love to know which is the best hosting company do you recommend to host classified ads website

  • Joynal Abedin

    Brother, I am in a confusion. Does social media share button effects on SEO.? when I try to add this my site speed get down. what should I do? please replay. please……

  • Entertainment.. T V

    Omg it's unbelievable when I subscribed to this it was around 35k+ subscribers,now its going to touch some great number…great content always reaches people….I'm following u sir.

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