How To Setup Elementor For A Faster WordPress Website Development Workflow
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How To Setup Elementor For A Faster WordPress Website Development Workflow


  • Des Murtagh

    Adam, unfortunately I was unable to upload the home 2 & 3 json template files. The main homepage loaded no trouble. Any ideas?

  • Shahzad Haider

    I have a big problem. Almost in every theme at the end of the page, before the footer, there is a huge space which elementor creates. can not find out why? And how to resolve this issue? Any idea?

  • David Rossiter

    Hi Adam. Thanks for the great videos. At about 9:30 in this video, you upload templates. I'm on Elementor Pro and I can't find these JSON files anywhere in my downloads. Can you steer me to them?

  • Zac Hansen

    Hey! Awesome videos. Thank you so much for all your help
    One quick question. I am trying to change the appearance of my menu. Is there an easy way to preview and change the look and feel of different menus without doing too much CSS?


  • kekelua kakaluaendo

    Hello! I have problem with Full-Width content. For first my content is boxed and later [0.5s] full-width. This doesn't look very cool. I tried set official settings by tutorials, test more themes or third party plugins for full width pages but nothing wasn't help. Where is problem? In Themes ? I don't use any plugin for faster browsing /cache etc./ or similar.

    Please check:
    Actual settings: stretch:yes, full width pages:yes, full width option for section: yes


    In canvas elementor mode it's ok, but I need use my sticky menu.

  • Terassah El

    Sadly I get an error message when I click "Edit with Elementor" – (12:17 mark)
    The error message reads: "This page isn't working… XXXX (my URL) didn't send any data ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
    I deactivated all plugins and tried it – NO | I uninstalled the plugin & re-installed and tried again – NO GO. I did send an email to [email protected]… just wanted to see if you'd know of a reason why

  • Michelle Wu

    Thanks so much for all your tutorials. I have been using Divi theme for a couple of projects, but I am still fairly new to the field. I just got the LifterLMS and having hard time to customize the default login and registration form the way I wanted. (I can’t believe you just provide the CSS code for us like this. You are really the most generous person I’ve ever known.) With my limited coding knowledge, I thought about using the LaunchPad theme with Beaver Builder as LifterLMS suggested. Then I discovered your generous tutorial series. May I ask if the Elementor’s Post & Portfolio function is really able to display the courses as Grid or Masonry like in the video? If so, I can’t wait to purchase Generate Press and Elementor as you recommend.

  • MoRocx Physique

    Hi Adam,
    Elementor had an update today. Since I updated, its not working with Lifterlms. Are u having an issue or Have u ever had this issue?

  • Jonathan A. Freyre

    Hello again Adam. I'm unsure about what is happening. The menus don't save and when I go to the page section on wp dashboard and I make a page from there Elementor doesn't work. Have you experienced that ?

  • Andrew Copp

    Hey my man, I want to buy. However, the link doesn't take me to the sales page. Just a free download page where your affiliate like disappears if I go else where

    Can you send me a new link

  • Morten Soelberg

    Hi I have a problem with the theme… I have make to columms but when I'm going on my mobile it's not looking good.. Is it something you could take a look at or help me with? Do you have a email or something ?

  • MoRocx Physique

    Hi Adam,
    I was using Elementor in my plugin Lifterlms. It worked fine. I added my gravatar profile pic (through to my email and when i went back to edit more in Lifterlms, Elementor is not opening up. The button is there but when i click on it its not in Elementor editor.
    I "Unpublished" the page and saved it as a draft and when i did that, Elementor works on that page again.
    Lifterlms told me i have to check with Elementor. I updated both. Can you suggest how to fix?
    Thank you in advance.

  • Truelancer Ads

    Dear Adam,first of all Thank you so much.Your work is awesome.
    I am facing issue that is when i use Elementor and save.Then open my site to check it is not saved.
    Is their any configration??please Help me to out of this problem…..Blessing

  • Trijnie

    hi Adam, there is no option to choose for full with. The only option i have is ' elementor canvas' en than i lose all settings

  • Cadu Francis

    Hi Adam, thank you for all the great content. I hit a roadblock when trying to import the main-homepage template to elementor. The message reads: This page isn't working is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500. What could I do to fix this problem? Thank you!

