How to Setup Cpanel in Godaddy 2019
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How to Setup Cpanel in Godaddy 2019

Hey what’s up guys Angelito here
from In this video you’ll gonna learn about setting
up your cPanel for your GoDaddy web hosting account This video is actually a
continuation on how to buy a web hosting package on GoDaddy. If you want to see that video or if you’re planning to buy a web hosting package on GoDaddy please refer to the link in the description below for part 1. If you’re
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release a video Let’s get it started So this is where we left off on the previous video when we bought a web hosting pacakage from GoDaddy Again if you want to see that video please see the link in the description below for part 1 Now inside a web hosting section you can setup your cPanel account by clicking on
the setup button on the right This will take you to the my hosting page to begin the setup Let’s scroll down a bit On the select a domain from your account
drop-down make sure that you select the right domain you want to set up cPanel
with In this case we only have one domain for this account so it’s selected
by default Simply click on the next button to go to
the next step Now GoDaddy recommends to choose a data center that’s close to the
customers you want to serve And it seemed we have no issues on the data
center location that’s being recommended to us by default here so we’ll simply
scroll down a bit then click on next At this point we have an option to set
up WordPress for our site but simply click on the circle next to Not now
thanks Click on the Finish button to begin the
process of setting up your cPanel which should only take few moments to complete Alright so we’re done with the set up Click on the Go to dashboard button And that’s all there is to it Welcome to your cPanel account
dashboard Now that you have your cpanel account properly set up managing your
web hosting account will be more convenient and easy Anyways if you have
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next video hope this has been informative for you
and I’d like to thank you for viewing


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