How to set up a RENDER SERVER in DaVinci Resolve (Windows Remote Render Complete Guide)
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How to set up a RENDER SERVER in DaVinci Resolve (Windows Remote Render Complete Guide)


  • Laumania

    These small "in between" animations/transitions, are they made in Davinci? If yes, you have some links to where to learn how to do that?

    Thanks 🙂

  • MaximilianK1

    I've decided that I'm gonna go all in and learn DaVinci Resolve instead of Premier. I'd love seeing more content from you expanding upon your greater knowledge of resolve and how to leverage all of its features. Especially cool within a gaming context too.

  • EposVox

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    This gives me a small kickback for your purchase at no additional cost to you.

    00:00 Intro
    01:41 Requirements

    02:23 Choosing Parts

    04:53 Installing Resolve

    05:38 Configure Networking

    08:04 Project Database/Server Setup

    11:43 Important Resolve Settings

    14:45 Sending a Remote Render

    17:41 Conclusion

  • iotku

    As much as I like the rgb shift effect, I have to admit the effect on the static text (for the time-codes on the side) does get distracting/disorientating quite quickly.

    I'm all for aesthetics, but maybe it's a bit too severe.

    Anyways, great video.

  • Colin Newb

    i have been using Resolve (free version) since your video with level one tech and i gotta say i love it my videos seem to come out a lot better than they did with sony vegas 14 but i have one major point of confusion with it and thats the audio section, Any plans for a in dept audio edit tutorial on it? P.s keep up the great content 🙂

  • Phil Saici

    Is just that new improved NVenc on RTX cards superior, or is NVenc just generally producing a better result (not just faster) ?

  • Maxim Ravinet

    It doesn't work with the free version I suppose ? I've got a separate computer that I could use for rendering but I make like 5 videos a year and don't make any money on it. So as much as I love resolve I can't justify the 300$ asking price. Anyway to get this to work with the free version ?

  • Søren Melchior

    Hmm.. you mentioned in your intro… the possibility of setting up a mac as a rendering server. That piques my interest as I am building a new PC for editing, and going to relegate my 27" Imac as a web browser… or turn it into a possible a rendering machine.

  • Dick Salacious

    Awesome job. And it works. Just need both pcs on. Is it possible to have the database on a nas? So it doesnt matter if a pc is on or not?

    I was using a load of usb 3 sticks cloned and made the database on there with all the drive mappings the same and using google drive sync to populate the drives. But this works so much better. I just need to get another 1050ti as the render bix only has a 1030. I cant go better for the gpu as using sff z220 workstation. I7 3770 with 32gb of ram in the editing and 16gb in the render. Well done on the best walk through on this.

  • Techvania

    I appreciate all these videos, dude. Recently switched to DaVinci and while I don't need a render server – this is still good info to absorb. Adding this to the think bank for future projects.

  • Quickshot Gaming

    You mentioned the Nvidia encoder option, is that the one that they have in the patch notes for 15.2 about support for certain Nvidia gpu's in h.264 and h.265? Have you done any quality and speed benchmarks vs the native encoder? I asked Puget Systems on Twitter today, Matt Bach the senior lab technician, responded with, "I haven't tested it in Resolve, but any hardware accelerated encoding (whether Quicksync or NVENC) is going to be lower quality than software only. I think it is a great option for dailies or client review where quality isn't as important, but for a final export I wouldn't use it." I understand that their clientele is working with a substantially different workflow than I am, is the slight quality differences noticeable for YouTube content since it's going to be compressed by YouTube anyway?

  • Seth Williamson

    Of note, I think it is important to consider what you're aiming to get out of the box before building it. If your channel is something like a news channel where being first to market is critical, you want to build a beast that can scream through the render. Breaking news isn't very breaking when your audience has already watched the story on someone else's channel. Conversely, if you're doing let's plays or something and time isn't critical, you only need to build a machine that is beefy enough to render your content at your average daily rate. For example, if you upload 60 minutes of video per day and you don't need it to render in a hurry, it doesn't matter if your server takes 24 hours to chew through 1 hour of footage. (Probably plan some overhead and growth potential though.)

