How To Setup A WordPress Staging Environment For Testing
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How To Setup A WordPress Staging Environment For Testing

Episode 001 – How To Setup A WordPress Staging
Area So in this episode I’m going to go over how
to create a staging environment for your WordPress site. And first of all why would you even want to
staging area now with WordPress? Whenever you make a change to a page, you can save
it in draft mode or you can publish those changes live, however the only challenge with
that is if you’re ready if the page is already alive and you want to make a couple changes
and verify those changes before it goes live. There really is no way of doing that and also
it’s safer to test plug-ins and theme updates and all of that in a staging environment this
is a separate version and location of your WordPress websites that no one is good and
all about and use it for just testing and developing and then you can pursue changes
out to your live site. First log into your cPanel account and though
this is the default look of cPanel however for using Bluehost it might look a little
different or some other host, but they all pretty much are using pretty much using some
version cPanel which is right here now. The way I like to do and I’m in my cPanel account,
scroll down here to where it says subdomains and what that’s going to do is it spin it
creates a new address so for me my websites, call this
and that’s what a subdomain in some of the rights staging and then right here you would
also put the word staging. Now you don’t have to name it staging you
can name a demo or whatever you want. I like to call it staging and then go ahead and click
create and now it’s created. The address Now I’m in a show you how to install WordPress
in that location for this demo environment so you go back to your cPanel and any use
softaculous, which is the options are right here and most web hosts have a version of
this. All I have to do is click on WordPress and then it takes me right into it to install. Then I’m in a click on install, note here’s
where it’s different words is choose domain on many choose that one that we just created
staging.wpcrafter. Now this is a staging environment, say your web developer and you want to develop
websites for different clients and you want to put them all in the staging environment
you could put each client in a different directory so client you right here you would take type
client a or clients wanted doesn’t matter and I go ahead and continue filling this out
and you would have your staging environment.


  • Gstertz

    Thanks for the help! I'm at the point, however, where I need to make the staging site live. Do you have any videos or resources for that?

  • JazzBanana

    Hi WPCrafter, thanks for the great video. What animation software are you using in this video? It looks really professional!

  • Galahad Threepwood

    Thanks – I've installed WP, but when I go to the subdomain site in my browser it just opens an new site, with no access to WP

  • Lynda Joy Gerry

    I'm using BlueHost and am utterly perplexed by your mention of this "Softaculous". When I click the "Install WordPress" it brings me to a completely different screen.

  • Nathan Evans

    Adam I'm a huuge fan of yours. Could you pretty, pretty, Please do a staging to live tutorial. Only thing missing. Very, Very, Best Regards, Nate Evans

  • sinjiku

    Hi created a staging site like you showed us but i'm unable to save the changes i made to the theme when i make changes by clicking on save. it just loops with out confirming. any idea what i did wrong?

  • Denise Batistelli

    Thanks for the great video! I've been tasked with updating our animal shelter and rescue's website. Is there a part 2 to learn how to copy the files from your live website into the staging website ? Thank you WPCrafter.

  • Ray Montolio

    Thanks. It's july 30 2017 and things look different now in cpanel. I use Hostgator. Can you make updated version with new cpanel look. Thanks. Great job!

  • Marcel Heiniger

    Wow it's a moment I follow your video and came to this old video, what great improvement you did, happy you stopped to put adds in the middle of the videos

  • grey krav

    Adam you said, that no one will know about the staging area please clarify, if you set up the subdomain without robots.txt the search engines will still be able to index it?

  • Margo Margo

    How easy, to clone a site thru Softaculous! Makes all the lengthy tutorials out there, to shame. Tx WP Crafter, it worked like a charm, one click.

  • Sonia

    Thank you for this video but it just seems confusing. It seems quite straight forward to create the sub domain but then the video ends! It doesn’t explain how to copy your current live site to this new sub-domain and how you can go-ahead and start testing plugins etc… then how to keep this new sub-domain up to date. Can these instructions be added to this video or is there a separate text version to help?

  • grey krav

    I set up the subdomain but am having trouble transfering data from subdomain to domain. I want to copy a post from the subdomain onto the domain name. I exported the posts to my computer but when I import them to my main wordpress site. Its missing all the media, and everything is out of place. I am using the standard wordpress exporter and importer.

  • Robbin LB

    Hello Adam, Love this tutorial and I've actually copied my live site to staging environment for better testing. However, quick question, In your opinion what's the best way to hide your staging environment from search engines and the public not seeing it. Wasn't sure if I should put the staging environment in maintenance mode or hide the site so anyone who may come across it would be blocked and would have to login. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful.
    Best, Robbin

  • Richard Peterson

    I have done what you say but if you try this with Divi when you are in the staging area it will change your live website do you have any advice on how to solve this problem

  • Chaz DeSimone

    I've always called Bluehost to do this for me because I had no idea it was so simple (thanks to your superb tutorial). Glad I know how to do it myself now.
    NOTE to others: I don't have "Softaculous App Installer" in my cPanel, so I just looked around until I found the WP logo and "Install WordPress"

  • Alan Joseph Productions

    Just what i was looking for however, I found that the SiteGround Geek account makes this even easier with the staging manager.

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