How to Set Up Ranks and Permissions on Your Minecraft Server
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How to Set Up Ranks and Permissions on Your Minecraft Server

hey guys it’s Primescore from Shockbyte and today I’m going to show you how to use permissions for your
minecraft server so what does permissions do so permissions
gives permission to certain players to do certain actions that you specify for
example if you have admins on your server and then regular players and
let’s say donators so you got three groups you want the admins to do all the
administrative work like modding or monitoring like moderating banning
people and whatnot but you don’t want regular players to do that because then
you just have people banning other people and for your donators you want
your donators to have special access to certain items or whatever you want
donators to be and so what permissions does is that it allows certain users to
do certain things so if we have an admin group on our permissions whatever we
specify anybody who is an admin can do those actions but anybody who’s a
regular user cannot do those action first you’re gonna want to install
PermissionsEx that’s the one I’m gonna be showing you today there’s other ones
called LuckPerms but today I’m going to show you how to set up permissions
using PermissionsEx the most basic way so first once you’ve installed your
PermissionsEx plug-in you’re gonna generate a file called permissions right
here and it’s gonna look exactly like this if it’s your first time installing
it so it’s only going to create a default group and you can change the
name whatever to whatever you want as long as the option defaults it’s true if
this option is set to true under your default or any class this will be their
default class so I could name this banana as long as this is true everyone
will be the banana class on their first login and here’s all the permissions
that the default class has so let’s say this is awesome perfect but we want to
have an admin an admin class so people can use worldedit for example so to
create a new group we’re gonna type in admin :
and then enter and then if we want other options we can do so but we’re going to
keep it basic right now and we’re just going to type in permissions and then
enter then we’re gonna do a backspace and then you want to do a dash and then
you’re gonna type in the permission you want to grant an admin and so one for
WorldEdit I’m going to give the admin access to any WorldEdit command and to
do that I’m gonna type in a world edit dot and star um every plugin you
download that has permissions has a list of the permissions you can utilize so I
went to the WorldEdit page looked at the permission that grants all commands
to whoever has that permission usually always if it has the plugin named dot
star that means that everything within that group will be accessed so
everything in the within the world edit permissions will be granted to this
person in just in one line instead of you having to do a world edit dot wand
and world edit dot whatever for every single thing so that single permission
will grant access to admins who’s ever in the group admin a permission to use
world at it which is awesome that’s what we want if we save this go to your FTP
and I’m just gonna upload it to my server once that’s done uploading I’m
gonna restart the server don’t do slash reload that is very bad for your server
it once your service is done restarting we’ll go in and then I won’t have access
I’m still a default user because every time I log in I’m put into the default
class because that’s what this says now if I wanted I could delete this option
and put it under here and everyone would become admin but that’s terrible idea
and so if I try to do slash wand I’m not allowed to do that even though there’s a
permission but I’m not an admin and so to do that to give people permissions
we’re going to do it via a command you can also type it in to the permission
file but as you can see in here there’s no
section for like users well if you know how to set that up and you can easily
type it in but if you don’t what you want to initially do is type in PEX space group space and then the group you want to give the user so I
want to give me the admin group and then you’re gonna type in user add and then
you’re gonna type in the username which is Primescore then I’m gonna enter
that it says user Primescore added to admin awesome now I can if I take my
flush wand it works I have access to it I am now an admin so to see the changes
we did in this we’re gonna exit out of that refresh this and then I’m gonna
download the new file when we did that it edited the permissions file so now
we’re gonna open this and we’re gonna see what it added as you can see what we
had before is right here it looks exactly the same but now there’s a new
users section this is just the unique user ID of the person this is the group
that they belong to they can belong to many different groups at once and the
options name that’s just my display name that’s the basic workings of permissions
and there’s a lot of options you can utilize when using permissions so I have
a huge this is from one of my older servers this is my permissions that I
use the default class I called it default and here is all the permissions
from my default class which is awesome usually it’s all essential stuff and
some other stuff too now here’s some options default obviously I want that
true cause that’s the default class now there’s another option called prefix and
what that does is that if you have something that supports the prefix
option for PermissionsEX such as essentials which I do have installed as
you can see when you set this this will be the prefix or you can use the option
suffix of the user’s display name in chat so since it’s &7 for me all
that is it’s just the color code so that just changes the players name color when
they type in chat now there’s another thing too
it’s called inheritance and what that essentially means is that the group
defined in the inheritance all of those permissions will be given to the person
being inherited so for example as you can see I have a donator rank and it’s
gonna inherit everything from the default rank so these this right here
says it’s gonna take all of these permissions and add it to the donator
ring so I don’t have to copy and paste it all into here which makes life so
much easier here’s the list of all of the
permissions that my donators will get and as you can see I have these stars at
the end which just gives access to all the permissions within the echo pet
pet type creeper now this is an older server I don’t know that plug-in still
works but yeah and as you can see I have an option for a prefix will which will
override the other prefix to give them the the donated prefix I have and then I
have moderators and so they’re gonna inherit everything a donator has because
that’s what I do on my server and then they’re gonna get all these and then
it’s gonna change the prefix and so I had that for everything and now when we
go to the user section you can see this user has a custom prefix which you can
do of mod plus and his name is Syncopated yeah that’s his name and then he’s
the head moderator and then we have another user who’s a donator and his
that’s his name and then that’s pretty much what it usually does throughout so
under users it’s you can pretty much use the same options as you do in the
group’s above so I can give this single user a specific permission if I wanted
to and so I give them permission to use all permission PermissionsEx commands
and of course it’s the owner and this is me right here and so that’s pretty much
it when you wanting to set up for permissions now there is something else
in permissions there’s another option let’s say that I had this awesome
default class and I got donators but I want my donator donators not to have
access to the /tpdeny command and to do that to do that I’m going to go under my
permissions go under here type in the exact
permission and if I put a dash in front of it you can think of it like a minder
saying it’s gonna remove this permission from this group the donator will not
have access to this this permission because I had that dash in front of it
that’s very useful if you try to micromanage some weird situation
otherwise that’s exactly how permissions should be set up this is a pretty basic
guide but it should get you started and you should completely understand how to
set up permissions on your server if you have any questions please leave in the
comments section below otherwise have a great day and thank you for watching


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