How to Set Up a Video Blog : Free Video Blog Hosting Companies
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How to Set Up a Video Blog : Free Video Blog Hosting Companies

The RSS feed, alright I have that, now where
do I host my podcast. Okay, I just showed you FeedBurner and now for hosting. Where
do I host my podcast? Libsyn is one place that you can host your podcast. You can upload
your audio and they charge you a monthly fee of $5, $10. Storage is a big thing for video
podcast/audio podcast and Libsyn is one place to store your, your media; because if you
become popular and you host your podcast, you store your audio on your own ISP, it can
get very expensive. So, somebody like Libsyn and others out there, do a search in Google
and I’m sure you’ll find others. It’s, it?s economical to do it this way. Here is another
one, PodShow, from, after agreeing to their agreements of course, you can host
your audio or video podcast on PodShow for free. And the good thing about this is, you
also get, you know more eyes and ears listening to your podcast. In other words, through marketing
and being part of a network like PodShow, and others out there, it can help your visibility
of your audio or video podcast.

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