How to Setup a Custom Domain in ClickFunnels with Cloudflare and GoDaddy
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How to Setup a Custom Domain in ClickFunnels with Cloudflare and GoDaddy

hello this is gINO coming from the Funnel, now today I want to I want to touch on a subject that that
pops up every sin island within the family Palestrina and that is hard to
set up your custom domain within your trip – sweet so why would why would you
need to do that firstly you you you are you connecting your own domain which
means you are your links are a lot better-looking it’s more it’s more user
friendly and people perceive it to be more secure than just the easy and the
generic click panels domain so let’s let’s jump into it and and corrado it
look for for this exercise you obviously going to need your your kick panels
account you’re gonna need a clear account and obviously your domain
registrar now for this exercise for this video I’m going to be using an GoDaddy
as the domain registrar I promise you can use currently and clip and so they
make mr. go straight ahead and log into our treatments account and we can move
from the once you obviously login to your click one of the count you will
take into the dashboard they are obviously very options but we are purely
looking at going through to you the domains and within domains we know once
you obviously arrived in the domains section object it will list all your
domains that’s currently linked within your suite the ease of the mind that is
greatest there is links there at the moment I will I will go ahead and delete
that and I’ll redo it there’s login to to are currently account pathway does
have a free option obviously list all your and your your
domain and landing page hacks comm is the domain that I will be I’ll be
deleting or restoring to to its to its default default setting and then
obviously go ahead and link he the man so let’s login to to GoDaddy now and
then we can get the process started okay it’s the signing you okay now while that’s happening let’s go
over to click panels let’s go to the domain that I will be deleting go to
remove domain yes the DS dangerous just to leave this domain delete it yep it’s
gone okay to go back to landing page hacks what in GoDaddy the domain range
drop reset that to finish click on change reset this to default and that’s
that’s changed to the default setting and then let’s go here to cadre landing
page hax calm let’s delete that be the nature’s gone let’s go okay now you
start the process we’re gonna go add new domain and your own domain and it’s just you okay as you can see it’s not as on back
into the hands of ugly guy dirty so to cut it did we copy that in let me know
say within the domains and add your own domain click on a domain okay now it’s asking you hard to connect
or give me a message about how to connect your domain to click house in
order for your domain to work you will need to log in to where you bought your
domain and add the cname record that points the WWE should the clip panelists
to target or click – calm now let’s leave it at that step steeply and let’s
go – lets go to carving as it’s going to scan understand though
the two can’t find out we or what what the settings are what the current
settings are for that particular domain and then we can go ahead and change that
to redirect it so that that can be listed within within your kick panel
sweet as cancer as demand if we can use for one of our panels but this this is
it this either main demand is not as not a subdomain is a main Demento so and the
settings for main domains and subdomains are slightly different
okay that step is complete the scanning is done let’s say continue sitter this
is step choose ascii you just to double check these tips yes continue
cause you pour a prepared plan I’m going to go with the freaking arm okay
now I’m saying that the current nameservers is the Innes 11 domain
controller comp which needs to change to the name service that is proposed by
Khalid it’s okay we understand that okay now
let’s go mistake copy this yup let’s go – lets go to my domains and settings
manage manage DNS name service it’s a change custom enter control be save that okay let’s saying
that it will take a bit a bit of time to approach update that we obviously know
and we and it’s listed what what it should be
we can come back in a minute or two to try and see if it’s if it’s untainted if
it either dated okay it hasn’t taken a picket and this is give it another
minute or so and that Jeanne doesn’t take that long okay there we go it says the records are
not we can’t display your DNS information because your name service or
advantage bath so we changed it to partly so let’s say we check like it
says at the Easter chick check back in a few hours but that okay it’s spinning
that name server update that might take a while but in the meantime in the
meantime let’s go ahead and change this w changed and everything you you it’s finding of it in the meantime
okay we need once only once only once this is successful can be go ahead and
go to the next step within the clip analyst suite so let’s continue checking
to see if it’s if it’s updated generally doesn’t there we go that’s actor so now
that is pointing towards clickonce let’s go back to click panels click on on down
this tip checking the gradual to connect you to an we are we were able to connect
you a new custom domain so it’s really now we can say next step it secure your
your domain with ASIS or don’t forget ok it’s done now it asks you poor dear so
shi’ite panel for that we can just click here and this is Lisa’s click and place
assign the new EP checklist funnel and don’t know let’s just go within that
just to double-check that it has the codes Sydney the default page to the
opt-in page opt-in page as well done now right-click let’s open which you can see
if it works perfect works NASA’s obvious adjuster just a finally
that either that’s someone else seemed through to me shared with me and that’s
basically it if I go back to our domains these
there’s the landing page hacks calm domain that I’ve just had it and if we
go true genius within Connelly there’s the seeking correctly and within within
its just refresh Go Daddy’s page you will see that the vehicle just all Hockley and that’s basically it so so
here you can see at the top landing page acts calm that is the that is the the
new good-looking link that you could obviously use for your your promotions
and and that’s basically it from my side I will in fact I’ll actually do another
another video which details how to link a subdomain look slightly different but
yeah that’s that’s it for me Drina the familiar yet calm thank you you

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