How to Set Up Domain Controller |  Active Directory | DNS Server | in Windows Server 2012
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How to Set Up Domain Controller | Active Directory | DNS Server | in Windows Server 2012

hello everyone today i will show how to setup a domain controller in windows server 2012 r2 well first we need to understand what is a domain controller in simple words a domain controller is a server that is running a version of the windows server operating system and has active directory domain services installed let’s start the installation process i have already renamed the server as test DC also please ensure that the server has a static IP address open server manager click on dashboard now click on add roles and features click next select role-based or featured based installation click next choose select the server from the server pool select your server and then click next now the server roles will be shown select active directory domain services click add features then select dns server click add features here we are only going to add active directory domain services and dns server we will leave the other roles for now so then click Next then all the features will be listed check them properly after reviewing them click Next then again click Next again click Next then click install this will take some time now as you see that the installation of the features has completed great still we need to configure some more things so close the window you will see a yellow mark on a flag on the top right of the server manager click on the flag click promote this server as a domain controller then active directory domain services configuration wizard will open here select the deployment operation to create a new active directory forest click add a new forest you must provide a valid root domain name the name cannot be single labeled for example the name must be or similar and not just example and must use allow dns domain naming requirements windows does not permit computer names that exceed 15 characters and you cannot specify a dns hostname that differs from the netbios hostname type the domain name I gave controller dot com click next now you need to select the functional level for the forest and domain by default it will show the operating system of the server here it is windows server 2012 r2 by default the global catalog and dns server will be checked for the capabilities then type the password for the directory services restore mode confirm the password then click Next a warning message will show up but don’t worry everything will be taken care of hit next then it will ask for netbios name you can use the same domain name without www for the netbios but it should not be more than 15 characters i cannot give the same name as domain controller as it exceeds 15 characters so i gave the name test netbios click next now the location of the ads database log files and system all will be shown by default it should be under windows folder since fall is a special folder for storing domainpublic files like logon script gpo templates etc click next now review the options properly like netbios name forest and domain functional level dns server click next now it will check the prerequisites if everything goes fine a message will be shown on top and it will give the option to install click install it will take some time for the installation process once it is completed the server will reboot automatically you domain controller has been installed click on tools and it will show all the roles which we installed active directory and dns the active directory and dns has been successfully installed in the new domain controller

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