How to Set up for Payment as an Airbnb Host
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How to Set up for Payment as an Airbnb Host

How to Get Paid as a Host on Airbnb hello folks in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to get paid on airbnb as a host from your dashboard you click a camera and once you click account on the left-hand side you’re going to see payment methods and that is for you as a guest so you want to go up to pay out preferences and that’s for a host you’ll click you click on add payout method follow the prompts and if you decide that you want to split your money between two accounts you’ll add another payment method and follow the prompts again and you’ll use the power driving rules to route your monies to the accounts that you want them to go to for each property and that’s all there is to it folks that’s how you get paid on airbnb you’ll want to start this process prior to renting out your place because it can take three to five days for everything to get verified very important watch your emails because they’re going to send you some verification emails to get your account setup so the process takes three to five days keeping on your emails go from account helped references and payout method it’s as simple as that folks if you have paypal make sure that your email address is proper no extra dots or eyes or anything like that because that can hold up your path with paypal so make sure that your pay paypal email if you choose to get paid that way is the exact paypal email for your account okay that’s a wrap folks and i’ll see on the next tutorial i hope you had a good time


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