How to setup a Terraria Server (EASY) (NO HAMACHI) (*No steam either despite what I say*)
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How to setup a Terraria Server (EASY) (NO HAMACHI) (*No steam either despite what I say*)

Hello guys, if you’re watching this you’re
probably wondering how do I make a terraria server. Well, quite simply I’m gonna show
you how to do it if you’re using STEAM. If you’re not using steam,
unfortunately I don’t have the video for you and you’ll
have to use another video. If you guys want me to
make a video on that. Sure, I’ll do it! Just ask, put it in the comments. Alright, so first off, go
ahead and click on your computer. You can find that in here too, with computer and then
open your C:/ drive, Program Files x86 and then go right ahead and scroll down all the
way to Steam, and then SteamApps, followed by common, Terraria and then TerarriaServer.exe Now that’s going to load up all your things. If you didn’t understand what I just clicked
on, just go back through it and simply pause at what ever time you wanted to know. *CAUGH* Excuse me. Now whichever world you have is all here so
if you want to use your first world, press 1; Enter; and then it’s quite self explanatory. Maximum
number of players you want to be allowed on the server; 8 is the (minimum); pressing enter will
only put 8 as the max. Server port, Leave it at 7777 and automatically port forward;
you’ll say yes; so y; and server password. Do you want there to be a password on that?
whatever you want it to be, 1,2,3 Then it’s going to create it. Now the server will now
be up. For you; if you’re going to go ahead and play, you’ll have to go and *Updating
steam* Ah shoot, I don’t even know For you, you’re going to place;
Now that’s your loopback. “There’s no place like″ which is a joke in programmers for like there’s no place like home. Now library, games, terraria and then play. And now I can close that while waiting for terraria to start. Failed start up, oups, ey, where is it, there
we go. Alright, I don’t need it that big. Join, and then if I click on this one, it’s
going to be; or you can put Port 7777, cool, server password required; Now you’re going to see that it asks that this guy is connecting. My volume’s very loud *smirk* Jeez, euh, how about here. then accept for the password 1,2,3;
Alox has joined, so now I am on the server and I can roam around; I can use the server
now; BUT, the problem is; if you’re with friends, which is mainly why you’re going to want to
use a multiplayer server, you’re going to want to give them another IP, not;
you’re going to want to give them this IP which; if it can load; you’re going to go
to google or any search engine and write in”ip” or “what’s my ip” and it’s going to give it
to you *smirk, sexual pun intended* Now you’re going to want to give that to your
friends; I’m hiding mine because hackers love that number. It’s basically your routers IP
or wherever euhm, how could I explain this; it’s basically like your homes lock; you’re
giving them access to it if you give them that. So just don’t share it to anyone and Oh nice, goat simulator is 40% off. And then you’re going to have to give that to them
and they will input that; Now, another thing, if they’re using; if they’re on the same network, so basically if they’re on LAN You’re going to have to give them; you’re going to go on
command prompt and write ipconfig that’s going to give you your default gateway and
your ipv4 which is what you’re going to give them, so if they’re on your LAN, they’re going to want to use, for me, it might be,
it should be different for you, if it’s not well there’s about; what is it, 255 numbers
possible? no 253; so that should be it, if you have any questions just leave them in
the comments, I think I covered everything; if not, I might post an update to it.
Thank you guys for watching, If there’s any help needed there’s a bunch of things right here
you can change; change time, and all that. list of commands, obviously if you wrote help
it should already be told, oh well. And then exit to close it. Boom. And then you’re done.
The server’s closed and no one can come in anymore so, thank you guys for watching,
leave a comment if you enjoyed/learned something and don’t forget to rate it if it was good
or bad. If it doesn’t work, leave a comment, tell me I want to know. I’ll probably know
how to help you. Alright? See you guys in the next one My name’s Alox, peace!


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