How to Setup Dynmap (Live World Map Viewer)
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How to Setup Dynmap (Live World Map Viewer)

hey guys this is a Kieran with Shockbyte and in this video I’ll be teaching you how to set up the plugin Dynmap
so you can have a visual map to look out online so the first thing we need to do
is install a plugin so if you go to the control panel and then go to the files
tab on the left hand side and then go into the plugins list and then on here
on the name textbox just search for Dynmap click enter on your keyboard and
then click on the one that’s just called Dynmap that looks like this and once
you’re on this click install then once that has been completed go back to the
server and then restart your server then once you’ve given your server a few
minutes to start up we can take a look at the configuration files so once your
servers restarted go to the files tab on the left hand side select FTP File
access and then login then once you’re logged in it go to the plugins folder
and then it go inside of the Dynmap follow that if you don’t see the Dynmap
folder yet it usually means that you haven’t restarted to a server or you’ve
not given out enough time to start up then once you’re in this file opened the
configuration.txt file by clicking edit on the right-hand side so in this file
it contains all the basic settings for the plug-in Dynmap and we need to set
it up with the correct port so that we can load out our web browser so we
need to look for a setting in this file if you’re on a Windows press ctrl F on
the keyboard or if you’re on a Mac the press command F and you just need to
search for this which is web server – port and this is the setting that we
need to change so you can see by default it’s set to 8123 usually someone else
on the server may be using this port so it’s a good idea to try changing it to
another one so we have all the ports above 1024 open for use use so you
need to choose a random one so let’s try using for example and 5111 and don’t
use the same one that I’ve used here you can use any number above at 1024 and
it should work so once you’ve done that click Save and then restart your server
so once your server has restarted when you can use the server address and the
port that you use to load up a web page so what you’ll need to do is copy your
server address which is this number here which is before the and the colon and
then copy it and just go to web page paste it into the
URL and then type a colon and then the port number that you used so you can see
that I use 5111 if you use maybe I don’t know 6234 you would put 6234
that it depends on the number that you used once you’re done click enter and it
should load up the Dynmap so as you can see here it is not at the moment it’s
completely black so in game when you start walking around it will start
generating all of the world so now that we’ve got Dynmap working and it’s
loading up correctly let’s take a quick look at the configuration file so you
can take a look I have few of the settings so if you just go back to files
and an FTP file access on the control panel log in then go to the plugins
folder again Dynmap and then edit the configuration.txt so again at the
top here you can see that there is a storage setting so some people may want
to use MySQL to store their Dynmap now this can be a good idea as it can help
save disk space and it can help improve the performance of the server a little
bit as Dynmap can create thousands of files literally and which can cause some
performance issues so if you wanted to create a MySQL database just go to the
control panel advanced MySQL database create database
and once it’s created it will give you all the information that you can use to
enter on here now if you are going to set up my SQL make sure you remove the
hash tags at the start of each setting just to the applies properly now other
than that all the other settings are basically self-explanatory as you can
see they’re all commented and so it tells you what each one of them does so
if feel free to take a look through this there are some settings you can change
so it produces the map in HD render and which makes the quality a bit nicer and
you can change some other things like how names are displayed and so on so
once you’ve made any changes to this file it’s important to save the file and
then restart the server after doing so so now that you configured Dynmap and
you’ve got it up and running you can join the server and take a look at a few
other commands so as you can see I just joined my minecraft server and I’m also
going to include a link to this page in the description below this is basically
a wiki page and for all the commands that are available for the plugin
so one of the commands that you may want to use is the full render command so
this basically allows you to render all the world so that it doesn’t start being
generated as you walk around so as you can see I’m on the Dynmap now and you
can see it’s starting to load up some land it’s not just black anymore
that’s because there is someone me on the server who is
generating the chunks now you can render all of this by running the full rendered
month so if we just go in game and type /dynmap fullrender you can see
that I will start to generate all the world and if we go back to the Dynmap
web page you can see that over time it will start to generate all the world so
as you can see it started to render more of the world I believe it the full round
that is actually the area which is round you so within your view distance
basically so as you can see on the Dynmap it has loaded a much larger chunk
now there are some other commands which you can feel free to take a look at
we’re not going to take a look at all of them and but we will take a look at Dynmap
purge world so what this basically does it clears the Dynmap for the world
that you select so if we type slash Dynmap purge world and then the world name
in this case it’s world it will purge all the information for this world
that’s Dynmap and as you can see it’s purged them and completed them so if
we go back to Dynmap page and refresh it you should see that there are no
longer any chunks loaded so that’s the basic commands are available for
Dynmap and how you set it up and configure it if you run into any issues that’s all
make sure you contact our support and if you have any suggestions for new videos
that you’d like to see feel free to comment them down below and thank you
for watching I hope that this has been helpful have a great day and see you in
the next one


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