How to Sign up for a Siteground Hosting Account
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How to Sign up for a Siteground Hosting Account

Hey everyone, today I wanted to show you
how easy it is to sign up for a SiteGround hosting account. Now this is the
preferred hosting that we use here at Inspired Creatives Studio, and there are
several reasons we use it. There’s a lot of security baked into SiteGround
shared hosting accounts. Their customer service is just stellar. I have
never called without getting you know a live person at the other end. Their ticketing system is so lightning fast it’s like you submit a ticket and I
mean that bad boy is done. I don’t know how many people they
have working for them but they get things done really fast.
It’s not a Oh we’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours. That’s not happening at
SiteGround. When you have a problem they are there and they actually have live
people that will answer a live telephone people so that’s the kind of service I
love. So I recommend SiteGround hands down. And
it’s just a simple I’m not sure that I really need to do a video for this but I
wanted to just speak a moment on some of the plans if you would get to either
sign up these virtually go to the same website so or see plants and a lot of a
lot of companies that we work with can start off with this tiny little start up
at 395 a month and that’s okay you only get one website you get 10
gigabytes which is quite fine for you know small WordPress site and 10,000
visits monthly they’ve got some essential features that I’m not going to
go into too much one one very important thing is you get a free up it’s not
gonna let me go down there but one important thing is you get a free SSL
and http2 that’s real free and that is very important because Google looks at
that again not going to explain it on this video but there’s just things that
are baked into site ground that really get you off and running in the proper
way now what I do recommend as well as SiteGround calls it’s their their best
seller is to grow big and it’s only two dollars more five ninety five a month
that’s not going to break your bank the main thing here is you’re getting
multiple websites so if you’ve got this great idea today and it’s called my
great idea calm wonderful but you may wake up tomorrow and say my other great
idea dot-com has to be you know launched also right now you know because you’re
an entrepreneur and you’ve got a million ideas going on in your head multiple
websites are always nice to have if you’re a person that you know you’ve
only got one website you’re only gonna have one website ten years down the road
then go ahead with the startup but I highly recommend the grow big because
things change and you’ve got more space here you’ve got more visitors monthly
visits you’ve got a lot of essential features that are gonna help you out
same as you would with the startup and then the premium features priority
technical support I tell you there’s support is stellar super kasher for
great speed and free backup restores if you don’t have a backup restore on your
hosting account you are living in the dark you are living on the edge you are
about to fall off of a cliff and be very sorry when you hit the bottom you’ve got
to have reliable backup restores enough said that’s all I’m going to preach went
to church for a little bit but yeah I’m gonna start and I’m gonna get this grow
big and if you’re working with inspired creatives we can do this for you but I
don’t like to that exchange of credit cards so we can get on a Skype call a
screen share and we can just walk through this together or better yet you
can just give a call a ringing ding to SiteGround and they will get you set up
like I say stellar customer support this is this just usual you’re either going
to destroy new domain which means you’ve
never had a domain name anywhere and you have your idea my great idea calm you
would register your new domain name with site ground which is going to be a
couple more dollars it’s probably about $14.99 there abouts per year that’s for
your domain name it’s pretty consistent across all you know domain name
furnitures now I do have a play domain not it’s not a play domain it’s a road
domain I’m just not using it and it’s called creative our creative our
creative dot zone I know that’s a funny-looking URL but it is a it is valid URL our
creative zone we are using our creative zone comm so we’re going to get rid of
this in the middle of March you just go proceed and I know this is like Ramona
really you don’t need to teach anybody to do this but you’re going to be
presented with your account information as you would with any online purchase
now the thing is you do have an option to purchase 12 months $5.99 per month it
is regularly the following year you are going to be paying for a 95 per month
this is a 12 month intro promo and that is down here somewhere it will tell you
I think was on the previous page and you’re going to get billed 7140 if you
don’t want to do that then you can do a trial one month at 595 plus you’re gonna
do this 24.95 set up so you know the 2495 set up I’m not sure I wouldn’t pay
for it I would just go with the year you know I mean that’s like a third on the
third yeah not a third but nevermind yeah whatever
so almost a third so yes save 60% this is where your once your initial term is
over that would mean like after the if you went for the five nine a minor month
five nine to five a month I believe that would mean the next month you’re going
to pay the fourteen 95 but if you’re gonna go for the year
you’re gonna get that special 595 a month 70 140 and then the next following
year you’ll be billed at that 1495 that’s simple enough to figure out I’m
not gonna go too deep into that that’s just wasted and you get to fight website
file transfer your first transfer if you do have a new if you do have an old
website somewhere else they’re gonna transfer it for free if you needed to
migrate a website later on down the road the second one it would be $30 but I’ll
tell you when you you know look at how much your time is is worth $30 is
nothing to migrate a website because migrating a website you will tear your
hair out so that is a good price throw it at SiteGround they will migrate your
website and guarantee that it’s working as it should and again they have these
little things site as site ground site scanner
these are little options that you don’t have to get this so I’m not gonna go
through this process to say pay now because I’ve already got my websites
purchased and I’ve got my hosting plan purchased but it’s real simple I just
thought that I would start from the very beginning to get you started and there
is gonna be a link at the bottom of this video it’s an affiliate link of course
and I think everybody that would try out site ground I think you’d be satisfied
so that’s it for that let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you’re going to
build a website on site ground which is what everybody is probably more
interested in take care

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