How To Setup Hosting For Your Membership Site (Part 3/12)
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How To Setup Hosting For Your Membership Site (Part 3/12)

Welcome back to How to Create a Membership
Site with Zero Coding. This is part number 3, How To Set Up Hosting For Your Membership
Site. So hosting is the service that your membership
site will live on so people all over the world can access your membership site through the
internet. So this is part of stage number 1 on creating a website. If you already have
a website that is built on WordPress then simply skip forward to tutorial number 6 on
How To Set Up Wishlist Members for your membership site. But if you have not yet set up your
website on WordPress, then continue watching. So first, I thought it would be good to talk
about what is hosting and I have created a diagram for you guys, which is absolutely
amazing. Very artistic work, Mona Lisa-style, right up there with the best of the best in
the world… are you ready to see it? Here it is.
Okay, maybe not quite the Mona Lisa but it is pretty good. You have to admit. And this
is how I want to explain what is hosting is for you if you are not aware. So this is you,
this little person in the red here. And this little computer, this represents your membership
site. So basically, what we are going to do is we are going to create your membership
site on our hosting which are these services here, represented by this service here. So
this will live in the cloud, so to speak. They will be a company that runs this service
that is connected to the internet. And these are your customers over here and basically
what they will do is that every time they go to access your membership site, they are
actually downloading the content from these servers. So these servers will be online all
the time so people will be able to visit your membership site whenever they want. So you
could set up your own server at home to host your membership site but you will need really
reliable internet, it is quite technical to do. Considering the cost that you pay for
hosting, I just do not think it is worth it. So I hope that you enjoyed my beautiful diagram.
Do you think it should be next to the Mona Lisa in the Louvre? Maybe. Maybe not. But
I hope that that has helped. Step number 1, let us get into it. Go to
which is my affiliate link for Arvixe, which is the host that I recommend. So let us go
to So that will bring us here to Arvixe. I just want to quickly talk
about why I recommend Arvixe. Firstly, I just want to let you know that I use Arvixe and
I love it. Their price is great! In fact if you sign up to the 2-year contract with my
discount it comes to about $3.20 per month which is one of the cheapest hosts out there.
Also the others out there have sucked for me. I have had some pretty bad experiences
with other hosts including Hostgator and West Host and Bluehost, Dreamhost, I tried a whole
bunch and I found that Arvixe was really good. I have found their uptime to be good and their
customer service to be really helpful. And also, this tutorial is going to be based on
Arvixe. So most of hosting’s backend is going to be the same. So you can go with someone
else if you want but in our tutorial on How To Set Up WordPress, we are going into the
backend of Arvixe and I am going to show you how to set it up. So the tutorials will be
based on Arvixe but you can use any host. I just find them really affordable, really
good and so I am happy to recommend them. So step number 1 was to go to,
which we did and brought us to this page. Step number 2 is to click on the big green
button and choose your account. So here is the big green button view plans, let us go
ahead and click on that and we need to choose our account: personal class – which is where
we want to be with a little penguin man. We can choose personal class or personal class
pro. Now the only real difference is the amount of domains you can have. We see 6 here on
personal class and unlimited with personal class pro. Most of you are not going to have
more than 6 domains so going with personal class is going to be fine. Let us just go
ahead and click the order now button. The next step is to enter the discount code peltdiscount,
so p-e-l-t-discount and you get 20% off your first invoice. So over the right here where
it says promo/coupon code, go ahead and type in peltdiscount and click the use button.
You will now see that the discount has been applied to this account and it is going from
$4 per month down to $3.20 per month. By default they will set a 2-year period for you. You
can adjust this if you do not want to sign up and pay for 2 years upfront which is $76.80.
So you just go ahead, hover over it, click the edit button and you can adjust it to 1
year 6 months or 1 month. I have gone ahead and chosen 1 month and the price is changed
to $5.60. Well, actually it is $7 per month while we are getting that one-time discount.
So 2 years is great if you want the cheapest price. 1 month is great if you do not want
to pay much money upfront, you just want to try it out for a month and see how it goes.
Then simply fill in your details here. Choose a username and password and click next.
Step number 4 is to choose your subscription length. Again we can choose our subscription
length here if you have not done it already. Step number 5 is to choose the neither option
in the domain section. So down here, where it says main domain name, we do not want to
register a new domain. We do not want to transfer a domain. We want to select neither because
we purchased our domain through GoDaddy and we are going to leave it there. So let us
go ahead and type in the domain that we have. For me, it is, and all of these add-ons
here, these upsells, we do not need any of those. So let us go ahead and click next.
You can simply go ahead and check out. So click the place this order button on the confirmation
page. And then you can go ahead and pay with credit card or you can check out with PayPal.
Once you have checked out, you will receive an email from Arvixe with all the details
of your account. You need to keep the email they send you. The email looks a little something
like this. Here is one I prepared earlier. And basically it is going to say “welcome”
but basically we are going to need the domain DNS information. We are going to need the
control panel information. So just keep this email handy as we will need it in the coming
steps. So that completes part number 3, How To Set
Up Hosting for your membership site. In the next tutorial we are going to talk about connecting
your domain and your hosting so that when someone types in, it
actually directs the hosting and they give you your membership site. That is a short
video, really simple thing to do. And then we will move onto How To Set Up WordPress
for your membership site. This will be the structure. This will be the foundation of
your actual membership site. And after we complete this step, you will actually have
a website that we can begin adding content to, where we can put our membership protections
on it and all of that sort of good stuff. To view all the course material and if you
get stuck at any point and you need to ask questions that are specific to your situation,
simply go to for membership site and there is a comment section there where
you can have your questions answered. Or if you decide that you do not want to do this
and you want to hire our services to help you do it, you can go to
and see what we have to offer.

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