  • zipporahreshel

    hey adam.. im getting an error when i open elementor ..
    sorry, the content was not found in your page.. elementor does not support where to put the function file. would you know exactly what template file to edit and where to place it in the page for your tutorial.

    This is the line you need to add: <?php the_content(); ?>

    but where? They don't tell. it was working a week ago.. but i moved servers and after getting all my data bases and stuff uploaded.. it's not working now.

  • Phill Deal

    I'm stuck Adam! When I try to import the json files into my library, the screen goes to a blank white and the address bar shows the "". What am I doing wrong?

  • Ms. Parker Sarita

    I already have a theme (and did a lot of set up). Can I follow the elementor and LMS videos exactly as they are (including the templates you provided) without changing my theme?

  • Veronica Sediqi

    I dont get the Full width option, so I am really stuck up. I just have the Elementor canvas and Default template option. How is he getting all those options?

  • QuinnZoneStudios

    So far so good – I'm keeping up, lol! However, I'm unable to import the json files. When I try the first one I get this error:   {"success":false,"data":[{"code":"token_expired","message":""}]}

  • tilitila88

    Ok.This is my situation.I already have a website and I want to be able to edit it in ELEMENTOR.I have the entire website on my drive.How do I import all those weird files into elementor? Thanks for any reply in advance!

  • Md Sunayon

    Hello, i have a free version of elementor. But i am facing a problem when editing a old post. Its stuck when im done & trying to update/save that post.

    Can u help me please

  • CryptoThor

    Adam, I was unable to upload the 3 json template files. Any ideas? Nothing happens when I hit import. I also got a warning when doing the CSS that I may break the site. Not sure if it's related. I ordered inmotion through you and plan to get the pro options with both Elementor and GeneratePlus

  • MrJ3ly

    Unfortunately, the .json files no longer work. Nothing happens when trying to upload them.

    Probably an Elementor update broke them – disappointing to get this far into the video course and hit a roadblock.

    Hosting with Veerotech.

    Is there a workaround so we can import the .json templates? Thanks.


    hello are you doing can you please help me i'm working on my website the elementor is stop work is slow to load i can not do any edditing

  • Psy Jack Beats

    hi Adam, Thanks for this video i love it.
    I need a help,
    none of my changes I do from elementor appears on my website
    i went through :-
    Still nothing works. please help

  • Cats Life

    Hi Adam, my Elementor shows My Templates and not Library, is this an upgrade? I have tried numerous times to import json files but get no response. Any advice please.

  • LGC Limo Service

    Hi, I sign-up with Elementor Pro, but it's to complicated for me to built website for my self. Is there anybody can help me please to built one for affordable price. Thanks

  • Tante Lapin

    Been binge watching as many tuts online as I can to learn to create a website with wp ocean and elementor. This one gave me a few key tips that I'd been missing in the settings. Thanks so much. But I'm wondering how to get to others in this series. Can you post a link please. Really appreciate how much work you put into your videos.

  • Valarie Knight

    I can't seem to get the json files to import. Anyone else having problems? I click import, then browser, find the json file, click import file and nothing. The files are ok, but nothing. And I'm using php 7.03

  • Debajyoti Biswas

    I have some kind of problem with elementor! I have settings on discussion – allow comments in WordPress post editing section but after using elementor and updated my post the comments option is not showing up in the preview!!! And yes I had updated it before to cheek!

  • Stan Olejarz

    Hey Adam, I can't import your templates (JSON) . I get a Invalid file warning. I have imported other JSON templates and they all worked fine. My host is WPengine

  • Jess Bustamante

    Adam, please can you help me? When I import the Json files it gets me: "An error ocurred: The following error's ocurred while processing the request : Invalide file". What can I do?

  • Jenna Martel

    Hi Adam! You mentioned int he comments that you would update the JSON templates for element or v2 – are these available? The templates I downloaded from the resource folder say access denied or invalid file. Please help.

  • Overlay Magic

    at 7:58 you show the elementor post pages section of the settings. why do you have memberships and I don't? I have the pro verson…

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