How to setup your WordPress site using WP Easy Install – 2017
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How to setup your WordPress site using WP Easy Install – 2017

Hey everyone this is Ethan and welcome to my mum’s channel. Hey guys this is Diane from the Design Creative and today I’m gonna show you how to set up your WordPress installations quickly. First install the plugin WP Easy
Install. Then go to the settings page (Err what are you doing here?) Here you will see all the settings you need to speed up your WordPress installation. My mum says she uses all of these options but I think she’s chatting dog poo (laughs) . Once you’ve selected all your options, just click Easy Install . See that was quick Next we select our timezone and time. Mum can I play Minecraft now? (No!)
Well I’m gonna do this quick then. Here you can add your categories and pages , blah blah
blah blah. Here you can add the popular plugins blah blah blah blah (Oi) Okay, okay, can I go now? I don’t even like WordPress. I prefer WIX. Get lost, anyway guys, thank you
for watching. This is a really handy quick quick plugin which you can use for all of your installations
literally it shaves minutes off your development time and i would recommend. Links are below,
thank you for staying tuned, and I will see you in the next video.


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