How to Setup MaxCDN in WordPress to Speed up Your Site
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How to Setup MaxCDN in WordPress to Speed up Your Site

Hello and welcome to WPBeginner. In this
video, we’ll cover how to setup MaxCDN in WordPress to speed up your site. As your website grows, you know having a slow
site means losing visitors which really hinders your site’s success. Today we’ll show you
how to keep that from happening. The first thing you want to do is go to Pingdom to get a baseline performance for your site. As you see these are our results.
Pingdom covers a lot of other items like web caching and such, but for this video, we are
concentrating on installing a CDN or Content Delivery Network to speed up the delivery
of static content for our site. What a CDN does is it serves our static information from multiple servers and that improves the site’s performance. The content network we use and I’ll cover in this
is MaxCDN and I’ll go over how to set it up here. You want to go to maxcdn’s site and setup
an account with them. Depending on your website size will determine which price plan
to go with. After you setup your account, log into MaxCDN,
go to Zones and click create pull zone. From here you’ll want to fill in the Pull
Zone Name. This helps you know what site it is. Fill in the origin Server URL:and make sure you the http:// and the trailing slash at the end of the url. A label is the description for the zone And when you are happy with the info, just
click create button. You’ll get a Zone Successfully Created screen
and you can close that now. Now a pull zone will be created and you’ll
see a URL like this. Let’s copy this and save it in a notepad because
I’ll need that later. So we just setup a Pull Zone and now we need to
create custom domains. Custom domains are subdomains on our site that will be queued into the user’s browser in the backend. To create custom domains, I’ll go to my settings
tab in my pull zone. From here, we can setup several subdomains. I’ll add a few now. Once I’m finished with this, I want to go
to the cpanel of my website and update the CNAME records for the subdomains. I’m looking for the Simple DNS Zone Editor.
Many hosting companies like BLuehost and Hostgator show this in their Cpanel. We want to create a CNAME so I’ll
fill in the subdomain and then, I’ll grab the URL that I saved in notepad earlier
and put it here. Now I’ll click add CNAME record. I’m going to do this for all my subdomains
I created in MaxCDN settings. Now that I’ve finished that, I need to go
into the admin section of my WordPress site and add the W3 Total Cache plugin. Once I activate the plugin, I’ll go to Performance–>General Settings and click on the CDN tab. This will take me to the area where I enable CDN and
Choose MaxCDN as the CDN type. Once I update that, you’ll notice a notification
up at the top stating that a configuration issue prevents cdn from working. I can click specify here to go to the section
where I need to enter my maxcdn credentials and click authorize. If I do it like that, it will go out and get
my authorization key from maxcdn and I can just copy it. See how it says to go back to W3 Total Cache,
now I can go back to my site and paste the key there. I also need to add all my subdomains that
I created earlier. I can do that one at a time. Now, I can test MaxCDN to make sure it’s working.
And when I see that it is. I can click Save All Settings. This should be all you need to get MaxCDN
working and speeding up your site. I hope liked this video and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below and leave us a comment. And if you want to receive more helpful videos don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and check out WPBeginner for more useful information on WordPress.


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