  • Nate Porter

    As of 15.2.2 Resolve now supports setting up a remote render machine by right clicking in an empty space in the project window. No need to open an untitled project and switch the workspace. I know because I'm using 15.2.4. It's also the first item in the changelog for 15.2.2

  • Titanium Waffle

    how did you get 2 different GPUs in 1 system. i cant get my pc to even boot with 1080 and 1080TI i'm runing an r7 1700x at 4ghz 32gb ram the system primarily for davinci resolve 15 / blender and some gaming

  • Howard Colin

    How do you deal with different file systems between client and render server?

    I'm looking at building a ZFS storage server that will serve as a working raid for both client and render server over 10gbe.

  • BenermanTV

    I have a 7700k CPU and z270 gaming 7 mobo with 2 GPUs and am curious to know how my GPUs are affecting performance for resolve 15.4 Studio. Two cards are running in x8 modes, one card is 1070ti and another 970. I feel like Resolve doesn't not play well with different GPUs and I am wondering if the fact I am running x8 is hurting performance. Do you have any knowledge on these thoughts? Noise reduction murders my export FPS.

  • ustoopia

    I could have saved myself some time if I knew beforehand that this only works with the licensed/purchased da vinci resolve so NOT the FREE version.

    This is not criticism on the video cause the video is a good tutorial and so thanks for making it. Thumbs up!

  • Geo Gmz

    They probably install postgres on a different node because it can eat a lot of RAM.. And can help to take some stress out of the render server.. (I'm just guessing, not very conversant how Davinci Resolve works) but that's how is done with other apps.

  • djvincon

    Woow great video!! Im building a new editing pc this summer and my current pc could be a renderpc. It has a i7 2600k, 16gb ram and a gtx 970. Would that be enough?

  • Bradley Reecer II

    Please make one for mac. I am currently in the process of trying to set something up with my system, but I am a video guy not a computer guy. so any variation from your instructions would be very overwhelming. great video though you were very informative. Thanks!

  • 50 Lashes with A Wet N00dle

    This is for a single computer server to render video… what about a cluster computer system? How would that be done with davinci?

  • HealthWise

    Wow, nice video… it nice to hear a network tech talk. I have several older multi-able servers computer laying around and rack servers with multi-mirror drives. ( Can I use the older 2nd computer for rendering like an I7 4 core, using ddr3 with 64 gigs on board with a two gig GPU ) for rendering if that all it going to be used for… I do not care how long it takes. Just saving on the pocketbook for now until… I have a better understanding of the whole process. Or am wasting my time and build a 2nd new machine for just rendering?

  • Randy Randy

    What are the weird blocky artifacts in the dark blue background when he is talking?

    An example is at 0:48 when you look at the different tones of the background.

  • Joshua Sutherland

    In industry (software development), we generally just refer to it as Postgres. Way too much of a mouthful otherwise. It's also the original name of the project.

  • Emilio EO

    Can you go from an Apple Machine to render on a windows machine? I am upgrading and I want to know If I can keep using my machine or need to buy another.

  • AwakendGainz

    Apparently resolve 15 has an issue with multiple ports on a pc. I have a 10gb nic and it turns out having that additonal post confuses the hell out of resolve and the databases cant connect. A tech has told me it might be fixed in 16 idk

  • Nick & Alina De La Torre

    Hi! I've been stuck on one step that i can't seem to get to work properly. Blackmagic's customer support has been entirely unhelpful… so I'm hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction. I have extremely limited knowledge/experience with the intricacies of networking. However, I know that my various workstations are networked correctly enough to see and open each others file systems. Anwyay, after setting up the project server and making a shared database, NOTHING i do to connect my workstations to it works! Even simply drag and dropping the access key file results in the same thing. An error message:

    QPSQL: Unable to connect
    [0x00004624] | DbCommon2
    | ERROR |
    2019-08-21 21:14:14,894 |
    Cannot connect to database dltprojectserver169.254.107.131! could not connect to server: Connection timed out (0x0000274C/10060)
    Is the server running on host "" and accepting
    TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
    QPSQL: Unable to connect

    ANY help is appreciated!

  • Wade Wilson

    Love your videos old and new. Just one thing… its pronounced Post-Gres-Q-L. LOL, since this is and 9 month old video, you might have already figured that out which you can then ignore me. All-in-all always love your tutorial videos.

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