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How To Setup Your Web Hosting (PART 2) | XO PIXEL

Hey pixels! Welcome to part 2 on how to setup
your domain name & web hosting! In the previous tutorial we purchased our
domain name. In this tutorial we will be purchasing and
setting up our web hosting! Web hosting is where we will be “hosting”
our domain or web address. I guess It’s the online equivalent to a home. This is where
all the files that make up a website will be stored
So let’s get started! First, you’ll want to do some research on
the various web hosting you wish to purchase. The prices on web hosting vary depending on
various factors such as the size of file storage or how many domains you wish to have for the
hosting account To keep things simple, I will be showing how
I normally set up my own websites. The hosting service provider that I normally
use is hostgator, so go ahead and go to their website.
If you’ve never done this before, all the options might seem overwhelming, but trust
me it’s actually super easy. When you’re on hostgator’s homepage, go
to the top menu and click “web hosting” There are three web hosting plans to choose
from, with the hatchling plan having the least features and business having the most features.
If you want to compare the plans, click the “compare all plans” link below the table
to see what plan is right for you. For this tutorial, we will be purchasing the
baby plan. This is the plan that I usually purchase. What I like about the plan is that
you can store an unlimited amount of domains just incase you purchase more domains in the
future. Now, you will be taken to the “order form
page”. The first step on this form is to enter your
domain name. Since we already purchased this domain in part 1, select the tab “I already
own this domain”. Ignore the list that appears after you type in your domain …unless you
plan on purchasing another domain with hostgator. Next, you want to choose your hosting plan.
We’ve already chosen the baby plan. For the billing cycle I usually get 12 months
but it’s entirely up to you. Just know the longer the billing cycle, the higher the discount.
Select your username, security pin and then enter your billing info
There are some additional services you can purchase with your domain name like “security”
or “site-backup” but you can either get these features elsewhere or purchase them
later on. We don’t need these features right now, so, I’m going to go ahead and uncheck
all of them. Lastly, just like in part 1 of this tutorial,
you can enter a coupon code to save money. Be sure to do a quick google search to see
if there are better coupon deals available. So now, just review your order and checkout!
Once you purchase your web hosting and have received an email with all your hosting account
details, go ahead and log-in to the hostgator c-panel. This is where you will be managing
your website’s internal files. Now, I’m going to show you how to link both
the domain and web hosting together so you can finally have your very own website!
First, sign-in to your namecheap dashboard and select “domain list” from the left
hand sidebar” click the “manage” button to the right
of the domain you wish to link to your web hosting
under the “nameservers” section, click the dropdown menu and select “custom”
and enter the two nameservers found in your hostgator c-panel account.
To find the nameservers, log-in to your hostgator cPanel account
scroll down to the bottom of the page and take a look at the left-and panel. At the
bottom you’ll see a box called “name servers” and enter the names you see here into the
fields here. click the green checkbox and viola! You’ve
just set up your very own website! I told you it was easy! Look how far you’ve come,
you’re one smart pixel! It might take up to 48 hours before you can
see any changes on your website so don’t worry if it looks like it hasn’t changed.
Now that you have the back-end of your website all setup you can start adding all the fun
visual stuff that makes up a website! Make sure to subscribe for more videos on
how to do just that! Be sure to like this video if it helped you
out! I’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for


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